Virus hits Italy, Africa while Tokyo records largest daily increase and Australian state will go into lockdown
VietReader 18-11-2020, 18:49

Southern Italy’s Ills: The pandemic has heightened the plight of those seeking medical care in public hospitals in the country’s economically underdeveloped south. Recent moments of suffering, like an elderly man who died in a Naples ER bathroom or lines of cars of Neapolitans desperately seeking oxygen for stricken relatives, are nothing new to people there. Many in the area resign themselves to what has been decried as hellish, “Dantesque” waits to receive virus treatment. Others bundle up their loved ones and head north, where Italian health care enjoys a better reputation, Frances D’ Emilio reports.

Africa Surge: As the continent is poised to surpass 2 million confirmed cases, it’s Kenya’s turn to worry with a second surge in infections. The death of four doctors from COVID-19 over the weekend, due to neglect and hospital congestion, has sparked anger. One union is calling for a strike for its 7200 members, who represent the country’s doctors. For many Kenyans, the strike notice is the latest warning that they are largely on their own in the crisis. Tom Odula reports from Nairobi.

Tokyo has announced nearly 500 new cases, the biggest daily increase in the Japanese capital since the pandemic began, as the country discusses with Olympic officials how to safely host next summer’s games.

South Korea has recorded its largest daily increase in coronavirus infections in nearly three months as it gets set to tighten social distancing around Seoul.

The Australian state that includes the city of Adelaide will go into a six-day lockdown starting at midnight Wednesday, with schools, universities, bars and cafes closed. Only one person from each household in South Australia will be allowed to leave home each day, and only for specific reasons.

Vaccine Scorecard: Two COVID-19 vaccines might be nearing the finish line, but scientists say it’s critical that enough people volunteer to help finish studying other candidates. Moderna and competitor Pfizer recently announced preliminary results showing their vaccines appear to be strongly effective. More vaccine types will be needed to meet global demand. And different types may work better in different people, something only testing can tell, Lauran Neergaard reports, according to APNews.