Ba Vi this season is more brilliant than ever because of the blooming of this flower
hanguyen0409 10-11-2022, 08:31

Just over 1-hour drive from Hanoi’s capital, you can admire the brilliant scenery of the mountains in autumn.

In recent days, on social networking sites or tourism groups, images of a place with brilliant yellow flowers have emerged. Yellow flowers bloom on the background of the cool green forest. So where is this location? What attracts so many tourists?

Not far away, these are the images taken in Ba Vi or Ba Vi National Park, in Ba Vi, Hanoi. Every year, every degree at the end of October or the beginning of November, this place will enter the blooming season of wild sunflowers. It is the brilliant yellow color of this flower that adorns a very unique beauty for the mountainsides of Ba Vi National Park at this time.

Ba Vi this season is more brilliant than ever because of the blooming of this flower

Wild sunflowers are blooming on Ba Vi roads and Ba Vi national park. (Photo

Referring to wild sunflowers, many tourists think that this flower only exists and grows a lot in Da Lat. So if you want to see wild sunflowers in full bloom, it will take a long journey. However, Ba Vi National Park is just over 60km from Hanoi, taking more than an hour to drive.

Wild sunflowers in Ba Vi National Park

In Ba Vi National Park, the number of wild sunflowers is not spread along every road like in Da Lat. However, there will be “giant” blooming yellow flowers and immense flower gardens inside the national park that will make visitors satisfied.

Ba Vi National Park, which owns a large area of ​​wild sunflowers. (Photo by Thai Ha)

According to many sources, wild sunflowers began to be brought and planted in Ba Vi around the 1930s by the French. However, it was only grown sporadically, even once considered a wildflower and was cut down every time it cleared.

However, in 2015, when the beauty of wild sunflowers along the mountainside attracted many tourists to Ba Vi, the national park planted more wild sunflowers to develop into tourism products.

Currently, the area around and in Ba Vi National Park has more than 10 hectares of wild sunflowers. Flowers grow along the 12.5km road from the 100 point to the top of Ba Vi mountain. The time when the flowers are in full bloom only lasts about 2-3 weeks in November, so around this time, a lot of tourists come here to admire the beauty of this flower when simultaneously racing.

Wild sunflower hill in Ba Vi National Park. (Photo

According to the sharing of many tourists who have experienced coming to Ba Vi to see wild sunflowers, the best time to come here is in the morning. This is also the time when wild sunflowers are most beautiful during the day, when the sun shines, there are still drops of morning dew on the flower branches.

Visitors can follow the signpost guide to the field of wild sunflowers. This is the area where wild sunflowers bloom and attract the most tourists, with the best shooting angles.

Wild sunflowers are in full bloom, racing along the roadside leading to Ba Vi National Park, attracting many tourists to stop and take pictures. (Picture Ngoc Thanh)

Photo: Thai Ha


Bustling scene in Ba Vi National Park every occasion wild sunflowers bloom. (Photo by Vietnam Family Newspaper)

Not only watching wild sunflowers, many tourists also love camping and staying overnight in the national park. Currently, the garden area is also quite full of facilities, such as providing food and drink for visitors if needed. However, to make the trip as complete as possible, visitors can consider preparing everything from home to be more proactive.

Visitors should also be aware of certain regulations when visiting the national park. The most important thing is to park the car in the right area so as not to affect traffic, do not cut flowers, break branches or throw garbage indiscriminately. If you violate these regulations, you may be warned or even fined.

Many tourists also love the experience of camping, staying overnight in Ba Vi National Park. (Photo

The representative of Ba Vi National Park said that in November 2020, on average, the park has about 700-1,000 visitors every day. Weekends reached about 8,000 visits.

In addition to going to the national park to see wild sunflowers, visitors can choose from other places. These can be mentioned as going to the Thuong Temple, Uncle Ho’s temple in Ba Vi, the Culture and Tourism Village of Vietnam’s Ethnic Minorities or Suoi Hai Lake. If you don’t have any plans for your family or group of friends this weekend, try driving to explore Ba Vi.