The unique rows of mother-of-pearl trees over a hundred years old in Thanh
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THANH HOA – 22 trees of mother-of-pearl 30-40 m high, root diameter 2 m, planted during the French period in Nua town, Trieu Son district, recognized as a Vietnamese heritage tree.

Along provincial road 517, running through residential group 6, Nua town, there are two rows of ancient mother-of-pearl trees that provide shade all year round.

According to the elderly in Mau village, old Tan Ninh commune (now Nua town), these nacre trees were planted around the 1920s, during the French colonial period, and were cared for and protected by villagers for generations. .

There are 22 ancient mother-of-pearl trees in Nua town that are planted staggeredly, with uneven spacing. Every tree is luxuriant and tall.

The diameter of the largest mother-of-pearl tree measured at the base is about 2 m, it takes many people to hug it.

Most of the mother-of-pearl grows on a single stem, a few trees divide into two or three branches and rise straight up to the sky.

The tallest tree is about 40 m, equal to an 8-10 storey building.

Due to the age of hundreds of years, the mother-of-pearl body is rough, revealing very large cysts at the root, as big as upside down baskets.

In Thanh Hoa, in recent years, thousands of ancient trees have been classified as Vietnam’s heritage trees, but the hundred-year-old mother of pearl row in Nua town is considered unique to this species.

At the end of 2022, after receiving the certificate of recognition of the heritage tree, the local government will allow a number to hang on each mother-of-pearl tree for locating and identification.

At the beginning of the year, tens of thousands of tourists flock to the temple ruins of Nua – Am Tien to pray for peace and often stop to look at the rows of ancient mother-of-pearl trees. The relic management board allows flags to be planted on the tree trunks to create an eye-catching scene.

“I have been to many places and seen many large mother-of-pearl trees, but nowhere have there been as many beautiful and ancient mother-of-pearl trees as here…”, said Ms. Khanh An, a tourist from Thanh Hoa city.

Mr. Le Van Son, cultural officer of Nua town, said that the mother-of-pearl tree population at the national scenic site cluster of Nua – Am Tien temples associated with the Ba Trieu uprising was recognized as a Vietnamese heritage tree. contribute to promoting the richness and diversity of flora here, raising awareness of environmental protection, at the same time preserving and promoting historical and cultural values, and developing local tourism.

According to Mr. Son, many times, nacre goods have been threatened to cut down to make way for mining enterprises or other projects, but the people and the government are determined to protect them.

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