Must-visit fishing villages in Quy Nhon
admin 19-06-2020, 22:19

Nhon Hai is one of many famous fishing villages in Binh Dinh province. Located 20km from the city center, the fishing village is hidden under the mountains along the coast. Visitors will have a unique experience when they explore the Champa ancient mountain range which only emerges at low tides or in dry season. Along with Huong Mai Pagoda, this is one of the two most important and sacred places of the local people. Visitors can also catch snails and oysters, dive to see coral, and admire the beautiful blue sea and sunshine. Nhon Hai is also famous for sea urchin – a popular local dish, and Hon Kho Island, which takes about 5 minutes by boat from the fishing village. From the fishing village, visitors can take a canoe or wooden boat to Hon Kho Island, play water sports, and take photos of wooden bridges over rocky rapids. Local people often organize day trips to explore the island. Nhon Ly is located about 18km from Nhon Hai fishing village. To come here, tourists have to cross Thi Nai Bridge from the city center to visit famous destinations such as Eo Gio or Ky Co. Tourists also like to visit Hung Luong communal house and Phuoc Sa Pagoda to learn about communal culture. The winding road along cliffs at Nhon Ly fishing village is an ideal place to admire the blue sea, rocky beaches, and dawn. Coming to the village in the afternoon, visitors will not experience scorching sun, and can walk under the shade of overhanging rocks. All of the village’s roads lead to the beach, in which has a fishing wharf. Houses in Nhon Ly are similar to those in the old quarter of Hoi An. Mixed with newly built houses, many houses date back to the 1970s with mossy walls, bougainvillea glabra flowers, and green windows. This place has become an ideal destination for young tourists to capture beautiful landscapes. Seen as a “jewel in the rock,” Bai Xep fishing village is located in the Quy Hoa sea region, about 13km from Quy Nhon city. To come here, visitors can take various vehicles such as taxis, buses or motorbike rides. With its pristine beauty and quiet space, Bai Xep is chosen by many foreign tourists as a must-see destination when coming to Quy Nhon. The blue sea, white sand, and rocks create a unique beauty in Bai Xep. Houses in Bai Xep are painted in different colors. This is also a highlight of the village. Located in Phuong Mai Peninsula, Hai Minh fishing village is seen as the second Hong Kong because it used to be famous for buying, selling, and trading used electronics in the past. The village also attracts visitors with its 16-meter-high statue of Grand Duke Tran Hung Dao and Tam Toa mountain.

Translated by Lam Anh