UK and Europe weather forecast latest October 3 Ferocious Storm Alex to cause flood warnings and drench Britain
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UK's weather forecast

Met Office
has issued a yellow weather warning for Friday as rain continues to drench
the UK
this week. Flooding of homes and businesses is expected in parts of London, southeast England, southwest England, Wales, and the West Midlands.

The storm, which swept through France this week, is set to bring wet and windy weather across the south of England for most of the day.

As Britain heads into the weekend, more rain will sweep over the country for most parts.

UK and Europe weather forecast latest October 3 Ferocious Storm Alex to cause flood warnings and drench Britain
Storm Alex will batter Britain today will gales of up to 65mph and risks of flooding (Image: WXCHARTS)

Steve Ramsdale, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, said:
“It’ll be quite a miserable end to the working week for southern and south-west England as Storm Alex brings heavy rain and strong winds tomorrow, with coastal gales of around 60-65mph for some."

“Away from the south, it’ll be a more pleasant day, with light wind s and bright spells for much of northern England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland."

“However, as the strong winds and rain associated with Storm Alex clear away from Britain later on Friday, another low-pressure system moves towards the UK from the east bringing further very heavy rain and strong winds to many over the weekend.”

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Friday (Image: WXCHARTS)

According to
Express ,
Storm Alex
was named by Météo-France earlier this week and will clip the southern parts of England on Friday.

For the rest of the UK, calmer weather can be expected with lighter winds and some sun for northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

But areas in Wales, southwest England and eastern Scotland could see more than 100mm of rain over the weekend.

This rainfall is likely to lead to “significant impacts from flooding, an enhanced risk of landslides along with very difficult driving conditions”, according to the Met Office.

Jonathan Day, Flood Duty Manager at the Environment Agency, said:
“Heavy rain will bring the potential for surface water flooding and perhaps some river flooding across the south of England on Friday."

Temperatures on Friday will “struggle” with the heavy rain and wind (Image: WXCHARTS)

“More widespread and persistent heavy rain across much of England will bring the potential for further river and surface water flooding over the weekend."

“Environment Agency teams have been working hard to clear grills and weed screens in areas which may be affected, and are ready to support local authorities leading on responses to surface water flooding incidents, should they occur."

“We urge people to stay away from swollen rivers and not to drive through flood water – it is often deeper than it looks and just 30cm of flowing water is enough to float your car.”

Drivers in flood risk areas have been warned to keep safe during the torrential conditions. Over the weekend the Met Office has issued more weather warnings as the heavy rain continues to persist. Alex Deakin, Met Office Meteorologist, said:
“Lots of heavy rain and gusty winds to come over the next few days."

Met Office weather warnings: The UK will see kits of rainfall in the coming days (Image: Weather Outlook)

“The weather warnings in force for Friday for wind and rain across southern England from Storm Alex."

“But there are further weather warnings in force through the weekend as the rain builds up across large parts of the UK and could cause some flooding issues.”

Temperatures on Friday will “struggle” with the heavy rain and wind. Mr Deakin said:
“Temperatures as you might imagine under that zone of wet and windy weather they’re going to struggle, 11 or 12C at best."

“If it cheers up in the south 15 or 16C. Fine weather though across Scotland and Northern Ireland could see highs of 14 or 15C with pretty light winds shouldn’t feel too bad.”

Met Office weather warnings: The heavy downpours will affect the large majority of the country (Image: Windy)

On October 3

According to
Weather Online , low pressure stays over the UK and Ireland on Saturday. This brings another unsettled day. Rainy and rather windy for many. The rain is likely to be heavy in Scotland as well as through Wales and southwest England.

This rain probably slips into eastern Ireland in the afternoon, whilst western Ireland stays dry and windy. Eastern parts of the UK becoming drier in the afternoon with a few bright or sunny spells developing. Highs at 9 to 12C in the wetter west, 14 or 15C as any brightness comes through in the east.

Photo: Weather Online

Europe's weather forecast

According to
BBC weather , western Europe will be bombarded by unsettled and dangerous weather over the next few days. Storm Alex is expected to cause flooding in some areas due to the heavy rainfall. Disruptions are also expected due to the powerful gales hitting the continent.

Mr Miller said: "A powerful weather system with dangerous damaging winds and heavy flooding rain effecting parts of Europe over the next few days."

"With Storm Alex, for Friday it is the northwest of France that is going to see the most damaging gusts of wind. It is very windy too down in northern areas of Spain."

"But the rain extends beyond France and some of it reaches southern France, northern Italy and Switzerland as well."

BBC Weather: 'Dangerous' Storm Alex to bombard Europe with disruptive winds and flooding (Image: WXCHARTS)

"There is just a huge amount of rain falling in some spots maybe 100mm more. This will bring the risk of significant flooding as a result".

The BBC Weather forecaster also explained the contrasting weather on the other side of Europe. He said: "It is quieter further east though as they hang on to some warmth."

"Perhaps it won't be so wet for a time on Saturday in the northern areas of Italy. By the way, the Italian and Swiss Alps are going to see some fresh snow."

"On Saturday there will be another surge of wet weather pushing its way through France."

"It will be very windy here but I think more of the United Kingdom will be seeing more of that rain as well."

BBC Weather: BBC Weather forecaster Nick Miller has explained that western Europe will be bombarded by unsettled and dangerous weather over the next few days. (Image: BBC)

Due to the storm, much of western
will have unsettled weather with temperatures in the mid-teens for the next few days.

Both London and Paris are expected to have temperatures below 16C until midway next week. Madrid will also struggle to see temperatures exceed 20C while Rome will see some rain but have temperatures in the low 20s.

On October 3

More rain affecting far northern portions of Spain and Portugal otherwise a dry and bright day for Iberia as well as the Balearic Islands,
Weather Online

BBC Weather: The BBC Weather forecast also explained the contrasting weather on the other side of Europe. (Image: BBC)

Outbreaks of rain, these often heavy, for Corsica, Sardinia and northern and central parts of Italy. Dry to the south and for Sicily though there will be some cloud here. Heavy rain also affects the western Balkans later but it will stay dry and sunny for Greece and Turkey.

Breezy with frequent outbreaks of rain for France, the Low Countries and Germany. A band of heavy rain spreads east through Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic though drier, brighter conditions follow from the west. Breezy but mostly dry for Hungary, Slovakia and Poland though rain arrives at the west through the evening.

Photo: Weather Online

Increasingly breezy and cloudy for Denmark as well as southern parts of Norway and Sweden where there will be occasional showers. Breezy too for the Baltic States where a band of showery rain spreads north through the day. Staying dry for Finland with variable amounts of cloud. Increasingly breezy here too.