PUBG Mobile Tip to download PUBG Mobile Korean Version its advantage and disadvantage
daitranvan 6-11-2020, 08:52
crates have higher luck you might eventually end up getting the same items or getting only common type items. (this totally depends on luck. However, this is one of the few ways in which you can dismantle and gain silver fragments)

9. The crates opened in the special characters menu don’t have voice packs, emote, or outfits. Only shard, silver fragments, and crate coupon fragments. There is a separate crate for characters in the shop and can be only opened using UC.

10. Silver fragment is very hard to be obtained like in the global version. You can only obtain silver fragments through missions, dismantling duplicated items, and through special character menu crate.

11. BP has literally no use but to open soldier’s crate, recollect missed daily rewards and send gifts to players.

12. Missing a daily reward can be very punishing because you need 50000 bp to recollect it after missing it. This is probably due to high-end rewards in the daily log in the reward menu.

13. Prime plus isn’t available and there is no bp redemption store or battle coins.

14. Some important event notices may appear in Korean language.

So that’s the advantages and disadvantages of PUBG Kr. I have played both and PUBG Kr version is the best for android devices!