9 experiences worth trying in Quang Nam
doyen1988 8-04-2022, 07:01

Visitors can ride a basket boat through the Bay Mau coconut forest, watch the new show My Son Night, a voice boat, or explore the Tam Tien fish market.

Explore Tam Tien fish market early in the morning

Tam Tien Fish Market is one of the busiest seafood markets in Quang Nam. The market meets on Tam Tien beach in Nui Thanh district, about 15 km from Tam Ky city. Visitors coming here in the early morning (4am – 5am) can see hundreds of boats bringing seafood ashore. Countless types of fish, shrimp, squid, crab, crab… are traded right on the coast for traders as well as retail customers.

Sitting in a basket boat in Bay Mau coconut forest

Located 3 km from Hoi An ancient town is the Bay Mau nipa forest with an area of ​​over 10 hectares in Cam Thanh commune. In recent years, rowing a basket boat to visit the coconut forest has become an attractive service not only for international guests but also for Vietnamese tourists. Each person paying 200,000 VND is allowed to join a boat tour weaving between the green coconut trees, experience crab fishing, and watch basket boat dance performances…

Walking around Tra Que vegetable village

Tra Que is a village more than 400 years old that has been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. The village is located in Cam Ha commune, about 3 km from Hoi An ancient town, famous for about 200 households intercropping vegetables, especially herbs, according to organic methods. Visitors to the village can enjoy the fresh air, practice the people’s vegetable farming, as well as enjoy the rustic dishes made from local specialties.

Learn traditional crafts in Cam Phu village

Cam Phu community tourism village in Dien Phong commune, Dien Ban town, located about 15 km from Hoi An, is a land possessing many unique cultural values ​​and traditional crafts such as wood carving, flower growing, and silk nursery. Weaving silk, raising silkworms… Visitors to the village will experience the countryside, visit carpentry and weaving workshops, watch people perform on the Thu Bon river, catch fish and shrimp…

Enjoy the legendary My Son Night show

The show consists of three chapters, lasts 60 minutes in My Son’s holy land, recreating the thousand-year-old culture of the Cham people. The new show was launched in the series of events of the National Tourism Year 2022. This is an outdoor art show, that combines dance language, lighting effects, and stage effects with realistic and impressive performances of more than 200 actors. This new tourism product is expected to take place once a month on the 16th day of the lunar calendar, then depending on the needs of guests, more sessions will be added.

Ecotourism of Phu Ninh Lake

Phu Ninh Lake attracts visitors by its peaceful space, majestic forests, green lakes and a population of 32 large and small islands. The lake is located about 7 km from Tam Ky city, in Nui Thanh district and Phu Ninh district. Visitors to the lake can experience boating to visit the lake bed, windsurfing, kayaking, banana floats, jet skis, zipline skiing, fishing, camping, mineral bathing…

Enjoy Hoi An Memories show

A scene shows with more than 500 actors is held on weekend evenings at Hoi An Impressionist Park, Con Hen, Cam Nam, Hoi An. Hoi An Memories consists of 5 performances lasting about 75 minutes showing preliminary contents about the history of the ancient trading port. During the show, visitors will go from surprise to surprise thanks to the stage scale, props, techniques and the professionalism of the actors. The ticket price is from 480,000 to 1.2 million VND, depending on the seat class.

Coffee watching Hoi An ancient town from above

Walking around the old town taking pictures to check in next to the mossy houses is no longer new, visitors can find high-rise coffee shops to enjoy drinks while watching the street. Some shops are conveniently located such as Faifo, The Chef, 92 Station… with large, open terraces for visitors to have more beautiful views of the old town.

Visit the monument of Mother Thu

This is a feat of sculpting the image of heroic Vietnamese mother Nguyen Thi Thu. After 7 years of construction, the statue of Mother Thu was inaugurated in March 2015 on the top of Cam mountain, Phu Thanh village, Tam Phu commune, Tam Ky city, attracting many visitors every year. The project has a total area of ​​​​15 hectares on the top of Cam mountain, making anyone who comes to be overwhelmed with the space close to nature.