The road covered with picturesque vines in the heart of Hanoi
ChandraGarran04 20-10-2022, 10:21

These days, going through the underpass area of ​​Tran Duy Hung – Thang Long Avenue (Hanoi), everyone feels excited when the tunnel wall is covered with extremely cool and green vines.

Recently, Hanoi people are extremely excited and feel excited when going through the Trung Hoa tunnel area, a section of Tran Duy Hung – Thang Long Boulevard (Hanoi) because they encounter two rows of green vines. side street.

According to research, the green vines that cover the Trung Hoa tunnel wall are Indian chrysanthemums.

Indian chrysanthemum has an extremely strong growth and development rate and is always green all year round.

This plant, in addition to creating a green landscape, also has the effect of filtering dust and harmful emissions to help reduce air pollution in noisy urban areas.

The line of green trees is up to 30 meters long, creating a fresh scene for the road.

People in traffic are extremely excited when walking under this green carpet.

Seen from above, rows of chrysanthemum trees and other green trees create a rich vegetation right at the Trung Hoa underground tunnel area both above and below the tunnel.

The panoramic view of the paths leading to ring tunnel 3 viewed from above are covered with green trees and bring the modern beauty of Hanoi.