HAI PHONG Travel Guide 2022 from A-Z: Top 10+ latest entertainment places
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Hai Phong is a famous port city of the North, whose symbol is the phoenix flower, so it is also known as “the city of red phoenix flowers”. Travel experiences in Hai Phong vary from street food to beaches.

What season is beautiful in Hai Phong?

Hai Phong is suitable for traveling in all 4 seasons of the year. Coming to Hai Phong in winter, you will be treated to hot street foods. In the summer, you can go to the beach or enjoy the famous coconut jam at the shops in the city. In addition, summer is also the time when phoenix flowers bloom on the central streets and the road to Do Son.


Tourists often take pictures to check-in with trains when they arrive at Hai Phong station. Photo: Instagram Ly Nguyen

From Hanoi, you can get to Hai Phong by many means. By road, the most convenient way to travel is via the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway. Time is about 1.5 hours.

Trains have hard and soft seats, with or without air conditioning, priced from 100,000 to 130,000 VND. Tourists taking the train can send motorbikes to actively move in Hai Phong.

By bus, you can choose Hoang Long, Anh Huy, priced at 120,000-135,000 VND. Choose a limousine for more privacy and have a drop-off and drop-off service in the inner city, you can choose Hai Phong Travel, priced at 230,000-250,000 VND.

From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take flights of Bamboo Airways, Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air. In particular, Vietnam Airlines departs from Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon and Bamboo Airways departs in the morning. Visitors can also fly to Hanoi and travel by road.


Staying in the center of Hai Phong, you can refer to hotels such as Hotel Nikko, Mercure Hai Phong, luxury and luxurious Vinpearl Hotel Imperia, located in prime locations, easy to move to places in the city. city. Room rates from 1.2 million to 2.5 million. More affordable options are rooms in the adjacent houses of Vinhomes and Hoang Huy or the homestays Dreamland – Chihouse, Vancao Green Homestay with prices from 250,000 VND per night.

Hai Phong has high-class resorts by the sea, mainly in Cat Ba. Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort, Hotel Perle d’Orient Cat Ba – MGallery, Nam Cat Island Resort CatbaBay, Monkey Island Resort… the average price is from 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 VND per night. Overnight on a cruise in the middle of Lan Ha Bay is also a different option, with a price of about 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 VND per person per night.

HAI PHONG Travel Guide 2022 from A-Z: Top 10+ latest entertainment places
Flamingo Cat Ba won the most favorite resort award in 2021 in the program “Project worth living”. Photo: Resort


Hai Phong Station

This is the first check-in place for tourists who choose to take the train from Hanoi to Hai Phong. The station is imprinted with French architecture and is considered one of the most beautiful train stations left by the French in Vietnam.City Opera House

Hai Phong City Theater was built in 1904 on the foundation of an old market of An Bien ancient village and completed in 1912. This work is made according to the Paris theater prototype, with construction materials brought from France. In addition, the construction was carried out by Vietnamese workers and workers under the direction of French architects.

During the French colonial period, the Opera House was a place of political and cultural activities of the French and rich natives. Only the troupes from France or famous troupes in the country can perform here and only the rich can afford to buy tickets. Currently, this is a tourist symbol of the city, located in the center, regularly takes place in cultural activities and is a meeting place for groups of young people in the evening.


Hai Phong is known as the city of bridges. They are especially beautiful at night. Binh Bridge crosses the Cam River, connecting the inner city of Hai Phong with the Thuy Nguyen district and going to Quang Ninh, designed according to curves to create architectural and aesthetic shapes.

Also crossing the Cam River, Hoang Van Thu Bridge with the iconic architecture of “Sea Bird Wings” connects Hong Bang and Ngo Quyen districts with the Thuy Nguyen district. Hoang Van Thu Bridge is lit up at night with a system of artistic LED lights, coordinated with many colors. Tourists and residents often come to enjoy the wind and take pictures.

The railway bridge spanning the Tam Bac River was started by the French in 1901. The bridge was designed with a middle span that can rotate 90 degrees, along the riverbank so that boats do not encounter any obstacles when traveling. cross the river. A road bridge with more colors was built to make it easier for vehicles to move.

The newest bridge is the rebuilt Rao Bridge. The top of the bridge is attached with 3 steel red phoenix flowers, the symbol of the city.

Rao Bridge has a ceiling with 3 phoenix flowers. Photo: Giang Chinh

Great love cup

“Tet Tinh Coc” in Hai Phong. Photo: Nga

The lake in Hai Phong is likened by young people to “Tet Tinh Coc” because of its strange blue color and surrounded by limestone mountains.

This lake is located in Trai Son village, An Son commune, Thuy Nguyen district. This place was formerly known as Co Yem lake, which stands out with its green color covering a large space with an area of ​​​​about 20 hectares. The intensity of the blue color changes several times a day, depending on the clouds.Do Son

Do Son is divided into 3 zones, of which zone 2 specializes in swimming, zone 1 is for eating and walking. Along the coastal road, visitors can visit Hang Pagoda , which is handed down as the first place where Buddhism was introduced to Vietnam; Jade Emperor Temple; Van Ngang Temple. Tuong Long Pagoda is located at the top of the highest mountain of Do Son, from here you can see the whole beautiful sea. Ba De Temple on the way to Do Son is also very famous, worshiping Trinh Chua’s wife.

Do not forget to visit the Bao Dai villa on the hill with a view of 4 windy and cool directions right in the middle of summer. The villa is covered in the scent of flowers, creating a pleasant feeling when visiting. You can rent royal clothes to take pictures here, for 30,000 VND a turn.

Peaceful corner at Do Son beach. Photo: Trung Nghia

Do Son has amusement parks and attractions such as Dragon Hill, Hon Dau and casino. Viewed from the map, the Dragon Hill tourist area is designed in the shape of a phoenix flower – the symbol of the city. The project includes the Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh-themed entertainment complex with an area of ​​nearly 25 hectares; 27-hole golf course complex, full sea view; the Lagoon lake sea system is filtered by modern water purification technology; fine white sand shipped from Nha Trang.

In addition to the above places, Cat Ba is the “jewel” of Hai Phong tourism that you cannot ignore to visit the bays, and Monkey island and eat seafood.

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Food tour Hai Phong

Hai Phong spicy bread. Photo: Son Tung

Hai Phong is most famous for its street food. Tourists from the provinces choose food tours during the day to enjoy delicious Hai Phong dishes such as Banh Beo, crab cakes, spicy bread, coconut pickles, spicy fish vermicelli, snails, chrysanthemum tea, bubbly, steamed rice cakes. ..

Banh Cuu is a dish that sounds quite strange to other people of the province, consisting of chopped cake, diced papaya, with shrimp and fried meat. Then they are changed with spicy vinegar and fish sauce.

Spicy bread is chosen by many people to buy as a gift because it is easy to carry, sandwiched with Banh Chung and dipped in spicy chili sauce.

Some good places to recommend are bun cha nem with crab at 92 Tran Nhat Duat, 32 Phan Boi Chau, Banh Beo at 41 Le Dai Hanh, spicy bread at 28 Dinh Tien Hoang and 57 Le Loi. Do not forget to try snails at Thuy Duong restaurant, lane 263 Lach Tray with a variety of snails and sauces with salted egg, garlic butter, fried tamarind. In the evening, biting sunflower seeds or chestnuts while sipping a cup of cold chrysanthemum tea is a “very Hai Phong” experience.

Snails in Hai Phong are diverse and attractive to diners. Photo: Ngoc Anh

Photo: Internet