Discover La Pan Tan commune, get lost in the most beautiful ‘kingdom of terraced fields’ in the Northwest
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This spring, you must definitely once explore La Pan Tan commune to fully feel the beauty of the Northwest terraces and learn more about the culture of the H’Mong. 

Back to Mu Cang Chai, visit La Pan Tan commune

La Pan Tan is a highland commune in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province. Located on the top of Khau Pha , nearly 2000 meters above sea level, La Pan Tan commune possesses an extremely beautiful natural picture with terraced fields, towering mountains and native culture of Vietnam. H’mong people. 

Discover La Pan Tan commune, get lost in the most beautiful ‘kingdom of terraced fields’ in the Northwest
La Pan Tan commune is a very beautiful destination in Mu Cang Chai. Photo: @volunteerforeducation

From Mu Cang Chai town to La Pan Tan commune about 15km, visitors going in the northeast direction is easy to get there. After the journey through the passes close to the mountainside, you will come to a beautiful land with 2,200 hectares of terraced fields arranged in layers. 

Once a poor commune, this place gradually “changed flesh”. Photo: @_.about_the_world._

In the past, La Pan Tan commune used to be a poor commune, the “capital” of opium when 80% of the population was addicted. However, that “dark” period has gradually passed when the commune is properly invested to develop tourism. The life of local residents has improved. In 2007, La Pan Tan was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a National Landscape Monument.

La Pan Tan also has a beautiful buckwheat flower hill. Photo: @kameharris

With a prime location in the high mountains, a cool climate and an average temperature of about 19 degrees Celsius, this place has become a favorite destination in Mu Cang Chai for many tourists. The journey to discover La Pan Tan commune gives you countless memorable experiences in terms of both the beautiful scenery and the culture and people here. 

Discover the most beautiful La Pan Tan commune in Mu Cang Chai

If you first discover La Pan Tan commune, you will probably immediately be overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. On the journey to visit this Northwest highland commune, visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery of terraced fields surrounded on all sides. As one of the communes with the most terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai, you can see rice fields everywhere.

La Pan Tan has 2,200 hectares of terraced fields. Photo: @the_prabster

It is admirable that the farmers here, with human strength and rudimentary agricultural tools, can turn mountains and hills into beautiful fields, bending beneath the mountainsides. The terraced fields lie gently along the hillsides, stretching to the stream banks, weaving into the villages. Everywhere is a rice field.

The golden rice season in La Pan Tan commune. Photo: @wecheckinvn

Exploring La Pan Tan commune , visitors can check in many beautiful places of this place. In which, Mam Xoi hill is the hottest coordinate in each ripe rice season. This hill is supported by terraced fields below, the top has a round shape like a tray raised to the sky. Every season when the rice is ripe, Mam Xoi hill attracts a lot of tourists to check in and take pictures.

La Pan Tan is a beautiful destination in Yen Bai in the ripe rice season. Photo: @kattykat229

According to the experience of going to Mu Cang Chai of many tourists, Mam Xoi hill is most beautiful in the early morning when the golden sun has just crept up on the fields, surrounded by white mists looming, painting a picture. as beautiful as a fairy tale. Near Mam Xoi hill, there is a small wooden shack of people, where visitors can sit and enjoy the scenery and take pictures. 

International guests excitedly check-in with the terraced fields. Photo: @searchingtheoutback

Vi vu La Pan Tan right in the season of ripe rice in September – October, visitors can both admire the beautiful terraced fields and have the opportunity to watch people harvest rice by manual method. The image of H’mong women with a small sickle quickly reaping each cluster of rice in the field is so beautiful and simple.

Mam Xoi hill is the hottest coordinate in the commune. Photo: @alextusaigon

About La Pan Tan , Mu Cang Chai district , in addition to terraced fields, visitors can also explore the beautiful waterfall here. It is Pu Nhu waterfall with a height of more than 20 meters, rushing into Dragon Lake and creating a very majestic and mysterious scene. Around Pu Nhu waterfall , there are large and small rocks covered with moss, and the ancient green forest is peaceful and poetic.

Close-up of beautiful terraced fields in La Pan Tan. Photo: @worldofbunnyb

Coming to Pu Nhu waterfall, you can spend time admiring the beautiful scenery, taking photos or camping around the lakeside. Indigenous people think that Dragon Lake is a sacred place, so no one comes to bathe. However, after the local tourism activities are promoted, visitors can experience waterfall bathing to feel the cool water here.

Beautiful Pu Nhu waterfall in La Pan Tan commune. Photo: @smith_nguyen

In addition to exploring terraced fields, bathing in waterfalls, etc., what else can tourists experience in La Pan Tan commune? Otherwise, it is participating in the rice terraces festival held around mid-September every year. The festival takes place with countless traditional activities of the H’Mong people such as tug of war, goat fighting, blindfolded catching pigs, shooting crossbows, throwing arrows, etc.

Enjoy delicious specialties in Mu Cang Chai. Photo: @davenguyen1989

Having had fun, it is impossible to ignore eating and drinking activities. This highland commune has many specialties, in which rice wine is famous for its delicious taste, cooked from rice and yeast leaves with a very elaborate process, creating a specialty wine only in the land of La. Pan Tan.

A beautiful and memorable journey when traveling to La Pan Tan Mu Cang Chai. Photo: @thuynhung1411

With only rice wine, visitors here can also enjoy the thick cake of the H’mong people. This is a cake made from glutinous rice and forest trees with a unique scent that cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, you can also eat many dishes such as men men, five-color sticky rice, pa pinh top, hill chicken, etc., which are delicious specialties.

Experience in discovering La Pan Tan commune

To discover La Pan Tan, visitors should come here every September – October. This is the time when the rice is ripe and golden, and festivals are held jubilantly. If you want to watch the pouring water season, you can choose to visit from May to June to have interesting and interesting experiences.

In the commune, there are many homestays for tourists to choose from. Photo: @tutuaroundtheworld

Today, La Pan Tan has strongly developed tourism with a full range of accommodation types such as motels and homestays. Coming here, you can refer to Do Gu homestay, Hello Mu Cang Chai Homestay, A Chong Homestay Mu Cang Chai, La Pan Tan Homestay Mu Cang Chai, .. Staying at these homestays is an opportunity for you to understand better. about the culture and lifestyle of the H’mong people.

You should come here in the ripe rice season to fully experience the beautiful scenery. Photo: @pix.4pics

What to buy as a gift when going to La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chai district? Here, there is a traditional knitting craft with products such as baskets, trays, baskets, etc., which are very beautiful and elaborate. Visitors can choose to buy these products as souvenirs or as gifts to relatives and friends after the trip.

La Pan Tan – a beautiful destination in the land of Yen Bai. Photo: @nhaquegoc

Exploring La Pan Tan commune is one of the best things to do when traveling to Yen Bai . This land has beautiful terraced fields, has the culture of the H’mong people, and has delicious dishes that promise to bring visitors a journey of many memories.

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