The route of more than 1,800 billion VND runs across the island
doyen1988 3-10-2021, 14:43

HAI PHONG – The route across Cat Ba island is about 20 km long, planted with bougainvillea on both sides, and has three areas designed for the landscaped hill.

As one of 11 key projects related to Hai Phong’s tourism, the project of upgrading and expanding route 356 across Cat Hai – Cat Ba islands has a total investment of more than 1,800 billion VND, running from Cai Vien ferry terminal. to Cat Ba town.

The project is designed with a road surface of 12 m wide, asphalt concrete mats, and 3 m wide sidewalks on each side.

To ensure the safety of people and vehicles when traveling, the face adjacent to the beach is built with a 0.5 m high concrete barrier, reflective paint.

The sign system is installed synchronously by Hai Phong Department of Transport to warn road users to recognize the cornering section, limit speed and control the steering wheel.

Many clusters of bougainvillea have been planted on both sides of the road since the beginning of 2021 and have begun to flower so far.

With the standard road level 3 in the delta, the process of traveling by car and motorbike from Cai Vien ferry to Cat Ba town as well as the opposite direction has shortened the time from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.

Many “photographers” in Hai Phong take advantage of the time when the city has just loosened the distance to explore the newly completed cross-island route.

At the location of rocky cliffs due to the process of blasting and expanding the road, bougainvillea could not be planted directly on the ground, the Cat Hai District People’s Committee cast thousands of concrete and reinforced concrete pots, then poured soil and planted them. flower.

One of the three scenic hills was built along the route.

With the idea of ​​turning the cross-island traffic route into a “flower road”, from the end of 2019, the People’s Committee of Cat Hai district has invested VND64 billion in planting bougainvillea along the two sides of the road and building three coastal hills.

On each Vong Canh hill, Cat Hai district built a hut over 147 m2 wide, over 11 m high, designed in an octagonal shape of ironwood.

The entire railing and fence around the hill of hope are made of natural green stone.

On the first day of October, Hai Phong tourists go to Cat Ba Island to stop and take souvenir photos at Vong Canh hill.

Currently, the city allows people in the area to visit attractions but has not opened tourism to foreign tourists.

Scenes 2 and 3 are being urgently constructed by the contractor, expected to be completed before October 25.

Seen from above, the winding road looks like a silk strip along the limestone mountainside.

The project to upgrade route 356 across Cat Hai – Cat Ba island was approved for the project in 2007, but its implementation is in progress due to funding and site clearance problems. In 2019, the route was assigned to the Hai Phong Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board.

“After receiving, we urged the contractors to focus on construction. Up to now, the cross-island route has basically been completed; only the last part is left from Anh Soi junction to residential group No. 2, Cat Ba town. 1.7 km long is covered with asphalt,” said Mr. Do Tuan Anh, Director of Hai Phong Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board. Follow vnexpress