Top 10 anti-cancer foods in nature
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Cancer is one of the most important public health challenges of the 21st century. Cancer occurs at any age, 80% of cases of cancer from 45 years of age or older. All parts of the body can have cancer, about 100 different types of cancers. Environmental factors are the greatest agent that causes cancer such as smoking, infections, chemicals, radioactivity and problems in eating, infection with toxic substances during farming, planting, pesticides, plant protection drugs, growth stimulators,... The chemicals added in the process of food processing, from vegetables, food, meat to milk, utensils, toys... On average, every day Vietnam has 315 deaths from cancer, the majority of people come to the examination and treatment in the late stages so treatment is more difficult and more expensive. Therefore, each person needs to have a sense of health protection by prevention and detection of the disease in a timely manner to increase the likelihood of treatment. Using clean food, applying a reasonable diet, preserving a healthy living environment are urgent things to protect your own health and the community. In everyday life, we use a wide variety of food, food, spices, which is thought to be just normal spices but it is a "divine" in the anti-cancer. And these unexpected foods are foods and spices that appear regularly during Vietnamese daily meals. With Topshare learn about Top 10 food anticancer "The Elixir"!


Top 10 anti-cancer foods in nature

Garlic is a kind of spice that is very familiar to us to be used regularly in the meals of the Vietnamese. Besides increasing flavor in the dish, garlic also contains active substances that help to effectively resist inflammation. In garlic containing allicin antioxidants help and support liver toxicity, help the liver remove toxins out of the body to prevent cardiovascular and cancer diseases. The allicin compound in garlic works to slow down or stop the development of cancer alarms in the body, especially colorectal and gastric cancer. The regular use of garlic also helps prevent the formation, development of breast and lung cancer cells.


Turmeric is a very good food for the body such as the liver, stomach, skin beauty, and turmeric is also known to be one of the most extremely good medicinal herbs preventing cancer for the body. Scientists have studied that curcumin in turmeric is a useful medicinal herb in treating cancer. It can affect growth, development and propagation at the molecular level of cancer. It can reduce the formation of blood vessels, the propagation of cancer, as well as the contributing to the destruction of cancerous cells.
Researchers are currently considering the role of products extracted from turmeric in the prevention and treatment of a number of cancers, including colon cancer, prostate gland, breast and skin cancers.


It's really unexpected that chili peppers are one of the most effective types of cancer prevention. Chili peppers are a very popular fruit and are used daily in family meals but few are aware of the unexpected uses of this fruit. A miraculous use of the Chili Peppers that is in Capsaicin-containing peppers has analgesic, inflammatory treatment, contributing to help the body to easily digestion food, preventing the formation of tumors in the intestine. The study of scientists also asserted that in chili Peppers contain more vitamins A, C gives the possibility of strengthening the immune system, inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer cells.


Long ago in folk medicine Ginger is used to treat diseases such as colds, constipation. Ginger is also known for its anti-cancer use, some of the ingredients in ginger are proven to be resistant to cancer and improve the condition of the sick person in the process of chemotherapy.
Hence you should add ginger to your daily diet can use fresh ginger, ginger powder or candy ginger capsules or ginger tea... Looks great for your body.

Black pepper

Pepper contains capsaicin-a powerful anti-oxidant. A number of laboratory studies have shown that capsaicin may be toxic to cancerous cells.
In black pepper contain oxidants so they are capable of preventing chronic diseases such as breast cancer, bowel cancer.
A study by researchers at the California Medical University in Los Angeles, the US discovered that capsaicin disrupts the growth of prostate cancer cells and even has the power to destroy them. At the same time, this spice also helps to limit high blood pressure, stress, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.


Cinnamon In addition to delicious flavor also has great healing abilities. In addition to supporting the treatment of cardiovascular-related diseases, strengthening the immune system, good for the digestive system,.. Then cinnamon powder is also a kind of "psychotic" anti-cancer very effective.
Cinnamon works to help support the treatment of leukemia and reduce the risk of colon cancer. In addition, fiber and calcium that are in cinnamon also help to remove excess bile, which helps prevent adverse bowel impacts.


Mint is a drug that has a cure for many pathologies. However, not everyone knows these uses. In addition to use such as: cure digestive diseases, oral, asthma,... Then peppermint is 1 of the kind of "psychiatric " treatment of cancer.
Mint tea is used to relieve pain in the stomach, while improving the process of digestion of food. Peppermint also helps to solve problems such as diarrhea, flatulence and irritable bowel syndrome.
Antioxidants and vitamin C in peppermint help to combat free radicals that cause cancer. Therefore to prevent effective cancer should replenish mint leaves on the Diet menu.


People often use leaves, berries and seeds to make flavoring, processing food, using spoons as vegetable or spices, especially fish soup, eel, snails, fish porridge... It's just delicious and a fishy smell.
In addition, it is also an effective drug for treating such pathologies: diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, stomach ache,...
Many studies show that special anethole is found in the plant, which can relieve inflammation and potentially prevent cancer.


Chrysanthemum is very good for people with Noo-sleeping witnesses. A cup of chamomile tea when on the bed will help you have good sleep and deeper.
Tapei Chamomile Water Warehouse has been studied in the prevention and treatment of Microei) sores by chemotherapy VI) and radiation therapy. Chamomile tea is beneficial for digestion, reducing stomach contractions. Chamomile soothes muscle contractions, especially intestinal muscles.
Research in the United States detects the apigenin in chamomile tea which prevents cancer cells from spreading and helps microtherapy drugs. In addition, a study of over 537 people observed that people who drank chamomile tea 2 – 6 times per week had significantly fewer thyroid cancer than those who did not drink chamomile tea.


The vegetable is a popular herb in Vietnam that you can buy in any of the food items from the market, supermarkets. The business has a lot of beneficial effects on human health.
According to Naturalnews, the horticulture has antioxidant content and highly antibacterial compounds. It is a powerful parasite fighting machine. One teaspoon of the horticulture has antioxidant strength equivalent to 2 cups of red grapes.
The neurotransmitter contains a phytochemical, known for its slowing the development of cancer. In addition, it is also a source of abundant vitamin K and iron.

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