An emerging camping site in Phu Yen: Where there are grass hills to hunt beautiful sunrises
ChandraGarran04 3-10-2022, 08:39

Thinking that Phu Yen only had to visit beautiful places, there was no place to play, who expected there to be a place to camp like this?

Phu Yen has countless unique and interesting landscapes, but still few people know that this place still has an island that still retains the wild and poetic features of nature lying quietly next to Tuy Hoa city. Is a small island with high mountains that look like a roof to protect both the island and the other shore, around the island, are beaches with cliffs, caves, and coral reefs hidden under the clear blue water. .

If you want to experience the feeling of immersing yourself on the “wild Robinson island”, then Mai Nha islet is a place you must definitely go to. Because although it is not too far from the mainland, there are only a few households living here, so it still retains the inherent beauty of the island, very suitable for those who are passionate about discovering new places or booking a camping tour for relaxation.

An emerging camping site in Phu Yen: Where there are grass hills to hunt beautiful sunrises

Enjoy the sea view on the boat to the island

Located nearly 27km from Tuy Hoa city and only about 4km from O Loan lagoon, the road to the pier to the island is quite easy. Once you arrive at the pier and visit the surrounding area to see the people on the shore weaving nets peacefully. The seascape around the pier area is equally beautiful with colorful fishing boats of fishermen, so don’t forget to take “virtual life” photos before getting on the boat.

You just need to ask the boat to go to the island or go on a tour, it is already prepared before the ship goes to sea, so visitors just need to sit on the boat and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea. This is a very interesting experience because when on the boat you can see the blue sky above, the waves crashing around, far away a beautiful sparkling island is waiting for you to explore.

Enjoy the sunset on the sea

When the ship docks, a smooth white sandy beach, covered with coral and moss, and clear blue sea water, is the front beach of the island for visitors to live, swim, eating and camping. camp. In addition to the usual activities on the sea, here you are also free to immerse yourself in the clear sea, see the bottom, extremely clean or you can experience games such as windsurfing, SUP paddle… It is extremely private like a closed island because there are usually not many tourists, so fun activities or taking pictures will be more comfortable and relaxing.

If you choose to spend the night on the island, do not forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the late afternoon. When the sun goes down near the sea, you will feel relaxed and comfortable like the sun is embracing you in your lap, surrounded by the sound of waves crashing. So it’s great for tourists to enjoy the sunset on a peaceful island like this, as if all worries in life gradually disappear, now only a quiet beach and the sunset in the distance remain. .

Set up a tent for camping, eating and drinking overnight

After enjoying the sunset on the sea, you will surely be hungry and need a place to lie down. Because Mai Nha islet has only about 2-3 houses, it is very wild, so setting up a tent for camping is the choice of many tourists. The tents located under the trees will give visitors a comfortable place to rest. An interesting experience in the true nature of the island will be to scoop up each bucket of well water to bathe and do all activities with their own hands. And with an extremely poetic sea view at night, after setting up the tent, ending the day with a BBQ with lots of fresh seafood will be an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Get up early to “hunt the dawn” on the green grass hill

The “check-in” point that is a must-visit and also the best place to eat on this island is the unspoiled green steppe at the back beach, where there are rolling green grass hills interspersed with undulating rocks. At the bottom is a unique rocky beach that is only found in Phu Yen waters, the seawater alternating between the stones accidentally creates a wonderful natural scenery. The lawn covers the whole island, helping to add a color to complete the picture of the island’s unspoiled nature.Standing from the rocks or catching a small chair, you can leisurely zoom in. His eyes out to the entire surrounding scenery of the island to admire this majestic, unspoiled natural beauty.The sweet seascape of the back beach of the island is a jade green that strangely blends with the green of the trees and the blue of the sky.

It is also because of this romantic grass hill that this place is an ideal destination for dawn hunting, you try to wake up early in the morning to see the idyllic, golden sunrise on the horizon and above all, the atmosphere. extremely fresh, cool of the offshore island. To reach this place, visitors follow the trail and pass the hundred-year-old ancient eagle trees. Because the road is short and quite easy to go, it only takes about 10 minutes to get there.

To have a complete camping trip to Mai Nha Phu Yen island, do not forget to memorize the following “tips”:

– Bring full personal belongings (brush, toothpaste, face towel, medicine, …), sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, beach shoes because the island will not be sold.

– Charge your phone and camera fully because electricity is limited on the island

– Do not throw garbage indiscriminately and pay attention to clean up after leaving to join hands to preserve the wild beauty of the island.

If you have determined that you want to stay on Mai Nha Island, you should bring your tent and other necessary items. Or more conveniently, book a tour package for 2 days 1 night and it will be full of activities you need such as boating to the island, rowing SUP, making a campfire, eating your seafood during the preparation tour and resting under the tent. to end a day exploring Cu Lao Mai Nha.

Photo: @whenpoetbleeds, Út Ly, Wanderlust Camping