Can Gio campsite is famous for people in Ho Chi Minh City because of its many fun and relaxing activities
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Explore Camp Chill – a spacious and airy camping site with many interesting activities, nearly 2 hours away from the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities today. Because this is an opportunity for people to temporarily leave the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City every day, enjoy the fresh atmosphere, and relax after tiring days of studying and working. Moreover, camping is also an activity to help connect with friends and relatives extremely effectively.

If you are looking for a place to camp, and relax near Ho Chi Minh City so that it does not take too much time to travel, convenient for a short weekend getaway, Camp Chill is an extremely ideal destination. It has both a peaceful landscape and a variety of fun activities.

Can Gio campsite is famous for people in Ho Chi Minh City because of its many fun and relaxing activities


Camp Chill is a camping site located at 19B Hoa Hiep Hamlet, Long Hoa Commune, Can Gio District, about 2 hours away from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. You can move here by car or motorbike.

From Nguyen Tri Phuong bridge, you go to Pham Hung street to turn left onto Nguyen Van Linh street. Continue for about 1.7km along Nguyen Van Linh Street, turn left at Thai Duc Co., Ltd to cross Da Khoa Bridge and enter Nguyen Thi Thap. Then run about 950m and then turn left, follow Huynh Tan Phat street for about 9km to Binh Khanh ferry. After driving across the ferry, you go straight along Rung Sac road to get there.


Tent rental price at Camp Chill Can Gio is 200,000 VND/person. The above rental price includes tents and cooking utensils for you to cook comfortably. If you want to save money, you can bring food and cook for yourself using the tools provided by the campsite.

Photo: Fanpage Camp Chill Can Gio

On the contrary, if you want to fully enjoy the trip without worrying about preparing food and drinks, you can buy a full package of catering services at the campsite. At a cost of VND 750,000/person, it will include a hearty dinner and a delicious breakfast prepared by Camp Chill Can Gio.

Depending on the type of service, the resort will have its own fees. For example, for rowing sup service will be 250,000 VND/2 hours. A boat can row from 1-2 people for you and your family and friends to experience.

Photo: Fanpage Camp Chill Can Gio


Camp Chill Can Gio is a picnic area with a campus of up to 6000m2, located next to Can Gio beach, so it is very airy and peaceful. Inside this area, many poplar trees are planted to make visitors feel like they are camping in the middle of the mountains and forests of Da Lat.

The campground has about 20 tents with various sizes from small to large, from popular to high-end for you to choose from. Inside each tent is fully equipped with blankets, mattresses, pillows, fans and extremely comfortable lights. At night, the campsite lights up a series of bright yellow lights, creating an extremely chill and cozy scene.


Catch snails, dig wind cuffs in the sea

Coming to Camp Chill Can Gio, in addition to immersing yourself in nature and enjoying relaxing moments, you can also experience catching snails, digging in the sea. This is an ideal activity for young children traveling with the family. Exercising with hands and feet, relieving stress and learning something new will make your vacation more enjoyable.

Photo: Fanpage Camp Chill Can Gio

Swimming and boating

Swimming and boating are also activities that any visitor who comes here should try. Close to the cool water like swimming in the sea, rowing not only helps you learn the rhythmic coordination between muscles and physical strength, but also stimulates blood circulation and enhances health.

Photo: Fanpage Camp Chill Can Gio

Check in, take pictures

The beautiful scenery at Camp Chill Can Gio is not only suitable for fun but also ideal for you to take a lot of “virtual live” photos. Every corner of the campsite is beautifully decorated with a variety of different miniatures.

Photo: Fanpage Camp Chill Can Gio

 Organize a barbecue party

Organizing a barbecue party, making a campfire with friends and relatives is an activity you cannot miss when coming to Camp Chill Can Gio. Ignoring all the chaos in life to gather together to prepare dinner, sit down to chat, eat is an opportunity to get closer to each other, easily open up to share the pressure, relieve the mood.

Photo: Fanpage Camp Chill Can Gio