Take pictures holding hands all over Vietnam for 4 years
tranthuy02 16-11-2021, 09:50

Hoang Diep and Ngoc Tram accompany all provinces and cities in the Central region, the Central Highlands, the Northeast, and the Northwest.

“From the beautiful North to the sweet South, from Vietnam to the rocky North of Laos, we have been and are still traveling together. Now we are together on the biggest journey of life, the journey. the biggest, marriage,” Diep said at the wedding ceremony in November in Da Nang. They did not forget a photo holding hands as they have done for the past 4 years.

The couple held hands during the marriage ceremony at Phu Thuong Church, Hoa Vang, Da Nang.

Together as lovers of travel, Hoang Diep and Ngoc Tram met by chance through a post about Da Lat on social networks in 2017. The city of thousands of flowers is also where they had their first dates, after time. long to share with each other about hobbies and passions.

The official dates, the most memorable memories for them are the weekend flights between Da Nang, where Diep is staying and Ho Chi Minh City, where Tram works, to chat with each other about work and life. Da Lat is also a bridge for them on short trips together.

A year later, the two decided to give up their permanent jobs and move to Da Nang to start a business together. Diep is a freelance wedding photographer, while Tram designs and sews wedding dresses. Also from here, they are free in terms of time, there are many motorbike trips from Da Nang to most of the central provinces, the Central Highlands, the Northwest, the Northeast, and across Laos.

The two shared that the trips often choose motorbikes to have the most authentic and closest travel experiences with the people and the land. In more remote places, they take planes, sleeper cars, and rent motorbikes to continue their journey. Each trip usually lasts 7-14 days and costs 5-10 million VND/2 people.

Most of the couple’s photos were taken by themselves by setting up a tripod and phone. For long trips that cannot be carried with a tripod, set up the camera on the wall, motorcycle saddle, backpack… as long as there is a flat surface. Many times they also have companions to help take pictures. They choose to hold hands in all regions because this is the simplest way to show affection, sincerity, and sharing.

Take pictures holding hands all over Vietnam for 4 years

4 years, in the journey stretching thousands of kilometers, they have unforgettable memories. One of them was a trip to Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) and lost his wallet. Because they were in the village, so there was no cash register, the two drove their motorbikes straight to Nghia Lo town when there were only 10,000 VND left. Arriving in Hanoi, they had to race against time to take a bus back to Da Nang. The next morning, they took early photos for guests.

Or another time they drove motorbikes about 500 km from Savannakhet to Vientiane (Laos). The first stretch of the road was very beautiful, so the two decided to go for a single day. However, the last 200 km near Vientiane, the road was very bad with many potholes and elephant holes and they took more than 12 hours here. In the middle of the night, they had to go through a quiet hilly road without anyone, making them extremely worried and insecure for fear of robbery and car damage. But fortunately, there was no incident and safely arrived at the property at 1 am.

In times of difficulties and incidents like this, the two talk a lot, in addition, always keep the most optimistic, sympathetic thoughts, not blaming the other. They also shared that the most necessary thing for the trip to go smoothly is finance, then the most detailed plan and schedule.

2500 km trip across Laos in 2019.

In the near future, the couple will travel to the West, to complete the plan that has to be paused because of Covid-19 and further to visit Japan and Korea. They share, traveling always brings memories and cohesion, which are essential for a long-term relationship. Follow vnexpress