Bao Loc golden phoenix blooms during Tet
duonghanhnguyen 27-01-2022, 11:07

LAM DONG – Yellow phoenix flowers are in full bloom, bringing poetic beauty to Bao Loc city in the days leading up to Tet.

Bao Loc spring is dyed yellow by Buddha’s medicine, another name for yellow phoenix flowers. In the photo are golden phoenix trees blooming in the morning mist at Bat Nha monastery in Dam B’ri, Bao Loc. Photographer Cao Ky Nhan just made a set of photos here on the days leading up to the Lunar New Year.

From Bao Loc, visitors go towards Dam B’ri waterfall about 15 km, look on the left hand side will see the monastery, located on a hill about 25 hectares wide.

The yellow phoenix trees here are tall and the canopy is beautiful. Photographer Ky Nhan shared, walking on the path of yellow phoenix flowers in the monastery grounds, he felt his soul more relaxed.

Around the monastery is a green tea garden. When the flower blooms, the yellow color of the flower contrasts with the green background of the tea hill.

Cao Ky Nhan (far right) and friends check-in during the golden phoenix season. “Bat Nha Monastery is building another tower near the main gate. The monks are friendly and allow people and tourists to take pictures freely. However, this is a place of meditation, people when visiting and taking photos need to pay attention to keep quiet,” Nhan said.

Bao Loc city has about 15 yellow phoenix trees, this monastery alone planted 5 trees along the stairs leading to the main gate, surrounded by green tea hills. Every spring, flowers dye a corner of the sky yellow, creating a peaceful scene.

This year’s golden phoenix season is very beautiful, blooming evenly and more profusely than last year. The bright yellow flowers on the branches make everyone look up when they first come here.

Yellow phoenix is ​​a legume, native to Brazil, whose stem is straight and branched near the apex. Each top has 10-12 main flower branches, each main branch has 6-8 sub-branches, each sub-branch has 30-40 flower buds, forming a round cluster with a diameter of more than 80 cm.

From the only tree planted in Bao Loc in 1929, then nursed and successfully spent time growing in this city. In addition to Bat Nha monastery, the golden phoenix is ​​also grown in areas such as Tan Thanh parish church, Loc Thanh commune (photo); Bao Loc College of Technology – Economics; Asia Pacific High School (Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ward 2) and a tree were planted in Loc Son ward, opposite Thanh Buoi bus station.

Tan Thanh church area is decorated with golden phoenix. Flowering season usually lasts 1-2 months. Right now is the time when the flowers bloom most beautifully, visitors should take advantage of this Lunar New Year to take pictures.

Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

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