Central Highlands boy doing elephant-friendly tourism
hanguyen0409 3-02-2023, 17:32

DAK LAK – Y Sol Sruk, 26 years old, guides guests on walks, communicates with elephants and enjoys dishes of the Central Highlands prepared by himself.

Born and raised in Cuor Tak village, Yang Tao commune, Lak district, because of difficult family circumstances, right after graduating from high school, Y Sol wandered around looking for work to help her family.

After 4 years of accumulating experience, Y Sol, 26 years old, realizes that the majesty of the beautiful scenery of his hometown, the unique cultural identity of the people of the Central Highlands attracts many tourists. In 2020, the young M’Nong decided to quit his job and switch to tourism.

Central Highlands boy doing elephant-friendly tourism
Y Sol prepares food at the waterfall for guests. Photo: Character provided

Initially, with a little capital saved, Y Sol took advantage of the family’s land, bought an old house on stilts, rebuilt a new space, practiced playing gongs, guided guests to experience, and enjoyed the food prepared by himself. Experiencing many difficulties due to the epidemic, Y Sol’s experience tour is loved by many domestic and foreign tourists, widely shared on social networks, especially elephant-friendly tours.

For indigenous peoples in the Central Highlands, elephants are beloved animals as members of families and villages, bearing a symbol of reverence and sacredness. Y Sol’s family has tamed a male elephant named Kham Sen (34 years old). About 8 years ago, when the elephant was in heat, Kham Sen became aggressive and attacked Y Sol. Since then, the family brought Kham Sen back to the forest and took turns giving food and taking care of Kham Sen every day.

Recently, the story of elephant riding tourism in Dak Lak has been opposed by many people. Therefore, instead of riding elephants, Y Sol makes elephant-friendly tourism by guiding tourists to walk with elephants, called “therapy trips”.

Y Sol’s elephant-friendly tour has more than 1,000 visitors. Each tour from 20 to 25 people. The “therapy trip” and “elephant communication” journey will begin every afternoon. Y Sol gathered guests on the plow and then led into the forest. Visitors will be able to walk with elephants on a journey of about 2 km, follow the elephant jockeys to walk together, visit, feed the elephants, take pictures with and listen to the stories and biographies of each elephant, see enjoy a peaceful life with them.

Visitors on the trip experience, take pictures with elephants by Lak lake. Photo: Xuan Son

At sunset, 14 elephants in the village gather by Lak lake, here visitors have time to enjoy the Central Highlands cuisine, watch the performances of gongs, the harp, sing and watch the sunset, and play. with elephants. “In the future, I will focus on elephant-friendly tourism more,” said Mr. Y Sol.

“Our elephant-friendly experience tour is very meaningful. Elephants and people like you and we have enjoyed the whole holiday together with beautiful memories that we will never forget,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly, 31 years old, living in Dak Nong province said.

Also experiencing the Y Sol tour on the first day of the year, Ms. Le Tran Thanh Truc, 38 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City expressed her excitement because she was immersed in the beautiful sunset by Lak lake, the peaceful mountain and forest scene in the evening with the moon and moon. Star. In particular, they can soak their feet under the clean and clear Bim Bip waterfall, take pictures under the lonely tree at sunset, check in the elephant rock mountain, ride bicycles to explore.

“I happened to come to Lak to fill a calendar gap before returning to Ho Chi Minh City after a tiring trekking trip. But the beautiful scenery here has given me more wonderful things than expected, helping me recover energy quickly.” Ms. Le Tran Thanh Truc said.

Y Sol (right) chats with tourists in front of his house on stilts. Photo: Xuan Son

Every time a visitor comes to visit, Y Sol shares his life story, the beautiful scenery of the mountains, the M’Nong people, his cherished plans and dreams in the distant future. Y Sol tour has many unique places, with different length and short duration. Visitors can enjoy the gong culture, listen to music, make campfires, boil potatoes and corn if desired.

After talking with Y Sol, many visitors felt the enthusiasm for the profession, the strong love for traditional culture and the dream of building a young generation of understanding, keeping the customs and habits in people. Y Sol.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)