Discover the beautiful paradise of cloud and Swertia flower in the Northwest region
hanguyen0409 2-10-2022, 09:56

The Northwest mountains in late autumn not only attract tourists by the golden ripe rice season or the white sea of ​​clouds but also the purple color of the Swertia flower season.

The Northwest mountainous region is one of the most attractive places for travel enthusiasts everywhere to come. The Northwest always knows how to make people fall in love, making anyone who comes here want to come back many times. Not only are there golden terraced fields every autumn, not only the majestic green mountains stretching endlessly but also the hills of purple chiffon flowers blooming on the hillside, in the middle of the sea. billowing white clouds. All create a picture of the mountains of Vietnam, both wild and lyrical.

Discover the beautiful paradise of cloud and Swertia flower in the Northwest region

Photo: @Nguyen Anh Chiem, @Nguyen Trong Cung

In the H’mong language, chi pau flower means “don’t know”, the flower has beautiful small, purple-white buds. When learning about the origin of this strange flower, it is known that the exact name of this flower is Swertia or Dragon’s nectar or Dai Tu Duong Duoc (that is, a large-seeded herbal plant), which is a genus of the Dragon family. Gentian-Gentianaceae.

Every late autumn in the northern mountains of our country, there are carpets of purple flowers, glowing in every corner of the sky, bringing a romantic beauty that makes people invite each other to the mountain to “hunt flowers” to watch thousands of clouds. Let’s explore the “extreme” places to be able to fully admire the scenery of the purple flower season amidst the white sky of the mountains of Vietnam.

Ta Chi Nhu – Yen Bai

Ta Chi Nhu, also known as Phu Song Sung, belongs to Xa Ho village, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province, this is the 7th highest mountain in Vietnam with an altitude of 2,979m above sea level. Currently, Ta Chi Nhu is becoming the “hottest” coordinate of the climbing season, attracting hundreds of pairs of feet to hunt clouds and watch the purple flowers bloom all over the mountain slopes. The scenery here also changes with altitude like experiencing the seasons of heaven and earth, making the journey to conquer Ta Chi Nhu peak even more interesting.

Photo: @Nguyen Viet Hung, @Nguyen Anh Chiem

Along with the purple color of the chi pau flower, Ta Chi Nhu appears with a majestic mountain scenery, clouds and sky like a place of paradise. This place is also famous as the most beautiful cloud hunting spot in the Northwest, a favorite place for those who love to explore and experience. Right from the way to the top of the mountain, you can be immersed in the mist that covers everywhere with white clouds drifting.

Along the mountainside, there are also the appearance of steppe horses, goats grazing in the flower petals, creating a beautiful pristine scene. In the afternoon, the purple rose red on the clouds over the mountain, mixed with the purple color of the chi pau flower makes people admire the beauty of the scenery in the Northwest region of Vietnam.

Photo: @Nguyen Anh Chiem

Lao Than – Lao Cai

Lao Than Y Ty mountain is located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, about 80km from Sapa town. With an altitude of about 2860m, ​​Lao Than – roof of Y Ty is the 11th highest mountain in Vietnam.

Photo: Hoang Thuy Duong

Not too famous for the scenery of the flower season like Ta Chi Nhu, but Lao Than peak is also a place to admire the beautiful flowers and sea of ​​​​clouds that make many tourists fall in love. In the autumn days of the October weather, Lao Than mountain is not only beautiful because of the misty, wild roads, but also a dreamy paradise for hunting wild flowers on the hillsides filled with purple colors.

Hunting clouds, watching the sunrise on top of Lao Than is a feature that creates a “brand” for this Northwest region. The layers of clouds are densely planted on top of each other, each roll covering the mountains and hills, creating a wild, majestic but equally magical beauty.

Dotted in the scene are the hills of chi pou flowers showing immense purple color, blending in the mist. A half-real and half-dream scene that makes anyone who admires it flutter and flutter.

Indeed “Because our country is strange, we need to spend money abroad!”, the natural scenery of the Northwest always makes people fascinated, if you only visit once, it is difficult to feel all the beauty just right. mysterious and wonderful here.

Experience to meet “muse” chi pau with white clouds

Both belong to the top high mountains in Vietnam, the road and journey to hunt flowers to conquer the sea of ​​clouds at these peaks is not an easy thing. Do not pack your backpack and go in a hurry, because you need to note these things to have the most convenient way to experience the high mountains.

Photo: @Nguyen Trong Cung, @ Hoang Thuy Duong

– The ideal time to hunt flowers is from October, November and cloud hunting from September to February every year. During this time, you should check the weather for 10 days before going, choose days with nice, sunny and dry weather for the safest climbing journey.

– To get dreamy footage, you have to overcome the challenging road of the Northern mountains. The way to the top of the mountain must pass through a fast-flowing stream, there are steep and long vertical slopes, some must go on the ridge, so it requires you to have good health, patience and climbing skills. basic mountain.

– This journey of conquering mainly you have to climb and walk a lot, so pay attention to bring only the necessary items and a little food to fight hunger. Besides, the outfit should also be comfortable with a pair of sturdy shoes, ensuring your feet are comfortable during the trip.

Although the journey is a bit challenging, these mountains have also left a bold mark in the hearts of many explorers. Therefore, at the end of autumn, people plan to hunt for chi pau flowers on the top of Ta Chi Nhu or Lao Than to see the dreamy purple color, along with the sea of ​​white clouds like a fairyland in real life.