Experience going to Thien Cam beach by the self-driving car
doyen1988 3-08-2022, 18:42

Want a quiet beach, not too crowded, Quang Nam choose Thien Cam (Ha Tinh) for the whole family for 5 days 4 nights, which cost 16 million.

Instead of choosing famous beaches and many people go like Cat Ba (Hai Phong), My Khe (Da Nang), Sam Son (Thanh Hoa) … Mr. Vu Quang Nam’s family, 35 years old, Hanoi, chose choose Thien Cam because of priority being quiet for free to explore.

Nam’s job is to produce television programs promoting culture, tourism and cuisine, so he has traveled to many places in Vietnam. After each business trip, he records the places with the hope that his children can experience and set foot in the places that he has had the opportunity to visit. Thien Cam is one of them.

Experience going to Thien Cam beach by the self-driving car
Vu Quang Nam’s family had a trip to Thien Cam in mid-July.

The hardest part when starting to plan is finding a hotel. According to the information he and his wife have, the hotels in Thien Cam have been built for a long time, and the new hotels are in the city center, so it will be inconvenient to stay in the center and then go to Thien Cam beach. Cam everyday. Fortunately, his family found a new hotel that had been open for a month by manually searching on Google Maps, then checking the information on Facebook.


The trip takes place in 5 days and 4 nights, according to Nam, it is reasonable. The family consists of 4 people, a husband and a wife and two boys aged 8 and 10, driving by themselves, departing from Hanoi at 8am. On the first day , the group drove straight to Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa to have lunch. It was then 12 o’clock. Then, at 13:00, drive straight to Thien Cam.

At the intersection of Vinh – Cua Lo, Nam chose the route through Cua Lo because it is a coastal road to admire the scenery. “Along the coast from Cua Lo to Thien Cam, the scenery is very beautiful, there are no people, so driving is comfortable,” he shared.

The whole family went to the hotel to check in Lamer hotel at 16:30, after going to the beach to swim. In the evening, take a walk around the beach and visit a seafood restaurant. “Ha Tinh seafood is fresh and delicious, the price is reasonable, the people are welcoming and easygoing”, Nam commented.

Nam’s children have fun on Thien Cam beach. Photo: NVCC

On the second day , after breakfast, the group wandered around the hotel to explore Thien Cam, visit the fishing port and Cua Nhuong lighthouse, spend an afternoon swimming in the sea.

Mr. Nam commented that Thien Cam beach has clear, clean water and light waves, suitable for families with young children. On the way to explore the lighthouse and Cam Linh commune, it is easy to see herds of goats grazing naturally, making children excited.

On the third day , the group moved to Ha Tinh city center for lunch, in the afternoon stopped at Quynh Vien resort. Because of liking this resort, the family “increased” an extra day in Ha Tinh, moved here on the afternoon of the 4th day and stayed overnight, after bathing in the morning.

“The Thien Cam beach in the days when my family experiences are empty and quiet. Maybe because Thien Cam tourism has not been paid attention to and developed, but in return, it is wild and fresh,” Nam commented.

Nam’s children have the experience of herding goats along the way. Photo: NVCC

Cost and Notes

The total cost of the trip for the whole family is about 16 million VND. The hotel booked early should have a preferential price of 3 million VND for 3 nights, 1.8 million VND for the resort. The average meal cost is one to 1.2 million VND for two seafood lunches and dinners. Gasoline costs about 3 million VND and road and bridge costs about 400,000 VND. In addition, there are some additional costs incurred.

According to Nam, the cost for such a family outing is reasonable. “If you take the train, the plane saves more time, but the cost is not cheap and it is not proactive. The beauty of this self-driving journey is that the group can take the initiative in the time as well as the destination. At any point, stopping playing for another 15-20 minutes won’t bother anyone, it doesn’t matter if I wake up a little late,” he concluded.

Some of the experiences Nam shares for the self-driving trip from Hanoi to the Central Coast are to check and maintain the vehicle before hitting the road, always running at the right speed, and not in a hurry because behind the wheel is his family. There is always drinking water and snacks on the bus in case of overeating and not reaching the stop to eat. Drivers should use coffee or energy drinks to stay awake and ensure the safety of the whole family.