The check-in points at Hai Van Pass are super beautiful not to be missed
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In addition to the winding and winding bends, Hai Van Pass also makes many people admire by the majestic and poetic scenery. The following check-in points at Hai Van pass promise to bring you thousands of like pictures. 

1. Lonely pine tree – the check-in point in the quiet Hai Van Pass 

Not only Da Lat, Hue, in Hai Van pass, there is also a version of a lonely tree that causes fever for young people. If you move from Da Nang city to the top of the pass, you only have to go down the pass for about 5 minutes to reach the check-in point at this famous Hai Van pass . 

The check-in points at Hai Van Pass are super beautiful not to be missed
Lonely pine tree on Hai Van pass 

Located on Hai Van Pass, a large pine tree with wide foliage, standing alone on the side of the road has become a super beautiful virtual living coordinate that is extremely loved by young people. In the middle of that winding pass, the tall pine tree standing alone created a highlight for the whole road. 

It is the pine tree that creates a special highlight for the whole road 

From the lonely pine tree position, visitors can stretch their eyes far away to see Lang Co bay gently in the sea breeze. On the way here, you can also admire the majestic beauty of the whole Bach Ma mountain range. Don’t forget to check in for cool, moody photo shoots with the pine tree. 

From the coordinates of the pine tree, you can also admire the charming Lang Co Bay 

2. Hon Cu Rua – the check-in point at Hai Van pass is very chill from above 

Turtle Island is located not far from the lonely pine tree. From the pine tree, visitors only need to move a few minutes to the place. This is considered one of the check-in points in Hai Van pass that has been transmitted by virtual life associations recently. 

(Photo: hungkerry)

At the location of Cu Rua stone, visitors can comfortably inhale the fresh and airy atmosphere. Sitting and sipping a cup of coffee in the morning and watching the bright red sunrise of the whole sea in front of her is truly satisfying. 

(Photo: maihuong0105)

Hon Cu Rua has an ideal photo background overlooking the immense sea. Save yourself some really chill photos in the vast sky and enjoy a wonderful relaxing moment. 

A vast ocean space appears right in front of your eyes 
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3. The corner of the “god of death” U – the unique check-in point at Hai Van Pass 

Hai Van Pass is known as the leading dangerous pass in Vietnam today when it has many difficult “deadly” turns. However, thanks to the scenery on one side are the blue sea, the other side is the high mountains with a view of the whole world. They have become a greatcheck-in point at Hai Van Pass

U-turn on Hai Van pass 
Here you can hunt clouds too 

At Hai Van Pass, there are 4 dangerous U-sleeve bends. In particular, the section right after passing Hai Van Quan to Hue is chosen by young people to check in the most. You can park your car on the side of the road bypassing the bend and start living the virtual life. However, before taking pictures, be careful of passing vehicles to avoid unexpected dangers!

Please pay attention to the traffic before you check in 

4. Hai Van Bac Station – check-in point at the famous Hai Van Pass 

Among the check-in points at Hai Van pass , Hai Van Bac station is a very prominent place. This is a train station located in Phu Loc, Hue. This station connects Hai Van station (Da Nang) with Lang Co station (Hue). 

Hai Van Bac Station 

Following this unknown track, visitors will gradually get lost in a mystical space, away from the bustle of the city. You just walk around, listening to the wind blowing, the rustling of the leaves, etc. Sometimes it’s a little startling when walking on the bridge looks fragile. However, when you get there, you feel that the whole journey is really worth it. Because that place has a beautiful check-in scene like in Korea and Japan. 

Always take Japanese-style pictures 

Every 30 minutes, a train will pass. On weekends it’s only about 15 minutes. Therefore, those who want to take pictures with trains, please watch the time. At the same time, pay attention to the indicator light. If it turns red, it’s dangerous not to cross the tracks!

Adventure in a poetic setting 

5. Don Ca Arch Bridge – the favorite check-in point at Hai Van Pass 

Right at the foot of Hai Van Pass, there is a very beautiful sky gate. That is the Don Ca Bridge , a check-in point in Hai Van pass that is especially loved by young people. To get to Don Ca arch bridge, visitors have to go through the pass to Hai Van Bac station first. Then from this station, walk to the right about 1km to get there. The way to travel is a bit far and difficult to go because there are rough rocks. 

Don Ca Arch Bridge 

This check-in point has the architecture of Cau Vom which is crossed over a small stream. The special position and structure of the bridge above will make many visitors think of a gate to heaven. 

This place is designed like a gate to heaven 

Seen from above, the train road and arch bridge are like a silk strip crossing the mountain. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a vivid picture of a train whizzing past. 

You can even see the train speeding on the bridge 

Above are the check-in points at the super deep Hai Van pass that Vinlove wants to reveal to you. Please save it immediately on the list of must-see destinations when traveling to Da Nang to have a complete and impressive trip. 

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