What is special about the 4 waterfalls introduced on the latest stamp set of Vietnam Post?
sonnguyen 1-12-2022, 15:47

It must be admitted that Vietnam has a lot of beautiful waterfalls, so it’s still “genuine” to make everyone fall in love.

No exaggeration, Vietnam is a country that owns countless beautiful landscapes. Not only the vast mountains and forests, the blue sea and white sand, our country also has waterfalls with majestic and wild beauty.

Recently, the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Post Corporation also issued a set of stamps “Vietnam Waterfalls” with images of 4 famous waterfalls including Dai Yem waterfall (Son La), the May waterfall (Thanh Hoa). Hoa), Pongour waterfall (Lam Dong), and Suoi Tranh waterfall (Kien Giang) to promote the scenic beauty of our country.

What is special about the 4 waterfalls introduced on the latest stamp set of Vietnam Post?

Set of stamps “Vietnam waterfall” (Photo: VN Post)

These waterfalls are not only impressed by their lyrical space but also become a favorite photo spot for many young people. With the blue color of clouds and trees combined with white foaming water and colorful rocks, this promises to be an ideal background for the “virtual living” and exploring nature.

Dai Yem Waterfall – Son La

Located in the Moc Chau plateau, Dai Yem waterfall is considered a “treasure” that nature bestows on the Northwest mountains. Dai Yem Waterfall has its main source of flow from two streams, Bo-Co Lam and Bo Ta Con in Vat village, combined with a large stream in Bo Sap village. At the confluence, this water meets limestone mountains and pours down from above, white like a strip of bib between the green mountains and forests, creating a magical natural scene. This is also a waterfall associated with the legend of couple’s love, so it is also known by a more beautiful name than the Nang waterfall.

Photo: @julkoha

Dai Yem Waterfall has a height of more than 100m, divided into 2 parts with 9 floors above and 5 floors below. In between the two parts, there will be an open space for visitors to stand to admire the majestic natural landscape and feel the sound of the waterfall nearby. In addition, at the foot of the waterfall, there are many stone slabs of all shapes and sizes, and large old trees intertwine, suitable as a background for beautiful photos.

Photo: @_minahh6, @_n.chiz_, @hanhhmy.st

Cloud Waterfall – Thanh Hoa

Located in the middle of the mountains, May Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Thanh Hoa. This waterfall possesses magical beauty with clear water, pouring down from a height of 400m into layers, layers like white clouds in the sky. Unlike other waterfalls that often pour massively, the water at May waterfall flows quite smoothly, making anyone who comes to visit must also enjoy the scene so poetic.

Photo: @laureagst

Visiting May Waterfall, you can not only take countless pictures of “virtual life” with wild scenery, but also walk on small trails, weave through the forest trees to fully admire the beauty. of this waterfall. Another attraction that you cannot miss when coming here is to soak in the cool lake at the foot of the waterfall, enjoy the water flowing from above straight down your back, ensuring all daily stress will disappear.

Photo: @hel.ianhhh_, @ui.vananh.758, @phungthibichthao, @gody

Pongour Waterfall – Lam Dong

About 50km from Da Lat city, Pongour waterfall is known as the “Nam Thien De 1 waterfall” of the South Central Highlands region because of its harmonious beauty between the majestic and poetic.

Photo: @truelove.3000, @whatin__, @iamldat

Pongour waterfall is also known as 7-storey waterfall because the water flows through 7 terraced stone floors covered with green moss and then rushes down from a height of 40m, condensing into a large lake below. In addition, surrounding the waterfall are rows of towering trees and countless patches of green grass, creating an ink painting in the middle of the mountain town. In addition, few people know that Pongour waterfall is also associated with the legend of the female chief of Kanai, so when you come here in January of the lunar calendar every year, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the jubilant festival atmosphere of the people. K’ho tribe.

Photo: @nemytov_pavel, @leanricepaddy

Suoi Tranh Waterfall – Kien Giang

Suoi Tranh Waterfall originates from small streams in the Ham Ninh mountain range, winding through the ravines and forming a stream of water pouring down the cliffs below. Although it is not a large waterfall, the blend of rolling mountains, shady trees and soft water has turned this place into an attractive destination that everyone wants to visit when visiting Phu Quoc (Kien Giang). ).

Currently, Suoi Tranh waterfall has been upgraded to a natural eco-tourism area. Coming here, you can experience walking through the jungle, combined with sightseeing on the way to the waterfall. Besides, many young people are also interested in soaking in the clear water naturally filtered through many layers of rocks and taking “virtual living” photos with wonderful natural scenery.

Photo: @ingwargrishenkov