UK and Europe weather forecast latest November 26 Britain braces for freezing temperatures with snow to cover
doyen1988 25-11-2020, 16:59
UK's weather forecast

Britain is bracing for freezing temperatures as low as -5C and flurries of snow next week as a 48-hour Polar blast sweeps across the country, Express reported based on the latest weather charts.

Forecasters predict the mercury will plunge to well below freezing from the start of next week, with temperatures plummeting to as low as -5C on Friday, December 4. The freezing temperatures are set to coincide with 48-hours of snowfall, which is expected to hit Scotland and even spread to the southeast of England from Thursday, December 3, weather charts suggest.

There is a high risk of snow across Scotland next week, with parts of England and the southeast also at risk of seeing snow showers.

Netweather's snow risk charts show there is currently a 100 percent risk of snow across western Scotland on Thursday, December 3 at 6am.

UK and Europe weather forecast latest November 26 Britain braces for freezing temperatures with snow to cover
UK snow forecast: Temperatures are set to plunge from the start of next week (Image: Netweather)

The risk is highlighted in a colourful weather chart, which shows the northwest of Scotland turn red and white to indicate the high snow risk. As the day progresses, the risk of snow moves further south, covering the east of Scotland and northeast of England. A further bout of snow is also expected in the south of England.

The weather map, valid for 6pm on December 3, shows the northwest and parts of north Wales turn red with a high snow risk; while parts of the south of England are covered with a medium risk of snow. The green and yellow colours covering the south indicate there is between a 30 to 75 percent risk of snow at this time.

By Friday morning at 6am the snow risk has moved further south still, covering the capital and other parts of the southeast with a medium snow risk. At 6pm, northwest Scotland is set for another high risk of snow.

UK snow forecast: There is currently a 100 percent risk of snow across western Scotland on Thursday December 3 at 6am (Image: Netweather)

The risk of snow continues until Saturday, December 5 at 6pm for Scotland. Forecaster Brian Glaze of the Weather Outlook also expects snow to sweep across the UK during the same period.

A weather map for Thursday, December 3 at 3pm shows up to 5cm of snow is expected across Scotland, Wales and the south of England.

BBC Weather forecasters claim the UK can expect bouts of polar air to sweep across the country from the start of December.

They state: “High in the atmosphere around the North Pole, a belt of strong westerly winds is predicted to become very strong during this week. Expect to see frequent, deep Atlantic low pressure areas moving eastwards near to the UK, pushing rain bands eastwards at regular intervals."

“Short-lived 'shots' of cold polar air will occasionally sweep out of Greenland and over the UK, especially Scotland. This will bring cold and showery days, with some hail, sleet and upland snow in the north and west.”

UK snow forecast: A weather map for Thursday December 3 at 3pm shows up to 5cm of snow is expected (Image: The Weather Outlook)

Maps by Netweather show cooler temperatures will start to move in from the start of next week, with the mercury dropping below freezing from Monday night. As the week progresses temperatures are set to stay around the freezing mark for much of the UK overnight, though the southeast could dodge the cold spell to start with.

By the early hours of Thursday morning, the mercury is expected to drop to -3C in Scotland, settling around 3C in the southeast. Temperatures are forecast to drop even further in the early hours of Friday morning, with weather maps showing thermometers could drop to as low as -5C at 6am.

On November 26

According to Weather Online, a weak front over the far south of England on Thursday. This is going to be bringing cloud and some drizzle here. Elsewhere it will be misty and murky with some fog in places, this lasting all day in some areas. Where it does clear a few brighter spells will be breaking through. Scotland and Ireland should be drier and generally brighter, although again some mist or fog patches in places. Tops near 5 to 9C.

Photo: Weather Online

Europe's weather forecast

Heavy rain and showers affect much of central and western Spain as well as Portugal through Wednesday. Eastern Spain should be dry and bright with sunny spells. The islands of Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca all stay fine with more sunshine. Remaining sunny across Corsica and Sardinia as well as much of Italy. Some rain may affect Sicily. Greece and Turkey should be fair with good spells of sunshine, although breezy in Turkey.

France will have a fair day overall with sunny spells but some showers are likely to the south. The Low Countries and Germany should be fair again with plenty of sunshine. Remaining dry and fair as well as mild through Poland, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland.

Photo: Stirimeteo

a mild day in Denmark and dry here too as it will be across southern Sweden. A few showers affecting the Baltic states with some sleet in Finland. Norway will have an unsettled and cold day with rain, sleet and snow affecting many western posts.

On November 26

According to Weather Online, rain across Portugal and much of central and southern Spain. Northern Spain should be drier, but there will be showers in the east. Further showers in the Balearics. Fair for much of Italy with sunny spells here. Lots of sunshine in Greece and Turkey.

Photo: Stirimeteo

Some showers in the far south of France. Morning mist and fog patches will be clearing to leave some bright or sunny spells here. Rain and showers in the Low Countries and northern Germany. Poland should be fair with sunny spells. Staying fair and mild across Hungary and Switzerland as well as Austria.

Soe cloud and a few spots of rain in Denmark. Rain in the Baltic States and breezy here. Cold with some snow showers in Finland. Rain across southern Swden. Cold through central and northern Sweden. A chilly day in Norway with more sunshine, but some snow showers in the north.

Photo: Weather Online
UK and Europe weather forecast latest, November 22: Maximum temperature at 13C with cloud and drizzle at times

The UK is forecasted to cope with cloud and drizzle at times as maximum temperature reaches 13C. Meanwhile, unsettled conditions will cover across the Europe.