Guests reveal how to find good street food in Vietnam
sonnguyen 1-09-2022, 09:08

Foreign tourists record the experience of choosing a good restaurant when eating on the streets of Vietnam.

Vietnam has one of the “top” street food cultures in the world. Locals always need quick, cheap, and delicious meals to keep their busy days going. However, for tourists, finding a good street food restaurant is not a simple matter.

Canadian writer Matthew Pike wrote an article summarizing the experience of choosing a street restaurant in Vietnam for foreigners on a Culture Trip, after living here for a while.

Do Vietnamese people sit there?

This is the most important rule by far, says Matthew Pike. “Watch out for places where locals are gathering to eat.”

The author of the article affirms that the reputation of restaurants is something that is very important in Vietnam. If the restaurant is good, people in Vietnam will advertise themselves to each other to eat. And conversely, if the restaurant is not safe, people will find out pretty quickly. “So if the shop you go to has a lot of locals there, it’s safe,” concludes the author.

Guests reveal how to find good street food in Vietnam

A crowded seafood restaurant.Photo: istolethetv / Flickr

Food truck attached to the restaurant

Author Matthew Pike said that many of the food carts along the streets of Vietnam are owned by a nearby restaurant. These restaurants are usually family owned and that usually means they’ve been around for a while. If they have such “seniority”, most likely, they will make delicious food at an affordable price.

“Grow through” the ingredients

“As a general rule, if you can’t see the ingredients and how it’s made, you’ll probably want to think about eating there,” Matthew Pike notes. who is looking for a reputable restaurant in Vietnam?

Thankfully, customers will see the ingredients to make that dish and even how it is done in many street food stalls in Vietnam. See if there’s something wrong with you. It is possible to pay attention to the freshness of the ingredients.

Photo: Wheeler Cowperthwaite / Flickr

If unsure, ask

The author of the article said that instead of stopping for a meal at a restaurant, any restaurant – which is also quite interesting but also risky – don’t be afraid to ask around for more suggestions. To make things easier, remember to pick up a dish you want to try. Then, ask for suggestions from locals about restaurants selling that dish. “For example, you could ask the hotel receptionist where you can find some delicious food.”

Choose a restaurant to see the processing

For the most part, street food in Vietnam doesn’t take too long to prepare – aside from the broth and pre-prepared meat. So there is no reason for you to choose restaurants that can cook these dishes in front of you, Matthew Pike sums up the experience.

“And most of all, trust your eyes. If the food doesn’t look fresh, your stomach is more likely to agree with it.”

Photo: Christopher Crouzet / Flickr