Down the Hau River to visit the rich and green My Phuoc islet
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My Phuoc Con is an extremely attractive tourist destination in Soc Trang because it is alluvial from the Hau river and possesses poetic scenery, fresh and cool climate.

My Phuoc Isle is also known as My Phuoc Island, Cong Dien, or Mud Isle. Since ancient times, this place has been famous as a fertile alluvial land with verdant, luxuriant trees bearing fruit throughout the four seasons of the year. Surrounded by typical Western rivers, the landscape of this island is also very poetic and charming. And more than that, the people of the Southwest region, which are always spontaneous, gentle, and hospitable, are also the reason why so many tourists love this land.

My Phuoc Island has quickly become a famous green tourist destination near and far from Soc Trang province, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit, experience, and relax. Today, let’s explore this peaceful yet hospitable Western tourist destination with Vinlove!

Down the Hau River to visit the rich and green My Phuoc islet
Cool scenery, vast river. Photo: Mapdy

Location of My Phuoc dunes

Address: My Phuoc hamlet, Nhon My commune, Ke Sach district, Soc Trang province.

My Phuoc is a piece of land located near the lower end of the Hau River, about 25km from the center of Soc Trang city. If traveling by river, visitors can go down this river towards Hau Giang. The location of the dunes is in the direction of West – North or East – South, in the middle of the two banks of Soc Trang and Tra Vinh provinces. The head of the dune is towards Hau Giang and Can Tho provinces, while the tail of the dune is facing the East Sea, about 40km away, adjacent to Cu Lao Dung district about 1km away, far from the East coast, and far from the center of Soc Trang city. about 25km.

Pier across the dunes. Photo: khamphadisan

If you observe My Phuoc dune from above, you will see that this is an oval-shaped piece of land or if you look closely, it will look like the shape of a canoe or a cana fruit with the two ends shrunk, the middle part bulging. out. Zooming in more you will see the widest part of the dune is the cut across the middle of the body with a diameter of about 600m.

As famous as Thoi Son isle of Tien Giang or Long Lan Quy Phung of Ben Tre, the green island of Soc Trang province has a length of about 5km, with a natural area of ​​up to 1020 hectares, especially the planting area. fruit trees occupy over 300 hectares. Currently on the dune, there are about 540 households with more than 1280 residents.[/b]

My Phuoc is located near the lower end of the Hau River. Photo: Khamphadisan

The way to My Phuoc dune

If you have the opportunity to [b]travel to Soc Trang and check-in My Phuoc, you can choose one of the following main routes:

– The first is the Can Tho – My Phuoc route: With this way, visitors start from Can Tho city and then move along the South Song Hau highway. You just need to go straight for about 40km to Nhon My ferry, then cross the ferry for about 10 minutes to reach My Phuoc island.

– The second way is to follow the Tra Vinh – My Phuoc route: departing from Cau Quan ferry station (in Tieu Can district, Tra Vinh province) to go through the ferry Cu Lao Dung, Dai Ngai. Coming here, visitors will board the ferry and turn right along the South Song Hau Highway. Continue going about 6 km to reach Nhon My and then cross the ferry as the first way is to My Phuoc dune.

Canoeing around the gardens among small creeks. Photo: VietFun travel

In addition to the above two convenient and fast transportation routes, there are also Can Tho – Dai Ngai bus routes and Soc Trang – Dai Ngai bus routes to help tourists have more options to check-in My Phuoc.

The process of forming My Phuoc alcohol

If you have ever traveled to the West and checked in to famous islands in the Southwest such as Lao Dung, Phung Island, Phu Da Island , Chim, … visitors will learn about the similar formation process. each other of these places. It is all thanks to the alluvial deposition from big rivers, especially from the upper Mekong River. My Phuoc isle too, from the alluvial layer flowing from the Hau River to the downstream over the years, through places where the water flow is slowed down, causing long-term accumulation of sandy soil, forming a fertile dune. , nourish the lush fruit trees like today.

Check in My Phuoc Island. Photo: VietFun travel

According to the old people on the dunes, My Phuoc has shaped the shape of the land as it is now over 150 years. In the past, the dune face was still very low, at first it was just mud, weeds and vines, mixed trees, and a lot of cork trees grew here. At this time, the main animals living on the dunes were just some wild animals and birds.

Peaceful place, fresh as not too quiet. Photo: Viet Fun travel

Until the end of the 19th century, when the French colonialists began to rule, the dune was renamed Cong Dien (meaning public land of the colonial state), belonging to Ke Sach village, Dinh Khac canton, province. Soc Trang at that time. At this time, people’s life was extremely difficult and miserable because they were only allowed to bring boats here to exploit and buy cork. There were years of heavy rain and storms, and the boats, due to heavy loads, had capsized, leaving people empty-handed.

The village road is lined with green trees. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Later, peace was restored, more and more land on the dunes was managed and gradually improved by the state. Initially, people planted fields with long-term trees, but later there were many more common orchards such as bananas, coconuts, oranges, tangerines, pomelos, saboche, …

Longan garden on dunes. Photo: Metrip

Up to now, My Phuoc islet is known for having many famous and delicious specialty orchards in the West such as: mango, longan, durian, mangosteen, rambutan,… The quality of these fruits is not good. Not inferior to Cai Mon fruit garden in Ben Tre or Vinh Kim Tien Giang garden somewhere. Because of the soil conditions, the climate on the dunes is extremely suitable for fruit trees. They grow very well and when they bear fruit, they have a rich flavor, even more, delicious and nutritious than other lands.

Lush orchards full of fruit. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Unforgettable experience at My Phuoc dune

Coming to My Phuoc Island, you don’t need to prepare much because the vast space and poetic river scenery will make everyone feel full and feel the youthful and liberal features between the four surfaces. River.

Whether coming here in any season, visitors will certainly enjoy each cool breeze blowing from the Hau River. After that, spend some time walking on the roads lined with coconut trees all year round and see the attractive fruit trees with your own eyes. And don’t miss the experience of eating rambutan, mangosteen, durian, mango or longan, mandarin… right at the orchard, enjoy the sweet aroma and then buy it as a gift for your loved ones. It will be very interesting.

Jackfruit here has a rich flavor, delicious and nutritious than other lands. Photo: vntrip

In addition, when checking in My Phuoc island , visitors can also participate in garden-style entertainment activities such as dropping nets, catching fish, canoeing to gather cork, picking vegetables from home gardens, going for a walk. indentation of star goby or calendar, chem copy. There are also many other interesting games such as unloading and catching fish, bathing in rivers, bathing in mud, going to the monkey bridge, …

Equally interesting is that this green resort also organizes groups to teach people how to make folk cakes such as pork skin cakes, little cakes, tet cakes, coconut cakes… And then, remember to discover the famous delicacies. of My Phuoc, bringing the rustic flavor of the country in particular and Western cuisine in general such as boiled snakehead fish with mus, sour soup of catfish cooked with cork, boiled snails in coconut water and dipped in rice, etc.

A rustic pancake with a taste of alcohol. Photo: vntrip

After the above fun cooking experiences, you can also choose to participate in the Southern folk music listening activity to enjoy each “homemade” folk song, which is rustic but no less deeply lyrical. listening, thereby understanding more about the life of the people in the garden.

River and water tourism festival on the dunes on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. Photo: metrip

Especially, if you come to My Phuoc right on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, you will be immersed in the bustling and crowded atmosphere of the garden river tourism festival taking place in 3 days. There are many interesting and rich activities such as: delicious fruit contest, culinary contest, dragon boat race, sports activities, and folk games, etc. nightly cultural program, tram tour to visit the dunes…

The Garden River Festival is held on the 4th and 5th of the 5th lunar month. Photo: khamphadisan

If you are looking for yourself and your family and friends in a peaceful and fresh place like not too quiet but with poetic and airy natural scenery, choose My Phuoc Soc Trang and enjoy a happy holiday. with attractive Western travel experiences in the middle of the river, please.

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