Thousands of unique and strange products “attract” customers on the pedestrian street in Hanoi
thamnguyen99 1-12-2022, 15:25

There are unique products on sale here with prices ranging from several tens to millions of dong/products.($1=25,000 VND)

Within the framework of the Creative Design Festival 2022, the exhibition introduces creative design products at the walking space of Hoan Kiem Lake, Ly Thai To Monument area. Specifically, here will introduce handicraft products, gifts, traditional village products … with new and creative designs and being preserved and promoted.

Thousands of unique and strange products “attract” customers on the pedestrian street in Hanoi

There are many stalls displaying and selling handicraft products and traditional craft villages.

Unique and strange products attract a lot of visitors, experience and shops.

The selling price of the products ranges from several tens of thousands to millions of VND/product.

The tire sandals of artisan Pham Quang Xuan are also on display in this exhibition.

Many people are quite interested in the story of the tire sandals.

Customers can also experience and shop for products made from horns, paper… and other materials that protect the environment.

Ms. May, who started a business with confetti, said that in this exhibition she brought samples of Hue’s confetti.

“These confetti products are all inspired by the traditional craft village of Thanh Tien paper flowers with more than 400 years of preservation in Hue. I inherit and have a change in design, combining with handmade flowers of contemporary art to provide impressive products to the market”, she shared.

Her products are curious by many people because the flowers are real, and many customers put down money to order. Each product has a price ranging from a few hundred to millions of dong.

Horn combs and products made from horns are purchased and experienced by tourists. The price is only 50,000 VND($2)/product.

Many unique products made from bamboo and rattan also attract viewers’ eyes.

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