Pine hills like ‘miniature Da Lat’ in Cao Bang
tranthuy02 20-09-2021, 10:47

Khau Lua pine hill is covered with mist and clouds in the early morning and the sunshine is like pouring honey in the afternoon, attracting young people to have a picnic.

The view of Khau Lua pine hill is seen from above. Recently, the pine hill on Khau Lua hamlet, Vinh Quy commune, Ha Lang district, about 80 km from Cao Bang city, is an ideal new destination for picnic trips.

A group of young people on a pine hill enjoying the cool weather and watching the misty clouds on an early August morning. Quang Khoi (1999) said that he lives in Thanh Nhat town, Ha Lang district, only about a distance from the pine hill. 6 km, but this is the first time with friends having a picnic or camping.

When reaching the foothills of pine trees, visitors walk nearly 500 meters to reach the top of the hill.

“We prepare enough camping gear before leaving. Climbing the hill is quite high and steep, everyone is tired and sweaty, but when you reach the top, it is worth it because the green hilly scenery appears in front of your eyes,” Quang Khoi said.

Around Khau Lua pine hill are hills and mountains covered with green grass, one after another, blurred in the mist.

The early morning is cold with mist and clouds playing on the pine hill, making the scenery here like a miniature Da Lat.

At noon, the sun’s rays pass through the pine trees and blend with the green color of the trees. People living around here are mainly Tay and Nung ethnic groups, tourists coming here to picnic can see scenes of them herding buffaloes and horses on the hill.

Mr. Ha Cuong, the owner of Cao Bang Hong fanpage , came to film this pine hill on August 12, saying that even though he arrived at noon, he did not feel hot. He was impressed with the wild beauty of the pine trees stretching halfway up the hill.

Photographer Vu Khac Chung, living in Cao Bang, chose the right angle by the green pine tree to take pictures of two female friends, Tay ethnic group, Nong Hong Tham and Bich Nga.

“The pine hill landscape is really wide and beautiful. Up here, the wind is cool, the view around is too great. We really enjoyed this trip, because we only intended to take pictures, so we didn’t prepare camping gear, we will come back again,” Bich Nga said.

Meanwhile, the camping night of the Hoang Khoi group on the pine hill brought an unforgettable experience. “That night it rained heavily, strong wind and thunder, fortunately, the rain lasted for 30 minutes and then stopped and the feeling is indescribable when waking up in the morning to watch clouds floating around the pine hill.”

Note that visitors before going down the hill remember to clean up all kinds of garbage so that this place remains pristine forever. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Quang Khoi, Vu Chung, Ha Cuong