Visiting Mang Ri terraced fields to welcome the brilliant golden season of the highlands
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Not as majestic and majestic as the terraced fields in the Northwest, Mang Ri terraced fields have a very unique attractive appearance of the highland land, peaceful, simple but also very charming, making people fall in love. 

Traveling to Kon Tum in October, if you have the opportunity to visit Tu Mo Rong district at the foot of Ngoc Linh mountain, which is known as the foggy land of the North Central Highlands, you will have the opportunity to admire the terraced fields. Mang Ri is one of the beautiful and dreamy landscapes of the highland, which has made many moving souls fall in love. Traveling to Mang Ri is a great experience that takes you to the peaceful scenery on the highland land and explores the rustic and idyllic life with the fields of the people here. 

Visiting Mang Ri terraced fields to welcome the brilliant golden season of the highlands

Mang Ri, a beautiful paradise in the Kon Tum plateau. Photo: Kon Tum Newspaper

Come to Kon Tum to visit the enchanting Mang Ri terraced fields

Mang Ri terraced fields are located in Mang Ri commune (Tu Mo Rong, Kon Tum) with an altitude of 1200 to 1500 meters above sea level. The terrain here is also very different from the basin shape, surrounded by the Ngoc Linh mountain range at an altitude of 1500 meters on all four sides. It is thanks to that unique terrain that this place is very convenient to develop wet rice and famous precious medicinal herbs, especially Ngoc Linh ginseng.  

A beautiful valley with unique terraced fields is located at the foot of Ngoc Linh mountain. Photo: Kon Tum Phở

Since ancient times, people in Mang Ri have known how to take advantage of underground water flowing from the mountain to make terraced fields and cultivate two crops, that’s why this place has always been self-sufficient in food despite many years of experience. fluctuations of the times. Mang Ri terraced fields are made by the people in the style of land on the hillsides, so when viewed from above, you will see the small paths lying symmetrically, but the veins of leaves are very beautiful, completely different from the terraced fields. ladder in the Northwest. 

The scenery is easy to think of the Northwest terraced fields, but it has its own unique features. Photo:@k_s_t_o_r_e

The terrain of the basin, so the terraced fields are formed in a unique way everywhere. Photo: FB/ backpacking Kon Tum

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The golden season in Mang Ri sobs the traveler’s heart 

The terraced fields in Mang Ri always attract travel enthusiasts because of their unique beauty, each season will have a very unique appearance, but the most beautiful time is the ripe rice season in May, June or the end of the month. 10 every year. At this time, if you come to Mang Ri terraced fields, you will admire the golden terraced fields stretching iridescent under the autumn sun. The yellow color of rice along with the green background of the mountains and forests make the scenery here more poetic and passionate.

Mang Ri in the ripe rice season in the last days of October. Photo:@truong_thanh_tam89

Mang Ri terraced fields in the ripe rice season have a charming and beautiful appearance that is not inferior to the terraced fields in the Northwest. Looking at the golden fields that grow and stretch with heavy rice fields, layered in the fields, shining in the afternoon sunlight mixed with the calm scenery will make us feel enchanted. Especially at sunset when the kitchen smoke from the small roofs starts to turn red, the afternoon blue smoke spreads, signaling dinner is also the time when the scenery here becomes the most peaceful.

The bright yellow color of the rice creates a wonderful scene. Photo: Kon Tum Newspaper

The joy of the season of the Xo Dang people in Mang Ri. Photo: Kon Tum Newspaper

Standing on the big road looking down into the valley, you will admire a peaceful and poetic night scene with the winding Mang Ri terraced fields, immense between the mountains and forests, the small roofs, the soaring roofs, you must be sure. You will fall in love with the peaceful appearance of this central highland. 

The scene of Mang Ri seen from above. Photo:

Traveling to Mang Ri terraced fields on a seasonal basis, you can not only admire the beautiful beauty of the scenery here, immerse yourself in the joyful and bustling atmosphere of the season with the people, but also discover the unique cultural features of this place. characteristics of the people. In the Mang Ri valley, there is Pu Ta village, which is an attractive destination with a rustic and pristine beauty that still preserves the ancient house architecture of the Xo Dang people. In addition, the unique cultural features such as folk melodies, festivals, traditional sinus songs, or attractive ethnic dishes are also unique features that bring you interesting experiences. 

The beautiful scenery makes many people flutter. Photo:Phuot Kon Tum

Check-in the Mang Ri terraced fields in Kon Tum to marvel at the beauty of the golden season and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of this rich plateau land will be a special and memorable journey for those who love lost. 

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