One week to explore Quy Nhon costs 600$
doyen1988 20-07-2022, 14:55

Mother and daughter Lam Linh, Hanoi, spent a week on summer vacation in Quy Nhon, costing about 600$.

Lam Linh, 44 years old, an editor living in Hanoi, and her son Bao Chi (Bac), 8 years old, choose to spend the summer in Quy Nhon . Mother and daughter used to come here once when Bap was 3 years old, but only 3 days, so she decided to come back. “Qui Nhon is beautiful, cheap, many places are worth going,” Lam Linh commented. She rarely travels for less than 5 days, this time also chose to go to Quy Nhon for a week because she likes to wander, “so rest and recharge”.


In the morning of the first day , mother and daughter flew from Hanoi, took a car from Phu Cat airport to Quy Nhon city, rented a motorbike, continued to run to Xep beach , about 12 km from the city center, in the afternoon, swimming and swimming in the sea. have dinner. “Because my place is far away, motorbike rental shops do not deliver cars, so I chose such an option,” Lam Linh said.

On the second day , mother and daughter played all day exploring Xep beach, had lunch at Casa Marina resort and bathed in the swimming pool here. Dinner at Life’s a Beach.

Lam Linh’s mother and daughter drink coffee together in Quy Nhon city.

On the third day , she drove her children to Bai Bang, had lunch and swam at the Seaside resort. She said this beach is sad because there is only one resort. If you want to have lunch, you should run on the street. In the afternoon, the mother and daughter went to Bai Dai, there was no service, so they just soaked their feet and went home, then moved to Bau beach, but it was closed. Linh commented, the direction from Quy Nhon to Tuy Hoa , Phu Yen has many small and clean beaches, so you should wander by motorbike, like where you can stop.

She went to the beach at Quy Hoa leprosy camp on the fourth day , running in from Science Avenue. The beach is empty and there is no service, in addition, she also feels “a little rippled” because it used to be a leper camp, so she doesn’t want to stay long. She eats chicken specialties , reasonable price, about more than 200,000 VND a chicken. “This is not a legendary chicken that only eats chickens,” Linh laughed. Mother and daughter could not eat all of them, so they packed half of their children.

On the fifth day , she went to Avani Resort to swim, have lunch and swim in the pool with her children all day. Mother and daughter lost 600,000 VND here.

Day 6 , morning swimming, collecting shellfish at Bai Xep area. “Here you have the opportunity to pick up glass pebbles, beautiful colors, smooth rounded edges,” Linh described. In the afternoon, mother and daughter drove to Quy Nhon city to have dinner at Surf Bar cafe, then return the motorbike. On the last day , rent a car to take you to the airport for an early morning flight back to Hanoi, arrive at home at 12 noon.

One week to explore Quy Nhon costs 600$


Mother and daughter lost 2.6 million dong round-trip airfare. In Quy Nhon, stay at Mira Bai Xep hotel and also mainly play at this beach. Room rate 3.4 million VND, free breakfast. Other expenses including meals, car rental and services cost about 7 million VND. The total cost for the whole trip is about 12-13 million VND.

However, she also assessed that although the hotel is good, Bai Xep has a way to the sea that is not clean. Villagers open to sell seafood at the seaside, do not keep hygiene, so it is quite dirty when the food is discharged into the sea. This is also the reason why she and her children often go to the beach resorts to bathe. The highlight of her journey was letting her children try out swimming pools at resorts because Bap likes to swim, both comfortable and with virtual check-in photos. The cost of buying a swimming pool ticket including meals is 180,000 VND per adult, 120,000 VND per child.

Experience to save costs and enjoy rest is not to go on the weekend, do not book flights on the weekend, call the hotel directly to make a reservation. Airfares and hotels account for more than half of the cost, so consider this. According to Ms. Linh, the room rate is about 500,000 VND a night, the flight cost is about 2 million VND round trip is reasonable.

The result of collecting snails and scallops of mother and daughter Lam Linh.

The most memorable memory in Quy Nhon of mother and daughter is walking on the long beach to collect shells, shells, and thread them together. “If you go out, you should go the way you want, eat what you like, play in places that make you happy. The criteria for the room are a bit spacious, you don’t need to be too central because you can rent motorbikes anyway. Each person has a way to go, as long as it is comfortable,” she concluded.