An Hai Beach – The sea paradise ‘beckons’ tourists when coming to Con Dao
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Con Dao tourism attracts tourists with beautiful paradise-like sea paradises, including An Hai beach. If you are planning to discover the emerald green An Hai Con Dao beach, then let’s save the useful experiences below. 

Where is An Hai beach located? 

An Hai beach is located in the southern area of ​​Con Son island, about 10 minutes away from the center of Con Dao town. An Hai beach is famous for its long coastline, clear blue sea, white sand and very clean. In particular, the area along An Hai beach with ancient poplar rows is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the scenery, check in virtual living, camp and participate in outdoor fun activities.   

An Hai Con Dao beach attracts tourists with its convenient location, located in the center of town and has a beautiful coastline. In particular, the road along An Hai beach has many beautiful hotels and resorts in Con Dao. In the evening, An Hai beach is an ideal destination to attract tourists for a romantic stroll. That is also the reason why An Hai beach has always become the leading tourist attraction in Con Dao.

An Hai Beach – The sea paradise ‘beckons’ tourists when coming to Con Dao
An Hai Con Dao beach is a tourist attraction nowadays

The ideal time to visit An Hai beach

When is the best season to travel to An Hai beach? The main activity when exploring An Hai beach is swimming and playing outdoors, so you should choose the right time to go. Con Dao climate is divided into two distinct seasons. Which, the rainy season lasts from May to the end of November and the dry season from December to April next year. Therefore, the most ideal time to explore An Hai beach is from March to September.

At this time, it is sunny and beautiful, although sometimes sudden rains appear, it does not affect sightseeing activities. and have fun at sea. In addition, you can also go in the period from October to the end of February next year. This is the rainy season in Con Dao, suitable for swimming and snorkeling activities.

The ideal time to visit An Hai beach is from March to September

How to get to An Hai Con Dao beach?

Experience going to An Hai Con Dao beach said that to get to this beach you first need to go to the center of Con Dao town. Depending on the departure location, you can choose for yourself the appropriate type of vehicle. To get to Con Dao, you can take a plane to Co Ong airport, the ticket price ranges from 1,700,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND/time. Or by water from Cat Lo port (Vung Tau) or from Tran Deport (Soc Trang), the fare is about 300,000 VND/way.

When you arrive at Co Ong airport, you can take a taxi to An Hai beach for about 150,000 VND/time. Or start from Con Dao center in the direction of Nguyen Van Linh or Phan Chu Trinh about 4km. If you plan to explore Con Dao by motorbike, it is best to pick up the car at the airport to actively move to An Hai beach.

How to get to An Hai Con Dao beach?

Where to stay when traveling to An Hai beach? 

Discovering An Hai Con Dao beach, you can choose from many beautiful hotels near the sea such as:

– Eden House & Coffee Con Dao: About 1km from An Hai beach, the price fluctuates at 648,000 VND/night

– Thai Binh Hotel: 0.4km away, price 540,000 VND/night

– Hanh Minh Hostel: 1.7km away, the price fluctuates 350,000 VND/night

– Hotel Huong Dao: 1.5km from the beach, price from 540,000 VND/night

– Homestay Thanh Son: 0.8km away, the price is about 300,000 VND/night.

Hotel to stay when coming to An Hai beach

What does An Hai Con Dao beach have? 

An Hai beach is famous for its beautiful, calm and clear sea-like jade. The beach stretches with fine white sand and is very clean. The first thing that impresses visitors when coming to An Hai beach is the charming scenery and immense sea. You can walk around the beach area, take a leisurely stroll and feel the peaceful atmosphere of the sea.

Take a boat to explore the beautiful scenery at An Hai beach. Photo: dulichfun

The seawater of An Hai beach is very clean and clear, you can see the bottom. That is also the reason why An Hai beach is known as one of the most beautiful beach paradise in Con Dao. You can immerse yourself in relaxation with cool water and forget all the fatigue of daily life. Or scuba diving to admire the beautiful colorful coral reefs at An Hai beach.

Enjoy virtual check-in with beautiful pictures. Photo: pystravel

The wharf area of ​​An Hai beach is where fishermen’s ships gather to anchor. So you can wake up early to admire the romantic sunrise and watch the fishermen return.

Take a walk on An Hai beach to enjoy the view and relax. Photo: foody

In the afternoon at An Hai beach, visitors can walk on the sand to admire the scenery and live virtual. Or organize teambuilding activities and have fun on An Hai beach. Next to An Hai beach is a clear blue mountain range with islands undulating on the sea surface, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing picture.

Beautiful virtual living in the blue sea paradise. Photo: pystravel
Take a relaxing bath at An Hai beach. Photo: condaoexplorer

Notes when going to An Hai beach

To have a complete trip to An Hai beach in Con Dao , you should also know a few notes below:

– It is advisable to check the weather forecast before going and avoid rainy days. 

– Book air tickets and hotel rooms early before going, especially during the Tet holidays.

– Should bring necessary personal items, phone charger, camera, sunscreen …

Regarding eating, you can refer to the restaurants along the beach road. The menu is mainly seafood dishes such as shrimp, squid, surface, snails, fish… 

– Can buy seafood gifts or almond jam as gifts. If you buy fresh seafood, ask people to close styrofoam boxes for preservation.

– If you have time, you can combine visiting other famous beaches in Con Dao such as Dam Trau Beach , Nhat Beach, Hot Spring Beach…

If you are looking for yourself a beach paradise to relax and “recharge vitamin C”, then An Hai beach in Con Dao is the ideal destination that you should not miss. What are you waiting for, do not quickly plan your trip to An Hai beach! See more: Con Dao travel experience

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