Find the ancient features of Lang Son Citadel Pagoda
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Lang Son Citadel is a famous spiritual tourist destination both at home and abroad, chosen by tourists everywhere to visit and worship Buddha. The ancient and sacred pagoda has been preserved for hundreds of years, becoming a special attraction for tourists from all over the world. In particular, this temple is classified as a national historical relic with high historical and spiritual value. If you have the opportunity to visit Lang Son, do not miss the opportunity to have interesting experiences with the ancient Citadel.

Where is Lang Son Citadel located?

Thanh Pagoda is located on Hung Vuong Street, Lang Son City. The pagoda was built in the 15th century under Le So. Previously, the pagoda was called Huong Lam Tu, then renamed Dien Khanh Tu and Tuan Khanh Tu. Finally, the pagoda regained its old name, Dien Khanh Tu. However, for the people here, the pagoda has a much closer name, Chua Thanh. Because the pagoda is located right next to the old citadel.

Find the ancient features of Lang Son Citadel Pagoda
Lang Son Citadel – famous spiritual tourist destination

You can move from Hanoi to Lang Son by bus or motorbike. Then ask for directions to Thanh Pagoda. Because the pagoda is located right in Lang Son city, it is quite easy to find. You can also buy a tour to travel to Lang Son at the tour companies to visit the Citadel. If moving from Hanoi, you follow National Highway 1A to Hanoi – Bac Giang highway. Then go to Hung Vuong Street, move all the way to the foot of Ky Cung bridge. Coming here is the Lang Son Citadel Pagoda .

Check-in at the temple’s stone steps – Photo: @bomroro
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Lang Son Citadel and unique things here

Lang Son Citadel Pagoda is a superficial temple with extremely special artistic architecture in the style of foreign and domestic work. The pagoda is associated with the legend of the Bronze Pillar. And famous when it entered the Guinness World Record as the temple with the most bronze monolithic statues in Vietnam.

Photo: @im.phgg

Legend associated with Lang Son Citadel Pagoda

This legend originates from the Hai Ba Trung uprising event. When Ma Vien ordered the construction of a bronze column, it was engraved with “Copper cylinders, Giao Chi destroyed”. Since then, it is said that people in the area who pass by throwing a stone at the foot of the pillar. For a long time, the stone covered the copper column.

In 1271, Kublai Khan wanted King Tran Thanh Tong to visit and show them the old bronze column. The King reverently replied that the Copper Pillar had long since been lost. Kublai Khan was about to use a bronze pole to attack our country, but because of that, there was no excuse.

During the Ly Tran dynasty, the court built the building to be the resting place of the Viet Trung envoys. This place is located next to the old copper column. People at that time also built a temple next to this building, named Huong Lam Tu, later changed to Dien Khanh Tu. Thus, the history of the formation of Lang Son Citadel is associated with the famous bronze pillar legend many years ago. History books recorded many interesting historical stories.

Thanh Pagoda is associated with the legend of interesting stone pillars

The temple has the largest number of bronze rings in Vietnam

Lang Son Citadel currently has 53 monolithic bronze statues. In 2007, the pagoda officially entered the Guinness World Records list with the title of “The temple with the most bronze monolithic statues in Vietnam”. All of these statues are delicately and perfectly sculpted. Meet the highest standards of perfection and extremely vivid. The scene of the upper palace is therefore extremely majestic and carries a strong religious-spiritual atmosphere.

Wind chimes hanging in front of the temple

Besides, Chua Thanh is also listed in the Vietnam Book of Records VIETKINGS. It is the temple that releases flower lanterns to pray for peace the most in Vietnam. During the Vesak ceremony on the evening of May 18, 2008, the presiding officers and Buddhists together celebrated the Buddha’s Birthday with 10,000 Lanterns. And floating on Ky Cung river creates an indescribably beautiful spiritual picture. These are the wishes of peace for all things in the world. To transmit and give away the best wishes of goodwill.

Release lanterns during Buddha’s birthday celebration at Temple City 

The special ancient architecture of Lang Son Citadel Pagoda

Lang Son Citadel has a famous architecture in the style of “domestic – foreign”. The pagoda consists of 8 large and small compartments with superficial pavilions. Thanks to the restoration and restoration, the temple has kept its majesty as well as its unique architecture to this day.

Lang Son Citadel – The place with the most monolithic bronze statues in Vietnam

Tam Quan designed a stack of matches in layers with 24 roofs, roof tiles, and curved blades. The roof of the pagoda is delicately carved with a phoenix head and four mascots such as Long – Ly – Quy – Phuong. The pillars in the temple are all made of ironwood, 9m high and meticulously carved according to Asian architecture. The temple door is carved like a picture of the four quarters.

Sophisticated and sophisticated stone carving patterns
The temple has internal and external architecture

Photo: @phuongkulgplus

Thanh Pagoda is an attractive Lang Son spiritual tourist destination that you should not ignore. A small note is that when visiting or worshiping at the temple, you should wear dignified clothes. It is best to wear long pants and a discreet top. Do not wear short skirts, shorts, or other clothes that are not suitable for the spiritual atmosphere at the temple. Lang Son Citadel is a peaceful place and a place where Buddhist monks and nuns come to pay their respects to Buddha. So choosing the right outfit is quite essential.

Thanh Pagoda Festival at the beginning of the year

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