Come to the Northwest to experience hunting clouds on the “back of dinosaurs”
daitranvan 27-09-2022, 20:16

Dubbed the cloud paradise of the Northwest, Ta Xua is a place that young people whisper to each other and must experience once in their life.

As a small commune in Bac Yen district, Son La province, people here hardly use the internet, and visitors who want to connect to the network can only use 4G, so this place is almost completely isolated from the outside world. But that is also what makes Ta Xua’s hard-to-find feature.

Once in your life, you have to try the “dinosaur spine” of the Northwest

For a long time, “dinosaur spine” is a place of discovery that many tourists want to experience. “Dinosaur spine” at Ta Xua is the road located on the top of Anti Tra mountain. From a distance, this stretch of road looks like a dinosaur lying on its back, enjoying the mountainous landscape and drowning in the immense sea of ​​clouds.

Come to the Northwest to experience hunting clouds on the “back of dinosaurs”

Photo: Le Huynh

The trail on the top of Ta Xua is about 1.5km long, quite winding, winding on the top of the mountain but still quite easy for visitors to walk to the top. But now, the Mong people here still have a motorbike transport service for tourists who are afraid to walk.

Photo: Tuyen Parafu, Le Huynh

If you have conquered the top of the mountain, the natural scenery here will never disappoint you. Standing on the “back” you can see the rolling hills and mountains hidden in the village of white clouds. So much so that you will unconsciously exclaim and never forget the majestic scenery here.

Photo @aries_2302, Ha Ty

Hunting clouds anywhere on Ta Xua

Not only can “dinosaur spines” hunt clouds, if you are lucky enough to meet a sunny day, wherever you go, but visitors can also come across layers of fluffy white clouds against the clear blue sky. . Once you have conquered the other high mountain, visitors should not experience other distances on the top of Ta Xua, so that they can walk between the clouds and the sky and look down into the valley to see the terraced fields, houses and houses. peaceful door of the people.

Photo: Linh Xinh, @aries_2303

Not that “dinosaur spine” is the only virtual living place in Ta Xua, but this place still has many “check-in” corners to take beautiful photos of yourself. These include the Wind Pass submerged in a sea of ​​clouds with a bright sun, the road to the top of the mountain with many old trees and flowers along the roadside. Or the most special is the forest near the top of the mountain with majestic and magical scenery from the tall trees.

Photo: Linh Xinh, Ha Ty

Don’t forget to visit the small villages that make people’s hearts peaceful

Although Ta Xua is a remote mountainous commune with difficult roads, it is a conquering place for many backpackers, but now, Ta Xua has a full range of homestays and hotels for tourists to rest after a long trip. Moreover, visitors can watch the clouds in Ta Xua from the cliffs or right at the windows of the homestays.

Photo: Vu Thi Thuong

The mountains and villages are sometimes hidden, sometimes appearing in the sea of ​​clouds, making the beautiful natural picture in Ta Xua considered by many tourists as a “paradise” on high. The house around this place is also an idyllic beauty that many tourists enjoy, in addition, there are beautiful H’Mong boys and girls in traditional clothes, always smiling at visitors and bringing a smile to their faces. innocence and innocence to visitors.

Photo: Linh Xinh, Ha Ty

One of the most important things to keep in mind when hunting clouds in Ta Xua is to pay attention to the weather carefully, because it is a high place, the weather here is very erratic, sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. So if you want to hunt clouds successfully, you should choose sunny days after the rain, when the sky is clear, the clouds will appear in front of you to admire.