About listening to the wind tell in Chau Son pine hill – the peaceful paradise of D’ran town
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Chau Son pine hill in Da Lat is one of the very prominent check-in coordinates on the tourist route of D’ran town. The fresh and peaceful beauty of this place is a beautiful paradise for dreamers to come and explore. 

Da Lat has countless beautiful scenes and one of the most typical images is the pine hills in the mountains. The foggy city has a lot of beautiful pine forests and many of them have become famous check-in places for tourists, but there are still pine forests with a pristine appearance mixed with a bit of mystery lying dormant in the area. far less known and Chau Son pine hill is one such place. If you love the wild, gentle and dreamy look of the pine hills of Da Lat, on your way to check-in, you should stop at Chau Son pine hill, in the small town of Dran to feel the peace. the tenderness and passion of one of the most unspoiled pine hills of Da Lat. 

About listening to the wind tell in Chau Son pine hill – the peaceful paradise of D’ran town

Chau Son Pine Hill is a peaceful paradise for those who like to dream. Photo:@.febbe_

Chau Son Pine Hill – Private world of dreamers 

Referring to the poetic and mysterious and beautiful pine forests of Da Lat, people will immediately think of famous names such as Da Phu hill, pine forest in Golden Stream, pine forest in Than Tho Lake… Few people know that in the suburbs of Da Lat where the beautiful town of Dran also has a beautiful pine hill, is Chau Son pine hill. The sturdy pine hill, despite the rain and wind this time is a great check-in coordinate for young people who are passionate about travel when they have the opportunity to return to the gentle Dran. 

Returning to Dran, you will pass through the enchanting Chau Son pine hill. Photo:@_dthuym.219

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Pine hill is located at the foot of Dran pass. Photo:@tieu.diadiaa

Chau Son Pine Hill has located 23km from the center of Da Lat city, to get to this place visitors can follow Highway 20 towards Da Lat, then turn right at Phi Nom junction and go straight. If going from Da Lat, you can move in the direction of Cau Dat and then go to the area at the foot of Dran pass.

The road to this pine hill is quite convenient because it is completely paved, so you can travel by motorbike or use other means. On the way, you can enjoy the scenery and enjoy the scenery. enjoy the view of the suburbs as fresh as the morning. 

The road to pine hill is very beautiful and paved. Photo:@lep.198

The irresistible dreamy beauty of Chau Son pine hill in Dran 

Located in the area of ​​Dran pass, Chau Son pine hill has a very unique beauty that especially attracts travel enthusiasts. The image of a green pine hill located right next to the pass makes a strong impression on travelers. When driving through the area of ​​pine hills, you will hear the sound of the wind blowing and the sound of pine chirping very happily, like private music full of passion of the land of thousands. 

The dreamy scenery of the pine hill attracts many young people. Photo:@jthaohyunpi98

Pine hill has a very attractive beauty with trees, large, straight pine trees that make travelers flutter. The hill is not too high and the pine trees grow in a very natural mess instead of in a straight line. The entrance to the pine forest is very poetic with a small road paved with pure asphalt and the two sides are whispering green pine, this is the ideal place for you to do some cool virtual live photo shoots. 

The road between the pine hills is very suitable for virtual living. Photo:@onga.thao

Fresh and dreamy space. Photo:@onga.thao

Each time of the day, the pine hill has its own beauty. Photo:@trnghiadaynez

Besides walking, sightseeing, and breathing in the fresh air, the experience of riding a bicycle between Chau Son pine hills and listening to the whispering wind, enjoying peaceful moments in the highlands is a mesmerizing experience. traveler. Chau Son pine hill has not been exploited for tourism, so the wild look is almost intact, at sunset there is a bit of solitude and magic. 

Pine hills also have a charming and attractive appearance. Photo:@hbuyn_.

The steady pine hill at the foot of the pass creates a beautiful picture that once you have the opportunity to admire it, you will hardly leave. If you have the opportunity to come to Dran, don’t forget to check in at Chau Son pine hill to immerse yourself in the peaceful space and enjoy the breathtaking beauty here. 

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