Quy Nhon sea and island from above
hanguyen0409 6-05-2022, 19:40

BINH DINH – Quy Nhon is attractive in the aerial photography angles of the city, Hai Minh fishing village, Long Van bridge area, or Ky Co wind farm.

During this summer, when participating in the annual VnExpress Marathon Sparkling Quy Nhon 2022, visitors can also experience travel and explore the beauty of the landscape, sea and islands of Binh Dinh. The destinations in the photo series “A glimpse of Quy Nhon island from above” made by Mr. Nguyen Phan Dung Nhan are a suggestion.

Mr. Dung Nhan, born in 1985, currently works at Binh Dinh Radio and Television Station, and is passionate about filming and taking photos. In the photo above he took a panoramic view of the center of Quy Nhon city. On the left is Quy Nhon port, Dong Da ecological lake in the middle and outside is Thi Nai lagoon, the largest saltwater lagoon in Binh Dinh.

Hai Minh fishing village has a view of Quy Nhon beach town. This fishing village is located on the Phuong Mai peninsula, is a small village located under the Tam Toa mountain range, leaning against the mountain, facing the sea.

In the fishing village of Hai Minh, there is a statue of Tran Hung Dao built and completed in 1973, the shape of the statue was mentioned when the commander of the Bach Dang battle saved the history books.

In the area of ​​​​Tan cape, Quy Nhon, where there are important ports are Central New Port, Thi Nai port and Quy Nhon port.

Xuan Dieu Street along the coast of Quy Nhon is likened to the shape of a “crescent moon” with flexible curves. Visitors just need to walk around to feel the bustle of this place.

Quy Nhon Square (rectangle, green area) right in the city center. This mountain is located in the northwest of Quy Nhon peninsula, looking down from above has a triangular shape. The name “Ba Hoa Mountain” may be derived from the red soil color on the Son Pass road leading to this mountain.

Long Van bridge area crosses Ha Thanh river and Long Van intersection, the intersection of Nhon Phu ward (below) and Tran Quang Dieu ward (above).

In addition to the famous “Window Field” of Phuong Mai peninsula in Nhon Hoi economic zone, Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district; Visitors can admire the second fan field of Binh Dinh located on the route to Ky Co beach, Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon city.

Binh Dinh coast is about 130 km long, along the coast, there are 33 large and small islands divided into 10 groups of islands or single islands, in which Nhon Ly island commune (photo). Mr. Dung Nhan said that Nhon Ly has natural advantages, harmony between the blue sea, the overlapping hills, and the characteristics of the houses with red tile roofs, so it is one of the places that attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Boats by the fishing village of Nhon Ly. The sea-facing side of this fishing village has a tourist pier serving tourists to visit Eo Gio – Ky Co, watch the sea by glass-bottom boats, and scuba dive.

Nhon Hai, a famous colorful fishing village in Binh Dinh, is nearly 20 km from the city center. Visitors coming here can feel the peaceful life of a fishing village hidden under the arched mountains on the coast, in addition, they can also fish and snorkel to see the coral.

Bustling traditional fishing festival in Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon city. This year, the festival takes place from March 13 to 16 of the solar calendar. The festival is associated with the custom of worshiping whales – fish that often help fishermen survive accidents while at sea.

Photo: Nguyen Phan Dung Nhan