Plum cherries bloom in Mang Den
thamnguyen99 6-01-2022, 17:25

KON TUM – At the beginning of the new year, thousands of cherry apricot trees bloom, many tourists flock to Mang Den town, Kon Plong district to see the flowers.

In early 2022, apricot cherry blossoms in Mang Den town begin to bloom. This year, the weather is favorable, flowers bloom on the occasion of New Year’s holidays, most in the central square, on the town roads, lakes and suburbs.

In the first three days of the year, more than 12,000 visitors came to Mang Den to take pictures and admire flowers. The weather in the first days of the year in Mang Den has drizzle, the average temperature is 14-16 degrees.

Apricot cherry is a plant that lives in temperate climates, requiring low enough temperatures to flower. According to the normal growth cycle, the tree will drop all its leaves in late autumn, then “hibernate” for about 2 weeks before blooming.

Vong Thi Huyen (29 years old) said that every morning when the cherry blossoms bloom, she, her relatives and friends go to Mang Den. The scene in the “second Da Lat” made the Pleiku girl very excited. “The rows of cherry blossoms along the roads, combined with the chilly weather, are wonderful,” Huyen said.

Plum cherries bloom on the edge of Mang Den town. According to statistics, currently, in the district there are over 20,000 cherry apricot trees, planted most concentrated in the area of ​​Mang Den town.

Cherry apricots are considered spring flowers, sending off the old year.

Apricots bloom for two weeks in dry, cold weather. However, if it turns to rain, the flowering season lasts only about a week.

Mang Den town, Kon Plong district is about 60 km from Kon Tum city center, at an altitude of 1,200 m, cool weather all year round.

Coming to Mang Den, in addition to seeing cherry blossoms, visitors also experience gong culture, sinus dance, and culinary culture with typical dishes of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands such as rice lam, Grilled chicken, geese wine, wild banana flower salad.