UK and Europe weather forecast latest August 8 Heat health warnings for the EK as hot weather to bake Europe
thamnguyen99 7-08-2020, 07:48
UK's weather forecast

ENGLAND has been issued a heat-health warnings for today as the UK is set to boil in the hottest day of the year, reported.

Public Health England has extended a level three heat-health warning across the South of England, with a heatwave potentially lasting throughout the weekend. Temperatures as high as 38C (100.4F) could scorch Southern England over the weekend, with little cloud to break up the unbearable heat. But Northern England, Wales and Scotland are set to see a more enjoyable Friday with temperatures hitting 23C (73.4F) across the Northern regions.

UK and Europe weather forecast latest August 8 Heat health warnings for the EK as hot weather to bake Europe
The UK is set to see the hottest day of the year so far (Image: WXCHARTS)

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Dan Suri, said: “Although much of the UK can expect a spell of warm and sunny weather lasting into early next week, it’s going to turn very hot for parts of England and Wales with temperatures widely reaching above 30 Celsius on Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

Mr Suri also claimed that today “is likely to be the hottest day”, seeing temperatures of 36C (96.8F) to 37C (98.6F) in parts of east and southeast England.

Heatwave UK: The UK could see record temperatures (Image: GETTY/MET OFFICE)

He added: “It’s possible temperatures could reach similar levels on Saturday, before falling slightly on Sunday."

“There’s also a small chance temperatures could reach close to 38C (100.4F) in one or two spots in the southeast on Friday, but this will partly depend on the chance of cloud spreading in from the southwest during the afternoon."

“Along with hot weather by day, it will stay warm and humid overnight with temperatures remaining in the high teens and low 20s Celsius.”

The heat is expected to last through the weekend (Image: WXCHARTS)

The South of England has seen the second highest heat warning PHE can issue, after Met Office meteorologists say the have a "greater than 90 percent confidence level that the day threshold temperature will be met" today.

Threshold temperatures for a heatwave are 32C (89.6F) for London, which is set to blister in 35C (95F) by 4pm.

For the South East the threshold for a heatwave is 31C, and the region is on track to smash that with a blistering 36C (96.8F).

Experts are also warning that today could even break the all-time record for Britain’s hottest day.

Currently the hottest day on record for the UK is 38.7C (101.66F), seen in Cambridge in July last year.

Heatwave UK: Temperatures could reach at least 37C (Image: MET OFFICE)

But outside of the South it is set to be a sunny but cooler day, with the morning even bringing light showers over Northern Ireland and Western Scotland.

Moving into the middle of the day, the rain will clear, with Scotland and North England seeing settled weather and sunny spells throughout the day.

Edinburgh will enjoy a balmy 22C (71.6F) by 4pm, and Newcastle will embrace a 25C (77F) sun shower.

Moving towards the Midlands and Wales more intense heat will be seen, with Cardiff set to see 26C (78.8F) and Birmingham scorching in 28C (82.4F).

The extraordinary heatwave is predicted to last well into the weekend, unlike last week’s mini-heatwave.

Heatwave map (Image: MET OFFICE)

Temperatures in the South West will reach a sweltering 31C (87.8F) in Salisbury and Blandford Forum on Saturday.

London will hit a burning 33C (91.4F), and much of the South East will see 32C (89.6F).

The heatwave is set to be localised to the South East, with the Midlands and Wales expecting to enjoy more pleasant mid-20C weather.

Met Office’s Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Chris Bulmer, said that the hot air that’s bringing the sweltering weather will last until early next week.

Temperatures in the South and London are expected to remain in boiling 30C weather for days.

But Mr Bulmer added: “It looks like the heatwave could break on Tuesday and Wednesday as the risk of thunderstorms increases for many areas, although at the moment it’s a bit too early to say for certain.”

Heatwave map: The UK will be as hot as Africa over coming days (Image: WXCHARTS/GETTY)

Europe's weather forecast

BBC Weather have warned of extreme heat across Europe as temperatures exceed 40C over the next few days.

BBC Weather forecaster Nick Miller warns most parts of Europe face dangerously high temperatures up until the end of the week. Most notably, west Europe will see the hottest temperatures with southern eastern areas seeing hot weather and some downpours. This surge of heat is expected to last into the next week as there are no new wet weather fronts expected to lower temperatures.

BBC Weather warning : 'Dangerously extreme' heatwave to scorch Europe till Monday (Image: BBC)

Mr Miller said: "More heat and for some extreme heat on the cards for western parts of Europe."

"Of course that comes with plenty of sunshine."

"There are no weather systems close by but we do have an area of low pressure with a few lingering storms as we look at the picture into Friday into southern parts of Italy, the Balkans and into Greece."

"Elsewhere, you can see that most places are going to be dry."

BBC weather: BBC Weather forecast Nick Miller forecasted surging temperatures for most parts of Europe up until the end of the week. (Image: WXCHARTS)

The BBC Weather forecaster went into details of how extreme the heat in Spain, France the UK could get over the coming days.

He said: "This zone in western Europe is where we have got those higher temperatures."

"Places will be in the mid to upper 30s but some hotspots will be in the low 40s."

"There is some quite dangerous heat coming up in places."

"If you move the clock forward and into Saturday there is little change."

BBC Weather: In the southern eastern parts of Europe, there will be some rain however temperatures will still remain above 30C. (Image: BBC)

In the southern eastern parts of Europe, there will be some rain however temperatures will still remain above 30C.

Mr Miller said: "With that weather system in the southeast more of Greece will be susceptible to some heavy downpours on Saturday".

"It is still fringing towards the southernmost areas of Italy whereas to the north it is dry."

"The odd shower and thunderstorm can't be ruled out in this core of hot weather."

"Those temperatures will still very much be up there into Saturday."

"They may be down just a degree or two in the United Kingdom but not so much that people would notice."

BBC Weather: For most of western Europe over the coming days temperatures will exceed 30C (Image: BBC)