The beautiful passes in Vietnam are ecstatic, go hundreds of times without getting bored
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Exploring the beautiful passes in Vietnam is an opportunity for visitors to have great experiences, to immerse themselves in the magnificent natural picture of the S-shaped strip of land.

1. Ma Pi Leng Pass – the most famous beautiful pass in Vietnam, Ha Giang 

Ma Pi Leng is one of the beautiful passes in Vietnam, a “youthful dream” of many young people. This pass is located in two districts of Meo Vac and Dong Van with a total length of up to 20 km, rugged terrain with challenging bends for visitors. 

Ma Pi Leng Pass is located in Meo Vac and Dong Van districts. Photo: @princessindream_

Anyone who travels to Ha Giang also wants to experience this pass. Not just to check in some photos. It is also an opportunity for you to fully enjoy the land of Ha Giang. Ma Pi Leng Pass appears a lot in the travel vlogs of Khoai Lang Thang, Chan La Ca, etc., showing up with a majestic, magnificent and equally wild and dangerous impression.

The pass is up to 20 km long. Photo: @

This famous pass belongs to the four great peaks of our country, located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, running along the rugged mountainous terrain of the “blossoming rock” region. Experiencing Ma Pi Leng, visitors can enjoy the feeling of adventure with one side is the steep cliff, the other is the deep abyss of Nho Que river.

The beautiful passes in Vietnam are ecstatic, go hundreds of times without getting bored
Singer Quang Vinh checks in to Ma Pi Leng pass. Photo: @quangvinh

The beauty and attraction of this pass are the impromptu bends, bringing a little fear but also stimulating for visitors with steady steering. Hidden dangers are like that, but the picture of mountains, villages, rivers seen from Ma Pi Leng pass will never disappoint visitors.

From the top of Ma Pi Leng’s pass, you can see the beauty of the Nho Que river. Photo: @hanapwanderlust

The feeling of driving slowly on the pass, watching the cool green Nho Que stream winding below, watching the red rice trees in spring, watching the mountains floating between the clouds, … is the best thing. Anywhere on this pass has a breathtaking scene, you can stop to look, to take pictures as you please. 

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2. O Quy Ho Pass – a beautiful pass in Vietnam with the ultimate cloud hunting angle

One of the beautiful passes in Vietnam that you should once discover is the O Quy Ho pass – a pass bordering the two provinces of Lai Chau and Lao Cai of our country. This is the longest pass in our country with a total length of up to 50 km, taking visitors in turn through the spectacular scenery of the northern mountainous region.

O Quy Ho belongs to the “four great peaks” of Vietnam. Photo: @nguyennmylinh

O Quy Ho is also known as the pass in the clouds because it is always covered with white clouds all year round. In winter, many tourists come to O Quy Ho just to hunt for clouds, immersed in a dreamy, fanciful picture. In early 2021, when it snows in the North, the top of O Quy Ho pass is also the coordinates of snow hunting that young people love. 

O Quy Ho Pass is up to 2000 meters high above sea level. Photo: @thaanvu

O Quy Ho is one of the beautiful passes in Vietnam , located at an altitude of up to 2000 meters above sea level. Both soaring to the sky, and stretching from Lai Chau to Lao Cai, the journey to conquer this majestic pass will surely bring visitors many memorable memories. 

On the top of O Quy Ho pass, there are many very good check-in corners. Photo: @_hoanganh.chu

Like Ma Pi Leng, O Quy Ho is a mountain pass with a bottomless abyss on one side and a steep cliff on the other. Throughout the pass are dangerous warning signs for visitors. However, today this pass has been upgraded to ensure traffic safety.

One side is a cliff, the other side is an abyss on O Quy Ho pass. Photo: @kib_ng

As one of the most famous passes in Vietnam, O Quy Ho “treats” visitors with a cool climate in the summer and cold in the winter. The top of the pass is always submerged in white clouds floating, creating many good photography angles. In addition, when viewed from above, visitors can admire the zigzag pass like a white silk strip between the green mountains and hills.

3. Hai Van Pass – a beautiful pass in Vietnam overlooking the sea

Referring to the beautiful passes in Vietnam but forgetting the Hai Van pass is a great omission for tourists. The pass connecting Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang provinces is known as the “first heroic mandarin” on the beautiful central strip of land. I don’t know when this pass has become a very popular check-in point for tourists from far and near. 

Hai Van Pass is also a beautiful pass in Vietnam. Photo: @nouht.h

Hai Van Pass is located at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level, with a total length of up to 20 km. This pass, running along the foot of Hai Van mountain, is one of the most beautiful coastal passes in the world. Looking down from above, Hai Van Pass looks like a winding silk strip amidst the majestic green mountains. 

Hai Van Pass is like a silk strip weaving between mountains and clouds. Photo: @kyuubei.nguyen

Although not as high as thousands of meters like Ma Pi Leng or O Quy Ho, Hai Van pass still has challenging terrain for visitors. The winding bends between the clouds and the sky are the most authentic test for your steering wheel. Therefore, if you have a trip to Da Nang, you must go through this beautiful pass once.

Hai Van is one of the most beautiful coastal passes in the world. Photo: @evivavietnam

One of the most valuable experiences on Hai Van pass is stopping at the top of the pass to zoom in on all directions, capturing the beautiful scenery of the mountains, the sea, and the fishing villages. Looking to the south, you will see the modern city of Da Nang. Looking to the North is a fishing village, peaceful Lang Co Bay . 

Virtual living rock on Hai Van pass. Photo: @vicky.ngyn

Especially, if you have a lot of time for the trip, you should explore Van village – a small village nestled at the foot of the pass. This place has a peaceful small fishing village, has a pristine beach, beautiful blue. Visitors can bring tents to camp, experience the most poetic life in Van village at the foot of Hai Van pass.

4. Ta Nung Pass – a beautiful pass in Vietnam running along pine hills 

One of the beautiful passes in Vietnam in the Central Highlands region is Ta Nung pass of Lam Dong province. Anyone who often goes to Da Lat to travel, who is addicted to Da Lat must be familiar with the pass running along this pine forest. This is also a beautiful and dangerous road that you should once explore.

Ta Nung is a beautiful pass in Da Lat. Photo: @tracy.trang.38

Compared to the three beautiful passes in Vietnam mentioned above, Ta Nung is shorter, only about 7 km. This pass is located on provincial road 725, connecting Da Lat city and Lam Ha district. Because it passed through the territory of Ta Nung village, the name Ta Nung pass was born. Today, on this pass, there are many beautiful tourist sites, connecting visitors to attractive check-in coordinates.

The beauty of Ta Nung Pass. Photo: @nhine195

Although not too long, the journey to experience Ta Nung Pass will bring visitors many memorable memories. The pass runs through pine forests, hills and even peaceful and beautiful villages. In the fall, going on Ta Nung Pass, you will see bright wildflowers blooming on the side of the road. 

Visitors check in on the Ta Nung pass. Photo: @khanhminh.99

The road to Ta Nung pass does not have many dangerous bends, but there are some beautiful passages nestled in the pine forest. In particular, the terrain of the pass when going up and down, creating favorable conditions for visitors to stop and enjoy the scenery and take pictures. 

Buckwheat flower field on Ta Nung pass. Photo: @foodydalat

Today, on the route to Ta Nung Pass, you will pass by very hot tourist coordinates such as Hoa Son Dien Trang , Thuy Thuan tourist area, Dalaland, Puppy Farm, etc. lots of time to play, check in, explore as much as you like. 

Each pass in Vietnam has its own charm with impressive beauty. Photo: @whereizhanhan

Each beautiful pass in Vietnam will have different scenery, some majestic, some majestic, some dreamy, and also contain dangers and challenges. That is the attraction that creates the attraction for the passes so that the moving legs have more motivation to check-in and explore. 

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