What dishes are worth trying at the famous Phan Xich Long food court in Ho Chi Minh City?
ChandraGarran04 13-10-2022, 09:15

Gathering all kinds of dishes from snacks to full meals, the Phan Xich Long area is always the first choice of foodies in Ho Chi Minh City when they need to fill their hungry stomachs.

Referring to the place with the densest restaurant map in Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible to miss the Phan Xich Long area. This place has long been associated with the luxurious title “San Francis Long” because all famous brands of milk tea, fast food, and restaurants are fully concentrated. Besides big brands, the Phan Xich Long area still has a series of other popular restaurants that are equally delicious. You can even find countless delicious specialties from all 3 regions here.

Not only that, Phan Xich Long area was recently proposed to build a food city with existing restaurants/drinks. As expected, this street will be operational in early 2023. Now let’s take a look at what delicious dishes Phan Xich Long currently has before being upgraded!

Phu Yen shallot soup cake – roasted pork asked for Ms. Thuy

If you want to enjoy at the same time a dish of shallot soup, grilled spring rolls of the Central region, and roasted pork belly of the South, you can visit Ms. Thuy’s restaurant. Although they only sell 3 dishes and are quite hidden in the Phan Xich Long apartment complex, many guests still find it hard to “find” to eat because of the delicious taste and affordable price.

What dishes are worth trying at the famous Phan Xich Long food court in Ho Chi Minh City?

Photo: @trungbuii

A bowl of shallot soup usually includes steamed fish, steamed fish cakes, fried fish cakes, and quail eggs. Of course, chopped green chives are indispensable. Particularly with shallot soup, the noodles will be small and clear, with a certain degree of flexibility. The broth is also cooked from fresh fish, seasoned to taste, so when you eat, you just need to squeeze more lemon, add chili, and it’s round.

Photo: @trungbuii

In addition, the restaurant’s grilled spring rolls and grilled pork belly also received many good reviews. The grilled spring rolls are marinated quite well, grilled just cooked to the grill, so when eaten, they are soft and not dry. Accompanied by grilled spring rolls are crispy fried rice paper, lettuce, sour mango, cucumber and fatty peanut sauce. If you order roast pork, you will eat it with Banh Cuon, herbs and chili garlic fish sauce.

Photo: @samlacareview

Address: Lot A2, Phan Xich Long apartment building, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan district

Opening hours: 7am – 9pm

Co Ganh dotted rice paper

Co Ganh dotted rice paper is not only the most “glamorous” of Phan Xich Long but also famous throughout other districts. People often call it “Miss Ganh” because the roadside burden displays all kinds of rice paper and ingredients such as toads, mangoes, laksa leaves, etc. The rice paper here is also different because it uses both quail eggs and chopped chicken eggs. .

Photo: @llickthespoon, Huy Tat

The dotted rice paper has only a few simple ingredients such as rice paper, laksa leaves, quail eggs, chicken eggs and a glass of sauce. The biggest plus point of this dish lies in the thick, fragrant dipping sauce, made from Tay Ninh salt, with all the flavors of sour, spicy, salty and sweet. In addition, the type of rice paper Co Ganh uses is also very flexible, when eaten with the fatty taste of eggs, the sweet and salty taste of the dipping sauce and a few laksa leaves, it is determined to be “sticky”.

Photo: @hoanglam.foodie

Address: 005, Lot A2, Phan Xich Long apartment building, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan district

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Chrysanthemum Crab Soup

Although it is only sold on the sidewalk, Hoa Cuc crab soup is very popular because of its delicious and sweet soup that is true to the “gut” of the South. The crab soup here is still the same as other shops, but with the addition of deep-fried breadcrumbs, the dish becomes more delicious.

Photo: @llickthespoon

The soup here is cooked thickly, seasoned with strong flavor, mixed with fresh eggs, so it will be a little fatty when eaten. The accompanying topping is also quite rich, which is shrimp, crab, pork brain, pork marrow, northern Thao eggs, corn kernels and delicious crispy chewy bread crumbs. Moreover, the pot of crab soup is always kept hot on the stove, so coming here to eat on a cold evening is the “right post”. In addition, the shop also sells steamed chicken feet with laksa leaves, salt and pepper, lemon, you should try it.

Photo: @chanlovefoods, Nhat Huy Le

Address: 1 Hoa Cuc, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District

Opening hours: 3pm – 9pm

Beef with guise leaves Anh Ba

Located in a prime location in the Phan Xich Long dining area, Anh Ba’s beef leaves are always crowded with customers to eat or buy to take home. The beef with guise leaves here is grilled continuously, so the dish is always hot when it arrives, with the faint aroma of the leaves grilled on embers. Although the price is somewhat “slight” compared to the common ground, the quality of the food is commensurate with the price, well-decorated.

Photo: @ruahaman

The meat inside each book is marinated with lemongrass and some spices, so when grilled, the aroma and taste are just as good. Especially the restaurant balances between lean and fat, so the meat is soft and moist, not dry and boring. Served with beef leaves are rice paper, vermicelli, raw vegetables and homemade seasoning sauce. Besides beef slices, fish fat beef and beef dipped in vinegar here are also very popular. However, because the space is quite narrow, people often choose to buy and enjoy.

Photo: @ruahaman

Address: 460 Phan Xich Long, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District

Opening hours: 17h – 21h30

Old Quarter Bun Cha

If you want to enjoy Hanoi’s famous bun cha right in Ho Chi Minh City, Old Quarter Bun Cha is the right place for you. According to many people, the bun cha here is 80% similar to the Hanoi bun cha.

Photo: @shayneshine94

A portion of bun cha is full of ingredients such as vermicelli, grilled pork belly, grilled pork ball and raw vegetables such as basil, marjoram, grated morning glory, etc. The meatballs are seasoned and grilled. beautiful color, fragrant, not dry and too greasy. The chan water is also hot, with papaya, crispy carrots and sweet seasoning to suit the taste of the South. When visiting the restaurant, you should order more fried spring rolls to add more flavor.

Photo: @miusfoodmaps_

Address: 225 Phan Xich Long, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District

Opening hours: 7:00am – 9:30pm