UK and Europe daily weather forecast latest March 20 Mainly dry but largely cloudy day in the UK
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The UK is forecasted to have a mainly dry but largely cloudy day. Meanwhile, unsettled weather is expected in Mediterranean and chilly for many across Europe.

UK's weather forecast

According to Sky News, tomorrow will be a mainly dry but largely cloudy day. However, there will be some sunshine, mainly across eastern, central and southern Scotland and north-east England.

A little patchy rain or drizzle is possible in places, especially over north-west Scotland and eastern England. Sunday will continue generally cloudy with some bright spells.

Southeastern parts of England could be hit with hot air over the Easter Weekend, following a cold start to spring. Temperatures could soar to 19C in Essex, in the southeast of England on Friday, April 2, which is also Good Friday, according to WXCHARTS. Elsewhere, London could bask in 18C on the same day, while further west, Birmingham could see 17C.

Northern regions are expected to be slightly cooler over the Easter weekend, with Newcastle expected to see 10C and the Yorkshire Dales hit with 13C.

Brian Gaze, a forecaster at Weather Outlook, expected temperatures to become "quite warm" as April arrives, although there may still be occasional outbreaks of rain.

UK and Europe daily weather forecast latest March 20 Mainly dry but largely cloudy day in the UK

Photo: Sky News

His long-range forecast said: "Close to average temperatures are forecast when taken over the period as a whole and in the south during drier spells it may feel quite warm. Mixed weather is expected, with showers or longer outbreaks of rain spreading across the whole of the country on occasion. Despite that drier periods are likely too, particularly later on."

Mr Gaze's spring outlook also said temperatures should be warm as spring takes hold. He said: "This year seasonal computer models and recent climatology are favouring a warmer than average season. The signal for this is relatively strong in the context of the above."

"The signal for precipitation amounts is weaker, as is usually the case. Nonetheless, there are indications of rain amounts being below the 30 year average when taken over the three month period."

"During April and May warmer periods are expected to more than offset cooler ones. Precipitation amounts are forecast to be below the average, although the increased chance of heavy showers and thundery weather in the southern half of the UK during the second half of May is noted."

The Met Office predicted "dry and bright weather" at the start of next month as Easter Weekend arrives. The forecast between Thursday, April 1, and Thursday, April 15, said: "Going into April, settled conditions are likely to continue in southern and eastern areas, where a good deal of dry and bright weather will occur."

"The weather in the northwest will be changeable and unsettled, and there is a slight possibility that some of the wet and windy weather may push southwards into central areas at times, allowing clearer but showery weather into the northwest. Conditions look to be drier than average for most."

"Temperatures are expected to be near to or milder than average, with any cooler interludes likely to be short-lived, and mostly in the north."

UK long-range forecast: Winds are set to push balmy air from the east (Image: WXCHARTS)

BBC Weather's long-range forecast between Monday, March 29, and Sunday, April 11, suggested April could see settled temperatures following the cold bursts in March.

The forecast said: "Moving into April, the outlook is very uncertain. While models tell one story, our statistical forecasts (where we examine previous years with similar large-scale weather patterns around the globe) are for another."

"Looking at the computer models first, they suggest a re-build of high pressure, bringing a return to generally settled weather by the second week of April, with less wind and rain than normal during this part of the springtime."

"Temperatures would most likely be close to normal during the day, but the nights could be rather chilly in places, and perhaps foggy. The computer models have been consistently forecasting a very dry, high pressure dominated pattern all through March which has so far failed to materialise."

On March 20

According to Weather Online, high pressure to the southwest of Ireland on Saturday. It should be a dry day for most but with a risk of a few bits and pieces of light rain across southern and southeastern parts of England. More cloud over northern and western Scotland as well as Ireland with the best of the sunshine across eastern Scotland and northern and central parts of England as well as Wales. Highs generally between 10 and 15C but could be chillier across East Anglia.

Sunny spells for parts of eastern Scotland and northeast England, where it should feel rather warm by afternoon. Elsewhere a lot of cloud generally, perhaps a little drizzle for some, Met Office reported.

Photo: Weather Online

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday

Often quite cloudy, but most places remaining dry each day. Chance of sunny spells most likely in the east. Light winds. Temperatures around average, feeling warm under any cloud breaks.

Europe's weather forecast

Heavy rain affecting northern parts of Spain on Friday. Further heavy rain through the Balearic Islands and into eastern Spain too. Central and southern areas of Spain should be dry with sunny spells but feeling chilly, whilst Portugal stays fair with sunshine although may be rather breezy. Unsettled for Corsica and Sardinia with showers or longer spells of rain, a mix of sunshine and showers in Italy. Sunny spells and showers for Greece and some heavy showers affecting western parts of Turkey.

A windy and cold day in France with showery bursts of rain in central, eastern and southern areas. Drier in the far north and windy. Staying cool and breezy across the Netherlands and northern Germany, with some showery bursts of rain in western Poland. Some rain in southern parts of Germany with showers for Hungary, Austria and Switzerland.

Fair for Denmark with more sunshine here. A breezy day across the Baltic states but dry. Cool in Finland with some sunny spells and staying dry here. Remaining dry across Sweden, the best of the sunshine in the south. Wet and windy for northern parts of Norway, but dry to the south with sunshine here.

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On March 20

According to Weather Online, any residual rain should clear up across the far north of Spain on Saturday although expect rain towards southern coasts. Still heavy showers or longer spells of rain through the Balearic islands with a brisk northeasterly wind making it feel chilly. Unsettled still across Italy with a mix of sunny spells and showers, some of the showers heavy towards the far south. Heavy rain pushing across Greece and into northwest Turkey. Drier elsewhere in Turkey.

A better day across France but still with a brisk wind further south and possible showers still affecting some southern regions. Feeling chilly. A dry day for the Netherlands and largely dry across Germany although there will be more cloud and some showery rain affecting the far south here. Rain, with a possible wintry mix over higher ground, through Switzerland and Austria. Feeling chilly with outbreaks of rain affecting the Balkan States. Largely dry across Poland.

A dry and fine day for Denmark although winds will pick up later on. Rain, sleet and possible snow pushing into northern and western areas of Norway as well as northwest Sweden. Largely dry elsewhere across Sweden. Rain will push from west to east across Finland. Brisk winds through the Baltics with some rain affecting more northern regions. Drier elsewhere.

Photo: Weather Online

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