Top Mong Cai specialties to eat well and buy as gifts worth the money
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The specialty dishes of Mong Cai Quang Ninh from Cai Rong fish sauce, and fresh seafood to dry foods, … are both delicious and very good quality worth buying as a gift. Check out the list below to buy as soon as you have the opportunity to travel.

Not only owning the lyrical beautiful Tra Co beach, the sacred Sa Vi cape  – the headland of the country, Cai Chien island, Vinh Thuc island , etc. The specialty dishes of Mong Cai are also worth enjoying. awake. You can eat and drink while traveling, and buy gifts to give to relatives and friends with high quality “worth the money”. 

Top Mong Cai specialties to eat well and buy as gifts worth the money
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The famous dishes of Mong Cai specialties

1. Nail surface

The surface is also known as the shrimp, mantis shrimp, … one of the most delicious and famous seafood of Mong Cai sea in Quang Ninh. The surface fish caught here are usually very large, firm and fragrant meat. Going along the restaurants next to the beach or going to the restaurants in the city center, you will enjoy all kinds of dishes from the surface such as: salt roasted surface, surface vermicelli, steamed surface, tamarind sauce, cooked soup, .. .

– Good places to eat: 

  • Sen Restaurant – Grand Mong Cai Hotel – 23 Hung Vuong, City. Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.
  • Nam Trung restaurant – 70, Hoa Binh Boulevard, Tran Phu, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh.

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2. Tra Co Crab 

Referring to crab dishes, Tra Co crabs of Quang Ninh are famous near and far because of their deliciousness and extremely high nutritional value. Crab is naturally caught by fishermen, so the size is often uneven, big and small. There are 4 types of crabs for you to try: blue crab, three-pointed crab, fire crab and spotted crab . In general, they are sure to eat very sweet meat. Just steaming or baking everything is already very enjoyable to eat.

– Address for delicious food: Trang Vi, Tra Co ward, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh.

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3. Mong Cai worship

Sa worms, also known as molluscs, live in coastal sandy areas. This delicious Mong Cai specialty is extremely rare and nutritious, so in the past, it was only used to advance the king. Come here to travel, do not forget to enjoy delicious dishes from Sa worm such as: sauteed celery, leek; Sauteed wormwood sauteed with lemongrass and chili, sauteed kohlrabi, sauteed melon,…. Or buy dried wormwood to soak in alcohol, which helps to nourish the erection very well.

– Good food address: Tam Mao restaurant – Tra Co beach, Tra Co ward, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.

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4. Sea Sam

When it comes to the waters of Mong Cai, sea buckthorn is one of the most delicious seafood species with high economic value. Sea worms live in high and low tide waters, the carapace is strong and to enjoy this nutritious dish, it must be processed very elaborately. 

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One took only the belly and eggs, being careful not to break its liver and intestines. This specialty in Mong Cai is processed into many dishes, but the most prominent is grilled sam eggs. Sam grilled onion with sour grapefruit, pickled radish, … fried onions sprinkled with sweet and sour fish sauce to create a particularly attractive flavor.

– Address to eat delicious sea sam:

  • Hoa Thuc Restaurant – Trang Vi, Tra Co Ward, City. Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.

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5. Cu Ky

Due to the characteristics of the climate along with the resources from the sea, Quang Ninh or Mong Cai is one of the rare places in Vietnam to catch valuable gourds. It is likened to a “mini lobster” because its claws are full of meat. Quang Ninh noodle soup is full of meat, with beautiful pincers and rich broth like the taste of the sea of ​​this place that has made many people fall in love. If you have the opportunity to come here, do not hesitate to try to enjoy this unique delicious dish.

– Good places to eat: 

  • Co Hau restaurant – 8 Tran Quoc Toan, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh.
  • Nam Trung restaurant – 70, Hoa Binh Boulevard, Tran Phu, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh.

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6. Mong Cai seafood noodle soup

Walking around Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh has countless delicious seafood noodle shops for you to stop and enjoy. Because it is the sea, the seafood is always fresh and delicious, served with vermicelli and a rich broth that is cooked from seafood. A bowl of vermicelli vermicelli is full of “toothed” with big shrimp, the more curious, the surface, the fried leaves, … add vegetables and served with spicy pickled bamboo shoots. 

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Sip a piece of broth, add a piece of seafood, the flavor explodes in your mouth, watching the peaceful Ka Long river flow is very interesting.

– Good places to eat:

  • Seafood Ba Ngo – Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.
  • Sea Crab Noodles KM15 – 34 Tran Quoc Toan, Tran Phu Ward, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.

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7. Hybrid cake

A familiar snack with simple processing, but enjoying this specialty of Mong Cai Quang Ninh , you will see the difference. The cake is a hybrid of Vietnamese and Chinese style, the cake is poured into a large mold. This dish is only eaten hot on the spot, when eaten, cut into pieces and put on a small plate with minced meat, dried shrimp and wood ear. Finally, add a little sweet and sour fish sauce, soft but not too flexible. This dish is fine to eat on a rainy day, just a little bit, but it is enough to warm the stomach.

– Address for delicious food: 34 Tran Quoc Toan, Tran Phu ward, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.

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8. Peking Duck

Peking duck is available everywhere, but in Mong Cai this is still one of the delicious dishes that people seek to enjoy. Roast duck is crispy, but the meat inside is soft and succulent, not dry. Each piece of duck meat is thinly sliced ​​when eaten with soy sauce, served with vermicelli or rolled with raw vegetables, sour food, … so delicious that you can eat forever without feeling bored.

– Good places to eat: 

  • Nam Trung Restaurant – No. 70 Hoa Binh Boulevard, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.
  • Ba Suu Roast Duck – intersection between Hai Hoa ward and Tran Phu ward, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.
  • Vuon Cau Restaurant – Zone 3, Hai Hoa Ward, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.

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9. Steamed eel

Eel is a rare specialty because of its deliciousness and nutrition. A typical Chinese dish is loved by many people when coming to Mong Cai. Small pieces of fish are arranged around the plate and then marinated with fish sauce, seasoning seeds, sugar, soy sauce of the Chinese … sprinkled on green chili, red chili to make it eye-catching and then steamed. Enjoy this dish at the delicious restaurants of Mong Cai to feel the pure sweetness, evenly permeate the spice with a lot of nutrients.

– Good places to eat: 

  • Huong Lien – Huu Nghi, Hai Xuan, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh.
  • Hoa Thuc Restaurant – Trang Vi, Tra Co Ward, City. Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.

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10. Mong Cai Pork

Mong Cai pig is famous throughout the North for its toughness and disease resistance. Mong Cai pork is delicious, thin skin, soft meat with a bit of fat but not at all tired. There are many delicious dishes from Mong Cai pigs that are popular such as: roast pork, pork ribs, spring rolls, humiliation, sausages, etc. You can find and enjoy or buy pork products as gifts. for family.

– Good places to eat: 

  • Binh Mam Restaurant – Huu Nghi, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh.
  • Quang Dan spring rolls – Group 2, zone 5, Ka Long ward, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh.

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Mong Cai specialty as a gift everyone loves

1. Dried seafood 

If you have “fallen in love” with seafood in the sea here, don’t forget to buy some Mong Cai specialties as a gift to give or share with your loved ones. There are many kinds of dried seafood at affordable prices such as: dried squid, dried shrimp, dried sardines, yellow snapper,… Bring home just grilled with charcoal or deep-fried, soaked in water until soft and stir-fried with other types. Other ingredients are delicious.

– Address to buy dried seafood: 

  • Bac Luu Mong Cai Seafood – Market 3, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.
  • Mong Cai markets, by the Ka Long river.

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2. Squid rolls

Quang Ninh squid cake in particular and Mong Cai in general always create trust because of its high quality. Grilled squid is selected from the freshest squid, pounded by hand, so it has its own smoothness and adhesion. Grilled squid is seasoned to taste, steamed and then fried to a very fragrant golden color. Buy squid ink to eat with vermicelli, sticky rice or rolls, … are all very delicious.

– Address to buy quality squid rolls: 

  • Duc Duong Clean Food – No. 34, Van Don Street, Tran Phu Ward, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh.

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3. Shrimp fritters 

Referring to Quang Ninh cuisine , especially Mong Cai, shrimp paste is also hard to miss. In order to get a delicious dish, the cook must choose from fresh shrimp, make sure the meat is firm, then make the meat, pound it with spices and then bring it to dry. Canned shrimp paste can be used for a long time, not only children but also adults love it. Served with many dishes such as: hot rice, rolls or sprinkled on sticky rice, … or as a gift, it must be said to be the best.

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4. Cai Rong fish sauce

This is a specialty of Van Don, but when traveling to Mong Cai , you can also see people buying a lot as gifts. Fish sauce is selected from fresh and delicious fish, through the process of salting in a porcelain tank, filtering and concentrating to achieve the desired protein level for consumption. 

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Cai Rong fish sauce has a beautiful color of cockroach wings, salty but not harsh but sweet aftertaste. Currently, there is also a specialty fish sauce brewed with sa worm, which will be a meaningful gift to send to your loved ones. On the way to travel through dry goods shops or markets you can stop by to buy as gifts.

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5. Fresh seafood

Mong Cai has a wide variety of fresh seafood from shrimps, crabs, snails, crabs to sa worms, cockles, etc. At the Mong Cai border gate markets, the seaport sells a lot at affordable prices. . Seafood is packed in styrofoam boxes with ice, so it’s still fresh when it arrives. You choose to buy yourself some things to bring back to enjoy the sea taste of Mong Cai with everyone.

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Not only is it a place where there are beautiful landscapes, beaches or islands, … enchanting. Mong Cai specialties have many delicious dishes to enjoy when visiting, exploring or buying as gifts. Hopefully with the above suggestions, you will have a satisfying trip.

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