The beauty of the upstream floating water season
tranthuy02 29-10-2022, 15:01

The alluvial red-brown color mixed with the golden sunset is a feature of the floating season in the An Giang watershed.

The series of photos, made by photographer Huynh Phuc Hau, introduces readers to the immense water fields in the Chau Doc and Tinh Bien areas of An Giang province.

An Giang is a province bordering Cambodia through districts such as Tinh Bien, Tan Chau, An Phu and Chau Doc City. This place is also the headland of the Hau river flowing into the Mekong Delta. In the photo is the dam to prevent the Tra Su flood in Tinh Bien

An Giang and Dong Thap are the earliest places to receive flood water in the West. While An Giang is the flood of the Hau River, Dong Thap is the flood of the Tien River. The fields of rising water submerged in red alluvial color are the beauty of An Giang watershed

The beauty of the flood today is not only a form, the flood also brings fish and shrimp to this land, accreting alluvium for the field to be more fertile and lush. In the picture is a scene of fishing in the flood season Vinh Te, Chau DocQUEEN OF HAPPINESS

In the past, when the embankment (dyke) was not built to prevent floods, the water level was much higher. Flood season is therefore also a livelihood season with many local products. Since there is an embankment to prevent floods, the water overflows the field less, so the shrimp and fish also decrease. But in return, people’s lives are also less miserableQUEEN OF HAPPINESS

Ducks are gathered on a high mound in a flooded field in Nhon Hung, Tinh Bien districtQUEEN OF HAPPINESS
Village women picking wild flowers along the banks of Vinh Te canal, Chau Doc. The high water season is also the season of wild cotton, the season of fish and many other specialties. Dandelion grows wild on the banks of canals or fish ponds, blooms every season when the water rises, becoming a favorite dish of many people.QUEEN OF HAPPINESS

In the afternoon, on the fields of Tra Su, Tinh Bien. One side is a flooded field, the other side is green rice. An Giang is the largest rice bowl in the Mekong Delta and also the largest in the country, with an output of nearly 4 million tons of commodity rice per year.QUEEN OF HAPPINESS

Tra Su sluice gate is an irrigation work to help regulate and control flood water for the Long Xuyen quadrangle. It is thanks to the investment in the irrigation system that the Long Xuyen quadrangle has become a fertile rice cultivation area.QUEEN OF HAPPINESS

An Giang is famous for spiritual tourism , when every year visitors go to Ba pagoda festival in Sam mountain, Chau Doc or visit Cam mountain, Tinh Bien combined with discovering the scenery of the floating season.

An Giang is also a province with different natural conditions in the Mekong Delta when there are vast mountains and forests and rice fields with storks flying straight. From the flooded field in Tinh Bien flood area, visitors can see the Cam mountain range in the distanceQUEEN OF HAPPINESS

The “dance” taking off at sunset on Tha La flooded fields creates a beautiful picture of natureQUEEN OF HAPPINESS

Scenery like a paintingQUEEN OF HAPPINESS

The river is peaceful and beautifulQUEEN OF HAPPINESS

The photos evoke many memories of the peaceful countryside of Vietnam.

An Giang is 230 km from Ho Chi Minh City, today there is no longer a way back by ferries crossing the Tien River and Hau River, so the road is convenient. This is a destination with a unique blend of mountains and plains with landscapes of Sam mountain, Cam mountain, Tuc Dup hill, Co To mountain, Soai So lake, Ta Pa lake, O Thum lake, Tra Su cajuput forest. … Besides, visitors can also explore Chau Phong Cham village with Jamiul Azhar Mosque, Kh’mer village with Koh Kas pagoda, Tual Prasat pagoda, Ba Chua Xu temple, Tay An Co Tu temple. … An Giang also has Long Xuyen floating market, Tinh Bien border market, Chau Doc with many strange and attractive dishes.

Photo: Internet