China reported 22 new coronavirus cases in a single day, WHO warns pandemic is accelerating
admin 23-06-2020, 13:36

This compared with 18 confirmed cases a day earlier, 9 of which were in Beijing. Reuters reported.

Authorities are restricting movement of people in the capital and stepping up other measures to prevent the virus from spreading following a series of local infections.

According to Reuters, Another seven asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, those who are infected but show no symptoms, were reported for June 22, the same as a day earlier. China does not count these patients as confirmed cases.

Worldwide coronavirus cases top 9 million as WHO warns pandemic is accelerating.

Global coronavirus infections topped 9 million on yesterday as the World Health Organization warned that the pandemic was accelerating.

Record levels of new daily Covid-19 cases are due to the fact that the outbreak is peaking in a number of big countries at the same time and reflect a change in the virus’ global activity, the WHO added.

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At a media briefing on Monday, WHO’s emergencies chief Dr. Michael Ryan said that “the numbers are increasing because the epidemic is developing in a number of populous countries at the same time.”

The spike in infections increased nervousness in global markets, which mostly fell on Monday on news of a worrying jump in fresh cases in several US states including California, Texas and Florida.