Three days traveling around Cao Bang with 2 million dong
ChandraGarran04 27-08-2022, 10:53

Thanh Thu, Hanoi, shares the journey as well as experience of the trip to Cao Bang in three days, a suggestion for the occasion of September 2.

Thanh Thu, 25 years old, doing business, came to Cao Bang with the desire to find a cool place to relax, with many beautiful views.

Three days traveling around Cao Bang with 2 million dong
Ban Gioc Waterfall – a place to avoid the heat for summer tours in Cao Bang. Photo: NVCC


Thu and her group chose a sleeper car, departing at 21:30 from Hanoi, arriving at Cao Bang city center at 5:30. There are many bus operators going this route such as Khanh Hoan, Vinh Dung, Thanh Ly… The fare is 300,000 – 350,000 VND per person one way. The main means of transportation in the city of the group is motorbikes, rented right at the homestay for 200,000 VND per car per day.


Cao Bang has homestay services of local people, clean rooms, priced at about 200,000 VND per night, for two people.

Some specialties that visitors should not miss are mushroom spring rolls, sour noodle soup, roasted duck noodle soup, kitchen meat, roasted duck… If you come in September, you will have the opportunity to eat floating Trung Khanh chestnuts . language in this place. You can also visit the local market to enjoy the above dishes, with prices from 30,000 VND.


The first day

Lenin stream, Pac Bo cave , 14-storey pass (Me Pia pass). After getting off the bus, the Thu group took a taxi to the homestay to check in and make a car rental contract. At 7:00, depart for breakfast, then go to Lenin stream, Pac Bo cave at 10:30. These two destinations are about 50 km from the city center, the road is easy to go.

“The Lenin Stream is truly a masterpiece that nature favors Cao Bang. I am fascinated with the jade green color, the charming feng shui scenery here,” Thu said. Tickets to this place are 45,000 VND per person, with two-way tram shuttle service.

Impressive letter with the clear blue water color of the stream. Photo: NVCC

After sightseeing, taking souvenir photos, 12:30 group have lunch and rest, in the afternoon continue to 14-storey pass. This pass road is about 100 km from the city. Arriving there, visitors spend about 20,000 VND for motorbike parking, then go about 3 km to climb the mountain to be able to see the panoramic view of this spectacular pass. Describing the feeling of seeing the 14-story pass with his own eyes, Thu briefly said: “Tired but worth it”. 20:30, everyone returned to the city.


The places to visit are Ban Gioc Waterfall , Truc Lam Trung Khanh Zen Monastery, Nguom Ngao Cave, and Thung Mountain. She starts at 6:30, has breakfast and arrives at the waterfall at 10:30. The group also visited Truc Lam Zen Monastery, then had lunch, rest and experienced the tour to explore Nguom Ngao cave. At 16:30, the group moved to the puncture mountain and returned to the city at 19:30.

In 2021, Travel + Leisure magazine announced the 21 most beautiful waterfalls in the world , including Ban Gioc of Vietnam. This tourist attraction is about 90 km from the city center. Thu’s impression is “extremely majestic, natural beauty, with many corners for visitors to freely live virtual”. She suggested renting a boat near the falls for more interesting experiences, at a cost of 50,000 VND per person. Tickets to visit are 45,000 VND per person.

Tung Mountain is also known as Mat Than Mountain, where there are leisurely horses and beautiful grass. The scenery here is considered peaceful, and suitable for camping. “If you like to watch the sunrise, go to the back of the mountain. If you see the sunset, go to the front of the mountain. Ask a local for the exact route, because Google Maps gives directions near the place. stop,” Thu said.

When coming to Nguom Ngao cave, if you have time, Thu suggested that you buy an experience tour ticket of 195,000 VND per person, to explore the entire cave system that has just been fully exploited and put into operation from the end of 2021. fully equipped with a reflective vest, flashlight, shoes to go in the cave. Guests will have experiences in the cave including walking, wading, climbing walls… All are accompanied by a local guide. The Thu group had less time, so they only bought a ticket to visit a part of the cave, priced at 45,000 VND.

On the third day, the group had breakfast, rested and then got on the bus at 10am to depart for Hanoi, ending the emotional tour. The most moving impression in Thu through this trip is that Cao Bang has many beautiful scenes, fresh air, friendly people and delicious, cheap food. The average total trip for each person in the group is two million VND for all travel, accommodation and sightseeing expenses.

Some note

Don’t trust Google Maps too much. Thu’s group got lost when they used Google Maps to watch the sunset at the puncture mountain. Instead, you should ask people, homestay owners the easiest way to the place you need to go, delicious restaurants…

The tourist attractions are very far from each other, so go early from about 6am. Should prepare food to bring, if noon changes the route to other points without returning to the city. Since the destinations are quite far from each other, if you don’t want to be too tired, you can take the bus. One day may have to travel distances up to 200-300 km. If you ride a motorbike, you should go with friends so you can change drivers and need to fill up with gas before leaving. Here the gas stations are few, and far apart. It is advisable to prepare a raincoat, and check the weather before setting off.

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