Delicious breakfast restaurants in Con Dao that are both delicious and cheap
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Let’s have a meal with delicious breakfast restaurants in the famous and crowded Con Dao below to recharge and start the journey to discover the beauty of this resort paradise!

Delicious breakfast restaurants in Con Dao

Here is a review of a delicious breakfast restaurant in Con Dao: Address, menu, time and price that you can refer to: 

1. Mrs. Hai Khiem’s ​​crab noodle soup 

– Address: No. 22 Nguyen Hue, Con Dao district, Vung Tau

– Time: 6am – 10pm

– Reference price: 20,000 VND – 25,000 VND

– Contact: 0859.009.695 VND

Having a good breakfast in Con Dao is the first to mention the noodle shop of Mrs. Hai Khiem at 22 on Nguyen Hue Street. The restaurant is a very famous breakfast address in Con Dao that is loved by locals and tourists. The bowl of crab vermicelli noodles is full of pork rolls, beans, and super-large pieces of crab bricks. 

The attraction of this crab noodle shop is that the rich sweet broth of the crab is delicious and not boring at all. Served with vermicelli with melon for free. In addition, the shop also serves milk tea for only 10,000 VND / cup.

Delicious breakfast restaurants in Con Dao that are both delicious and cheap
Hai Khiem crab noodle soup is a famous breakfast address in Con Dao

2. Nam Vang Nhat Kieu noodle shop 

– Address: Zone 7, Vo Thi Sau street, Con Dao district, Vung Tau 

– Time: 6am – 10pm 

– Price: 30,000 VND/bowl

– Contact: 0907.869.078

Referring to the delicious breakfast restaurants in Con Dao, it is impossible to ignore Nam Vang Nhat Kieu noodle shop on Vo Thi Sau street. What could be better than having a morning meal with a delicious bowl of noodles full of toppings? The plus point of this noodle shop is the delicious broth, the typical taste of the bone broth. The bowl of noodle soup includes pork liver, boiled shrimp, and quail eggs served with delicious raw vegetables. 

The shop is located in the center of Con Dao district, very convenient for moving. The food is rated fresh and delicious. Fast service even when the restaurant is crowded. In addition, the restaurant accepts to order chicken offerings for tourists when visiting spiritual sites in Con Dao.

Nam Vang Nhat Kieu noodle shop is always crowded with customers

3. Son Trang Chicken Porridge  

– Address: Vo Thi Sau Street, Con Dao, Vung Tau 

– Time: 6am – 9pm 

– Price: 20,000 VND/bowl 

– Contact: 0385.616.012 

If you still don’t know where to have a good breakfast in Con Dao , the Son Trang chicken porridge shop on Vo Thi Sau street is an address that you should not miss. The restaurant serves a variety of breakfast menus including: Chicken porridge, eel porridge, duck porridge, vermicelli, chicken sticky rice… The soup broth is simmered from chicken bones that are naturally juicy and rich. 

The bowl of chicken porridge is cooked soft, the chicken is chewy, delicious and not mushy. If you want to eat more poached or scrambled eggs, you can order more. With only a bowl of chicken porridge 20,000 VND, you will have a full stomach to enjoy playing all day long. 

Son Trang Chicken Porridge is delicious
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4. Oyster porridge at Ba Mien restaurant 

– Address: Area 8, Nguyen An Ninh Street, Con Dao, Vung Tau 

– Time: 6am – 8pm

– Price fluctuates: 25,000 VND/bowl

– Contact: 0941.949.926

Ba Mien oyster porridge is the address of a delicious breakfast restaurant in Con Dao today. The restaurant specializes in serving fresh seafood in Con Dao and is very famous for its oyster porridge. Many tourists say to themselves, if they have the opportunity to come to Con Dao, they will enjoy the famous delicious oyster porridge. Ba Mien Quan is one of the top addresses in Con Dao serving super delicious oyster porridge. 

A delicious bowl of oyster porridge with porridge is simmered, the oysters are rich in milk and seasoned with rich spices. In addition to oyster porridge, the restaurant also serves fried noodles and seafood porridge which are delicious and suitable for breakfast in the morning.

The famous Ba Mien restaurant oyster porridge

5. Kieu Tam Duck Porridge

– Address: Nguyen An Ninh Street, Con Dao, Vung Tau 

– Price: 20,000 VND/bowl

– Opening time: 8am – 11pm

– Contact: 0767.027.848

Kieu Tam restaurant is a famous breakfast address that you can refer to when you have the opportunity to visit Con Dao. Kieu Tam’s duck porridge is loved by many visitors with the porridge seasoned with spices to taste. Duck meat is very sweet and tender. In particular, each serving of duck porridge at the restaurant is served with delicious sweet and sour corn salad. 

In addition to duck porridge, Kieu Tam restaurant also serves pancakes prepared according to Southern recipes. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so diners can comfortably enjoy their favorite dishes at the restaurant. 

Kieu Tam Duck Porridge is loved by many tourists in Con Dao

6. Con Dao Roasted Pork Bread Shop 

– Address: Near Duc Thanh Hotel, Pham Van Dong Street, Con Dao 

– Price: 20,000 VND – 25,000 VND/pack

The next delicious breakfast restaurant in Con Dao that you can refer to is the attractively processed Con Dao roast pork sandwich shop. Bread consists of sliced ​​cucumber, roasted pork with sauce, soy sauce. The plus point of the restaurant is the super delicious sauce. 

The price of each loaf of bread is only 20,000 VND, full of meat and spices. The plus point of the shop is that when selling, the shop owner wears gloves to ensure hygiene. Crispy hot bread is very delicious. 

The famous delicious Con Dao roasted pork sandwich shop

7. Hai Sister Mam noodle shop

– Address: Le Van Luong Street, Area 7, Con Dao

– Time: 6am – 10pm

– Price: 30,000 VND/bowl

Hai Sisters noodle shop is an attractive breakfast address in Con Dao that you should not miss. The shop is located at the junction of Nguyen Hue and Nguyen An Ninh streets, very close to Ba Hai Khiem noodle shop. The restaurant has a casual space but the food is delicious and the prices are reasonable. 

For breakfast in the morning, you can order a bowl of vermicelli full of attractive ingredients including: Squid, shrimp, meat and especially a delicious broth. If you can eat water lily and dandelion, you can order more.

Hai Sisters noodle shop is a famous breakfast address in Con Dao

Hopefully, the reviews of delicious breakfast restaurants in Con Dao above will help you choose the most attractive breakfast address for yourself! Do not forget to “pocket” Con Dao travel experience to have the most useful information for the upcoming trip. 

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