Revealing the first experiences of the international delegation with vaccine passports at Phu Quoc United Center
duonghanhnguyen 22-11-2021, 14:50

 After a long flight from Seoul, South Korea, the first group of international tourists arrived at Phu Quoc United Center and enjoyed a complete resort experience at an extremely attractive “all-in-one” super complex.

The 4-day 3-night vacation of these special tourists on the island city promises to be full of activities of discovery – tourism – entertainment – entertainment – shopping according to the “closed bubble” model. Vinpearl pioneers to coordinate with strategic partners to organize with the highest safety standards.

Arriving at Ngoc Phu Quoc Island in the most beautiful season of the year, visitors were present at the resort space of Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc. Owning a beautiful and isolated accommodation campus on Bai Dai beach in the Phu Quoc United Center complex, this place will bring international guests a series of high-class experiences, but still, ensure no contact with the community. and does not affect the activities of other visitors.

Revealing the first experiences of the international delegation with vaccine passports at Phu Quoc United Center
Inside the resort lobby, Korean messages are cleverly arranged, bringing a feeling of both formality and familiarity. A large number of visitors are quite interested in the check-in procedure, taking pictures of face recognition applying AI artificial intelligence technology to make it convenient to move and use other facilities in the super population such as food, entertainment.
The first day of covid testing according to the regulations of the tourist group was methodically and professionally performed by the staff and doctors of Vinmec International Hospital and returned the results through the translation system. closed service. All visitors are quickly informed that they are eligible to participate in all activities on the vaccine passport traveler’s schedule on the same day.
After less than 60 minutes of check-in, almost all guests in the group headed to the beach and swimming pool area of ​​Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc. The spacious and poetic space under the sunlight is gradually dyeing the afternoon, the group of tourists comfortably enjoy the space and have their own experiences according to each person’s preferences.
From freedom of movement to freestyle swimming…
Until a romantic date with your loved one on the beach, in the distance is the water dyed with the wonderful sunset of Pearl Island.
Families go for a walk together; Or simply choose a private corner to relax on the green grass, bringing a fresh rhythm and full of laughter in the 5-star resort of Vinpearl.
Complete your first day with a romantic dinner at Pepper restaurant filled with wonderful sunsets right on the beachfront of the resort. BBQ buffet dinner to treat Korean tourists with the quintessential Vietnamese flavors: Phu Quoc herring salad, coconut milk pancakes, coconut rice… with the main ingredients being fresh seafood from the Pearl Island prepared sophisticated and sophisticated, raising the level of Vietnamese cuisine.
On the second day, the group of tourists started a unique tour right inside the specially designed super complex, built by Vinpearl in collaboration with travel partner Marketing Highland to ensure the stay Picking up guests to entertainment spots is completely separate, not in contact with the community, and does not affect the activities of other guests.
Visitors have had a truly complete experience at Vinpearl Golf, VinWonders theme park, Vinpearl Safari semi-wild animal care and conservation park with a variety of options according to personal preferences.
With top-class experiences in Asia, Phu Quoc United Center promises to help visitors have the safest, most complete, and most luxurious tour of Pearl Island, providing a “live fully” holiday. – to live to the fullest” in Phu Quoc.
In the coming days, visitors will continue to have unforgettable experiences at Casino Corona and the city that never sleeps Grand World with a paradise of culinary shopping, night markets… South” and “Colors of Venice”, Once. 

With the pioneering initiative to prepare and welcome the first international delegation with the first vaccine passport in a methodical, professional and classy manner, Phu Quoc United Center is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world to relax – explore – fun – entertainment in the context of the “new normal”. Follow Dan trí