Admire the classical beauty of the Don Ca arch bridge at the foot of Hai Van mountain
duonghanhnguyen 26-11-2022, 13:24

Hai Van mountain range is not only famous for the “first majestic landscape” on the top but also has the famous Don Ca arch bridge at the foot of the mountain with a different “classical beauty”, attracting tourists.

True to its name, Don Ca arch bridge has a unique arch-shaped architecture, built mainly of stone located at the foot of the majestic Hai Van mountain range (between Da Nang city and Thua Thien-Hue province).

The bridge not only has an important meaning on the North-South railway line, but for a long time, with its classical and wild beauty, the Don Ca arch bridge has become a favorite “virtual living” place for Vietnamese people. young people .

The bridge is located on the side of Thua Thien-Hue province and is located at the foot of Hai Van pass

Don Ca arch bridge was built in the early 20th century. The bridge has a height of 20m with a length of about 100m, bending across a romantic stream.

The old beauty of the bridge

When you reach the top of Hai Van pass, go another 5 km to the north (towards Thua Thien-Hue province) and you will encounter a ranger’s patrol station. Opposite this ranger station, there is a small concrete road leading down to Hai Van Bac station.

Don Ca arch bridge is marked on Google Map

When arriving at Hai Van Bac station, visitors can park their motorbikes here and then walk about 1 km along the North – South railway line, towards Da Nang city .

The concrete road down to Hai Van Bac station is about 2 km . long

After about 30 minutes of walking, Don Ca arch bridge will appear in front of your eyes with a typical railing. In particular, the most impressive thing about Don Ca arch bridge is the soft curved strip that looks very poetic.

When visitors drive vehicles on concrete roads must be very careful because the road is quite small and wet, moss clinging to the road surface will cause slippery.

The railway through Hai Van Pass is 28 km long

Due to having to travel on the narrow and rocky railway, visitors need to prepare in advance a pair of shoes with good grip and smooth feet to facilitate movement.

Visitors will catch the whole “ship through the mountains” at Don Ca arch bridge

Besides, there will be a train passing every 25 – 30 minutes, please find out information about trains from the station staff to be safe during the process of moving to the arch bridge. This is also a beautiful image that visitors can “watch tamarind” to save when the train crosses the bridge.

The architecture of the bridge consists of 4 large arches spanning the stream

Mr. Tran Van Hung (65 years old, a forester in the Hai Van range), shared: “This bridge was built during the French period. Locals call it the boat puddle, because at the foot of the bridge there is a puddle of water like a puddle…”.

With the unique architecture and the wild and peaceful beauty of the mountains, visitors who set foot on the arch bridge should prepare good photography and recording equipment to own “extremely chill” photos .

A suitable camping site for nature lovers

At the location of the Don Ca arch bridge, visitors can not only admire the beauty of the majestic Hai Van but also admire the deep blue sea color of Lang Co Bay .

Steps for visitors to move down to the stream at the foot of the bridge

Wild ropes cover the French blockhouse next to the Don Ca arch bridge

Along with “the world’s most majestic scenery” at the top, the pass is voted by the famous American travel magazine Travel + Leisure as one of the 10 most beautiful routes in the world in the middle, the Hai Van range also has an arch bridge. Don Ca with classical French architecture at the foot of the mountain will certainly not disappoint visitors when once visiting.

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