Discover the famous delicious Northern specialty fruits 
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Having the opportunity to enjoy the special fruits of the North such as lychee, longan, plum, Cao Phong cocoa, and Doan Hung pomelo, visitors will find these are all delicious and nutritious fruits.

Northern specialty fruits are both delicious and nutritious 

1. Luc Ngan lychee

Bac Giang lychee is one of the most famous Northern specialty fruits . Every year, from June to July, the whole Bac Giang province is “dyed red” by the ripe lychee season. From the high hills to the city center, everywhere is the red lychee color, creating a very unique feature for the land of Bac Giang.

Luc Ngan lychee of Bac Giang province is famous everywhere. Photo: @yenlee.vivu

Litchi is a fruit grown in many northern provinces such as Bac Giang, Hai Duong, etc., but Luc Ngan Bac Giang lychee is the most famous, all over the 3 regions everyone knows. In Luc Ngan, litchi is grown a lot in the hills on Cam Son lake , Tan Yen district, … with a huge area, supplying a huge amount of lychee for the domestic market and export.

Lychee fruit is thick with rice, attractive sweet and sour taste. Photo: @thanhhoa.thanhhoa.3133

Lychee fruit or lychee fruit is a summer fruit, starts to ripen from June to July every year. There are many different varieties of lychee, but perhaps the lychee is the most delicious with its thin skin, small seeds and thick, juicy flesh. The ripe lychee fruit will have a lot of water, and harmony between sour and sweet taste, the more you eat, the more addicted you will be. No wonder Duong Quy Phi during the Tang Dynasty loved our country’s litchi so much. 

2. Hung Yen caged longan 

There are many famous and popular northern fruits, including the longan of Hung Yen province. Longan is not just a fruit, but it is also the pride of the Hung Yen people. With a characteristic sweet aroma, this fruit is supplied throughout the domestic markets.

Discover the famous delicious Northern specialty fruits 
Hung Yen has a famous specialty of longan. Photo: @hathanhhuong232

What’s so delicious about Hung Yen longan that people love it so much? This is a type of longan with smooth skin, natural dark yellow color. When eating, you will feel the thick, crispy, sweet pulp and the inguinal longan seeds have a blackish-redish brown color. In particular, longan seeds are small, eating any fruit is the quality of that fruit, so everyone likes it.

Hung Yen longan is usually harvested in autumn. Photo: @nbaolam

Today, longan is grown in many districts of Hong Nam, Khoai Chau, etc., giving fruit in the summer from July to August. Depending on the time of year, the price of longan ranges from 30,000 – 50,000 VND/kg, sold throughout the provinces. the North and the market of the southern provinces. Thanks to that, the name of Hung Yen fur label is spreading more and more widely. 

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3. Bac Ha plum 

If you are a fruit enthusiast, plums are a must-have on summer days. Our country has many localities that grow plums such as Son La, Lao Cai, etc. on a large scale, supplying plums throughout the country. In which, Bac Ha plum (or Tam Hoa plum) is considered the most delicious.

Bac Ha has a very delicious Tam Hoa plum variety. Photo: @travelonecompany

Tam Hoa plum variety is large and round, when ripe, it has a beautiful red-brown color, the outside is covered with a layer of white chalk, making the plum more attractive. Tam Hoa plum has a crispy, sweet and sour taste that is suitable for most people’s taste. Bac Ha plum season is ripe from May to June every year.

Bac Ha plums are large, juicy and sweet. Photo:

If Moc Chau plum gardens attract tourists to visit and take photos, Bac Ha plums are not known by many people. However, the scale of plum cultivation in Bac Ha white plateau is very large, in Bac Ha district alone, it has reached 500 ha. With both large quantity and excellent quality, Tam Hoa plum from Bac Ha deserves to be one of the favorite specialty fruits of the North .   

4. Grapefruit Doan Hung Phu Tho

Referring to the specialty fruits of the North but forgetting to mention Doan Hung Phu Tho pomelo is a mistake. This is a delicious pomelo variety that is grown a lot in the mountainous district of Doan Hung, famous throughout the province and the whole Northern region. This grapefruit variety is usually ripe in the fall, containing many nutrients good for health. 

Phu Tho has a perennial specialty of Doan Hung pomelo. Photo: @mika_yoga_shop

Doan Hung pomelo when ripe has a bright yellow color, very characteristic large spherical fruit. Grapefruit pulp inside is ivory white, succulent as dry. When eaten, it has a very pleasant aroma and sweet taste. In addition to the delicious quality, Doan Hung pomelo is also famous for its long storage time, the more withered the outer skin, the more delicious the grapefruit inside, so it is very popular.

The grapefruit is yellow, juicy and attractive. Photo: @lthnhung2410

If you have the opportunity to travel to Phu Tho , remember to enjoy Doan Hung pomelo to feel more fully the taste of Northern cuisine. In the season, pomelos will be harvested and offered to King Hung. In addition, if you have the opportunity to come here on the Hung Temple festival, you can also see the pomelo stalls of local people promoting to tourists and friends everywhere.

5. Orange Cao Phong Hoa Binh 

Cao Phong orange is also a famous delicious fruit of Hoa Binh province and other provinces in the North of our country. This orange variety has a valuable genetic resource, suitable for the climate and soil of the Northern provinces, for delicious orange quality, nutritious and beautiful and eye-catching orange appearance.

Hoa Binh has a specialty of Cao Phong oranges. Photo: @hoajuly

Cao Phong oranges are grown in low mountainous areas about 300 meters above sea level, with a cool and temperate climate. Orange when ripe gives a bright orange-yellow peel, very beautiful. The orange peel inside is succulent, sweet and slightly sour, very easy to eat.

Beautiful pieces of golden Cao Phong oranges. Photo: @camcaophongchatluong

Cao Phong orange is not only a common fruit but also healthy food, containing a lot of vitamin C, calcium and fiber. Eating oranges regularly helps strengthen resistance, brightens the skin and also supports weight loss, bringing a youthful appearance to everyone. Thanks to the excellent quality, this orange variety has become a famous fruit of the North. 

Traveling to Hoa Binh, remember to buy Cao Phong oranges as a gift. Photo: @tiemhoacuahoa

Among the specialty fruits of the North , lychee, Tam Hoa plum, longan, Doan Hung pomelo and Cao Phong orange are excellent quality fruits that are not only delicious but also good for health. If you have the opportunity to travel to the North or in the summer, remember to enjoy these delicious fruits. 

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