The ideal destinations of Vietnam make foreign tourists fascinated, five times seven times want to come back
sonnguyen 24-08-2022, 18:20

Vietnam in the perception of foreign tourists appears colorful, from the magnificent landscape to the diverse culture and rich cuisine.

Vietnam is favored by many tourists as a “tourist paradise” with many diverse beautiful scenes, from rivers, mountains, sea… to works created by human hands. Vietnam tourism is affirming its position in the international arena day by day, this is also a point of pride for the Vietnamese people. However, do you know any destinations in Vietnam that make foreign tourists “drunk like cigarettes”?


Carmen Vique – a Spanish travel blogger visited northern Vietnam, trekking experience (hiking) in Sa Pa is one of her fondest memories. “One of my fondest memories of traveling in Vietnam is hiking in Sa Pa. The area is beautifully landscaped, with endless rice terraces. I can understand why Sapa appeals to hikers from all over as there are so many trails that meander through the rice fields.”

The ideal destinations of Vietnam make foreign tourists fascinated, five times seven times want to come back

She also shared that during the hiking trip to Ban Cat, although the weather in Sapa was foggy, it was still possible to see the stretching rice fields and traditional houses of the H’Mong.“Sapa is great, this place is very poetic and gives me a feeling of complete freedom.”

Hoi An

During a month of travel in Vietnam, Anguilano – an Italian tourist fell in love with the memory of Hoi An ancient town. “Bright red lanterns hang from the buildings, the rice fields are emerald green, and the market is filled with colorful fruits and crafts. Hoi An is a feast for the eyes, and the colorful decorations of the town are not to be missed . ”

It is not only the scenery that impresses female tourists, the culinary culture of Hoi An also makes a strong impression, especially in the markets. “Some markets in Hoi An are great places to explore Vietnamese culture and food, you can buy almost anything from the stalls. I like the night market in Hoi An best as a festival with handicrafts, textiles and delicious food. Street food tour in Hoi An and was blown away by the freshness and attractiveness of the food” .


For Anguilano, the best experience here is probably enjoying the street food bought in the market. Stroll the lantern-lit streets and admire the river views.


CM Lee, Malaysian tourist, this guy has been to Vietnam three times and is always impressed with this S-shaped strip of land. He shared: “Vietnam is a country of diverse natural beauty, vibrant cities, rich history and friendly people, that’s why I love Vietnam as a beautiful country. pretty. Wherever you go, it will definitely be a great journey to experience many interesting things . ”

CM Lee also shared about some outstanding destinations in Vietnam. “It has many beautiful landscapes, such as walking through the verdant rice terraces of Sapa, climbing the sand dunes in Mui Ne, or kayaking on the limestone mountains of Ha Long Bay, along with caves. the world’s largest. In Hanoi, you can enjoy aromatic and sweet coffee in the Old Quarter, or sit contemplatively at the French Colonial Museum in Ho Chi Minh City .

However, the place that impressed him the most was Hue. “Being in Hue gives me a very peaceful and ancient feeling, something very special. When I visited Hue, I went to Khong Tuoc Pagoda, rode a motorbike, enjoyed delicious hot noodles. Learn and experience the history of Vietnam’s previous dynasties. Even though Hue at night is a bit sad, this peaceful scene makes me feel comfortable” .

Phu Quoc

Vietnam is often mentioned by tourists around the world as a very dynamic destination, one of the countries rich in culture but still integrated with modern life. For Mario – a tourist from South Africa, Phu Quoc is his favorite destination. “Phu Quoc has many of the best beaches and beach bars, it is definitely one of the most unique destinations for both beginners and experienced travelers, where you can visit more than once because it is very interesting” .

Mario experiences many famous places to stay on this Pearl island.

Not only “fascinated” by nature in Phu Quoc, this guy is also a “follower” of cuisine on the pearl island, proving that it is Mario who has set up an account with the name @phuquoc_fooftour To share delicious culinary experiences in Phu Quoc is no different from a real local.

Besides, this South African guy also added that he loves food in the city of “red flowers”: ” For me, Hai Phong is definitely the place with the best food in Vietnam, I I can’t explain why, just feel the dishes there have the perfect balance of flavors” .

Ha Giang

A Mexican photographer – Gerardo Muniz shared “The trip to Ha Giang was one of my most impressive experiences while traveling in Vietnam”.

During this trip, Gerardo spent nearly 3 weeks in Vietnam, he spent almost all of his time conquering the roads in the North. “This trip took me to remote areas, where many ethnic minorities in Vietnam settled. The scenery along the road to Dong Van rock valley is very charming and majestic. It changes very quickly from big mountains to jungle . ”

As a photographer who loves natural landscapes, Ha Giang is a destination that makes this Mexican guy very interested and even has a special affection for the scenery of the top land of Vietnam. “I fell in love with that place. Even before I arrived in Vietnam, the plan to ride a motorbike among the mountains, forests and rice fields immediately captivated me. We completed Ha Giang ring road in 4 days. Stay home and have dinner with the locals. On the last day, we drove to the falls to swim and relax. The rice fields are so impressive, I have never seen them before . ”

Not only set foot in Ha Giang, this photographer also visited Ha Long, Hanoi. However, the sea water outside Ha Long Bay is somewhat not as clear as imagined. As for Hanoi, he left an impression on him with the delicious taste of pho and a cup of mango smoothie. “Vietnamese people are very friendly and Vietnam is really rich in many things” . I hope to come back next time, will have time to visit Hoi An and other places

It can be said that Vietnam’s tourism is increasingly asserting its position as a promising destination in Asia. Whether just visiting for a few days or wandering around the country for more than a month, Vietnam can still satisfy even the most demanding guests.

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