List of beautiful homestays in Ninh Thuan with cheap price, beautiful view, free to live virtual
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Coming to a friendly city like Ninh Thuan, everyone wants to find a cute and lovely space to stay. The beautiful homestays in Ninh Thuan are both a gentle stop and a place for F5’s soul. Perhaps the land and people are both lovely, so the homestays here are also so lovely.

1. BigDog Homestay Ninh Thuan – beautiful homestay in Ninh Thuan with Chinese style 

Address: Area K1, Thanh Son, Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan.

Reference price: 300k/night

The first name on the list of beautiful homestays in Ninh Thuan is BigDog Homestay. If you are a fan of Chinese-style conpects, you can come here! Lan Kwai Fong wall is a very cool check-in place. 

(Photo: Cuongkhii)
(Photo: hatrangngo)

Coming to BigDog Homestay Ninh Thuan, visitors will be immersed in a Chinese space with very eye-catching decor. Each room uses an electronic lock with a password or card to enter. Therefore, you do not need to worry about security issues. There are 3 types of rooms for you to choose from to suit different requirements. 

List of beautiful homestays in Ninh Thuan with cheap price, beautiful view, free to live virtual
Chinese style room 

2. Sunshine Homestay Ninh Thuan – beautiful homestay in Ninh Thuan with standard language

Address: 18 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, My Binh Ward, Phan Rang – Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan

Reference price: 300k/night

The second beautiful homestay in Ninh Thuan that you can refer to is Sunshine Homestay. Here you will have many beautiful virtual live pictures with thousands of likes. Homestay has an eye-catching design, fully equipped but the price is very reasonable to bring the most economical trip for visitors. 

Sunshine Homestay
The space here is very colorful 

Homestay has a unique tent design, creating a very close and cozy feeling. The interior of the room is carefully selected and safe. In addition, the campus at Sunshine Homestay is spacious, airy, with lovely miniatures for tourists to check in or organize outdoor BBQ. 

Organize outdoor BBQ 

3. Liti homestay Ninh Thuan – beautiful homestay in modern Ninh Thuan 

Address: 18 Le Lai, My Hai, Phan Rang – Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan

Reference price: 150k/night

Suggesting a list of beautiful homestays in Ninh Thuan , you definitely cannot ignore the Liti homestay. This homestay not only has spacious and airy space, and the interior of the room is beautifully and beautifully decorated. 

(Photo: phanrang_living)

Each room here has its own nuances, the owner has meticulously cared for every nook and cranny. Every room is very modern and beautiful. For those who like to check in, Liti homestay will never let you down. Liti homestay is surrounded by fresh nature, away from the noise of the streets. 

(Photo: hnchau_)
Spacious rooms at homestay 
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4. Kiro Homestay – beautiful homestay in Ninh Thuan unique 

Address:  Hoang Dieu – K1 area – City. Phan Rang.

If you want to choose a beautiful homestay in Ninh Thuan, you can try Kiro Homestay. This is a new, beautifully designed accommodation, a combination of hotel and coffee. Kiro Homestay has room types such as: dormitory room, single room,… All are fully equipped with hair dryer, air conditioner, reading light, … with beautiful views. 

Kiro Homestay
The interior of the room is very pretty 

The most special feature of this homestay is its location right in the busiest area of ​​Phan Rang, allowing visitors to enjoy the bustling nightlife and not miss many delicious dishes. 

Hoemstay’s amenities are also appreciated 

5. Eco Chi Homestay – beautiful homestay in green Ninh Thuan 

Address: An Hoa, Xuan Hai, Phan Rang

Reference price: 300k/night

Eco Chi Homestay is a beautiful homestay in Ninh Thuan covered by green nature. Around this place are lovely vineyards, stretching rice fields, mangosteen gardens,… Eco Chi Homestay consists of 3 bedrooms with a capacity of 15 people. In which, the deluxe room has a large double bed overlooking the balcony. 

Eco Chi Homestay
The space is very peaceful and poetic 

Eco Chi Homestay is decorated with outstanding colors. From the room you can look out over the lush garden, bringing a very pleasant feeling. But it is also the feature that there are many trees, so insects often appear. So bring insect repellent. 

The room is quite spacious and clean 

6. Sea Urchin Homestay – beautiful homestay in cute Ninh Thuan 

Address: Area K1, My Binh, Phan Rang

Reference price: 390k/night

Sea Urchin Homestay is a beautiful homestay in Ninh Thuan that stands out with decorative miniatures bearing the sunny and windy flavor of Ninh Thuan land. Those are cacti, lovely sheep, … all brought into the decor at the homestay in a very cute and lovely way. 

(Photo: _uyntus_2911)

Sea Urchin Homestay is a combination of classic and modern features. The house brings a special space and a message about protecting nature. There are 4 room types to choose from to suit your needs. In addition, guests can also enjoy the music space with delicious coffee at the bar on the first floor. 

The room is full of light 
The space in the room is very cozy 

7. Mot Mi Homestay – beautiful homestay in famous Ninh Thuan 

Address: 84/3A Tran Phu, Thanh Son, Phan Rang – Thap Cham

Mot Mi Homestay is the key name in the list of beautiful homestays in Ninh Thuan . This is a very familiar address chosen by many people. Homestay has a bar area, a kitchen, a shared lounge, providing free wifi, air conditioning,… 

Mot Mi Homestay
Lovely space corner at homestay 
Rooms at Mot Mi homestay 

Although Ninh Thuan is a sunny and windy land, it is still a favorite tourist destination thanks to its beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine,… The list of beautiful homestays in Ninh Thuan has been so long, what are you waiting for? without a reservation and drag your friends straight here!

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