Cherry plum blossoms in the center of Da Lat
sonnguyen 21-02-2022, 09:03

LAM DONG – After Tet, cherry apricot blossoms blooms brightly, bringing poetic beauty in the inner city areas, Tuyen Lam Lake, Xuan Tho …

Le Dang Khoa (42 years old), the author of the photo series, said that he has been attached to Da Lat since childhood, so he has a lot of love for the city. The set of cherry apricot photos was taken in early February. In the picture is the author under the cherry tree in full bloom at Cam Ly stream area, Hoang Dieu planning area, ward 5, Da Lat city.

Peaceful spring sunshine at Xuan Huong Lake, right in the city center. Along the lake are perennial cherry apricot trees that are blooming.

Tourists are enjoying flowers at Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 2. The weather in the past few days is dry and warm, Da Lat tourism industry is open in a new normal state, attracting tourists to watch the blooming season.

Le Dai Hanh street, near Da Lat market, is an easy place to find cherry apricots. However, the flowers here sometimes get mixed up in the street scene.

Dang Khoa said that in the past 10 years, this flower has been grown a lot in Lam Dong. In the inner city of Da Lat, the routes with beautiful cherry blossoms are Le Dai Hanh and Tran Hung Dao extending down to Hung Vuong.

Urban construction workers clean the street, the section of Le Dai Hanh is burning with apricot blossoms.

Cherry apricot has five petals, the tree blooms best when there are no leaves and pink from branch to top.

The two sides of the road in the National Monument of Da Lat Children’s Prison put on a spring shirt with the color of cherry apricot.

Prominent among the residential area is Con Ga church, one of the ancient architectural works built during the French colonial period, visited by many tourists when coming to Da Lat.

“Da Lat cherry apricots grow a lot, but they are still scattered. I think the city should plan to plant this flower in its own way,” said Dang Khoa.

In addition to streets and sidewalks, cherry apricots are also planted in many houses, fences of villas or schools. In the photo taken at the campus of Xuan Tho primary school, Da Lat.

A poetic corner of Tuyen Lam lake in the color of cherry apricot flowers. This is the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, about 7 km from the city center in the direction of National Highway 20 to Prenn Pass.

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