Experience a unique and rustic journey at Hang Duong Resort
hanguyen0409 30-09-2022, 08:52

The rustic, close-to-nature entertainment spots in Lam Dong are being chosen by many families in Ho Chi Minh City to experience.

When technology takes the throne and urbanization “explodes”, city dwellers have fewer opportunities to participate in outdoor fun activities such as fishing, archery, exploring orchards, etc. Therefore, activities of exploring nature, and living close to plants and flowers are favored by many urban people.

Currently, many resorts in Lam Dong have been born to serve the tourism and entertainment needs of the people and Hang Duong Resort is one of them. About 2.5 hours from Ho Chi Minh City along National Highway 20, Hang Duong Resort exudes the wild and peaceful beauty of the highland mountains.

Few resorts in Lam Dong own a complex of multi-experience facilities for the whole family like Hang Duong Resort. Here, the children in the city freely roam the fruit garden of tens of thousands of square meters, discover fruit trees, and ornamental plants, and learn how to harvest green vegetables. The children will have beautiful, sweet and peaceful childhood memories with their family.

Along with the experiences for children, Hang Duong Resort also provides many other services for the whole family through a series of utilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, gym, therapeutic bath and other services. Other entertainment services such as archery, billiards, billiards, karaoke…

Everyone will be comfortable relaxing in the cool water of the swimming pool or relax in the resort’s sauna. All worries and worries of the noisy city seem to disappear.

Experience a unique and rustic journey at Hang Duong Resort

Besides, families can participate in campfire activities, and outdoor BBQ or organize a pool party right inside the resort. Everyone can show off their barbecue skills and prepare dishes with the support of staff in the resort.

A representative of Hang Duong Resort said that in the future, this resort will organize more services such as camping on the hill, trekking, cloud hunting, stream bathing, and waterfall skiing. Because, the demand of tourists is very great. These will be extremely interesting activities when coming to Hang Duong Resort because around this resort are countless new, wild and little-known destinations.

For example, Uncle Ho’s fish pond, Cold waterfall, Dong Anh waterfall, Ong Dau waterfall, Dau Trau Ta Baa waterfall, Con O pass, Da Teh hydroelectric power station, Lubu mountain bat cave, Lotus or cloud hunting in B’lao plateau (Bao Loc).

Waking up in the tents on the top of a misty hill will be an extremely relaxing, pleasant feeling that is rarely found. Peace will “heal” the hurt in the mind of visitors.

Thanks to the unique, “unmatched” services, participants will quickly recover physically and mentally after long tiring days. Along with activities that improve physical endurance and heal the soul, food is an extremely important element of every trip.

With many years of experience in operating the Hang Duong Restaurant system in District 1 (HCMC), Hang Duong Resort will bring to diners the most quintessential dishes. The team of skilled chefs with many years of training will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

For accommodation services, Hang Duong Resort is designed according to high-class standards, fully converging the elements of a professional resort. The accommodation area has a capacity of about 200 people, suitable for the needs of many types of visitors. Prominent among them, it is impossible not to mention the type of Bungalow Mountain View room with inspiration from isolated wooden stilt houses in the highlands. This bungalow not only has a unique and eye-catching appearance but also scores with a 60-square-meter room space, bringing a sense of comfort, novelty and privacy to visitors.

Clean, modern rooms.Photo: Hang Duong Resort.

With a perfect multi-experience utility system combined with a professional staff, Hang Duong Resort will be the ideal destination for your family vacation. This resort is located on Highway 20, Ha Lam commune, Da Huoai district, Lam Dong province, and is ready to serve from October 2022.